Big Director wins against it! Steelman is over 3 years of victims of the United States

December 28th (Wen / ESPN Brooke Pryor Compile / Love) Although many people discuss the old four-dimensional Savage – Rodrisberg retired, but in this week’s “04 Sanjie” In the conversation, his head covered the quartz of the Pony – Rivers Reeds. The 38-year-old quarter-saving battle in Pittsburgh 28-24, a wave of reversed offensive, and this victory also helped steel people locked the United States. This is what they won another partition champion after 2017.

Before the third quarter left, the steel man returned 17 points behind 7-24, but as the big passed to the outside Didtai – Johnson’s 39 code, the steel man was blown up. Anti-tension angle. Within 11 minutes, Datinatedly completed twice to pass two times, found near-end Frieker Eric Ebron and the outer handlers Zhu Zhu – Smith Shrust completed the anti-superchard. This victory is also a third victory, which is 17 points above in large careers, and 17 points is also the biggest score of his career.

At the same time, the game is also the first time after the first half of the first half of the second half, the steel man is in the second half of the first half, and the steel man has fallen in the second half of the first half of the second half. With this victory, the steel man has locked the US Lianbei District Championship; more importantly, they stopped the three-game-losing battle, avoiding the first opening season 11 winning victory after NFL history, swallowing 4 The team, although their performance once, they think they may create embarrassing history.

In the first half, the steel man only took a decline in the anti-fall ball in the red area, other offensive performances were lacking, and half of the 5 times, they also explained their bad offensive status, once people think that this game is It was a turning version of the Tiger last week. And I opposing the characteristics of the small horse, the heat of the game, Rivers and the rookie run Wei Jonathan – Taylor’s brave, Taylor 2 touches the ball to make the steel person’s defense is very hard.

However, the next half of the fire has all been opened, and the whole game 49 pass 34, the 342 yards were promoted to 3 times, in which the second half of the 25 passed 25, the transfer of 244 yards was high. At the same time, the steel man’s defensive group also retrieved in time, starting 3 consecutive times after the first half of the small horse, let the opponent abandoned, then Mike Hilton completed the key copy; then in the last wave of attack and defensive performance Rivers have passed the ball for 3 consecutive passes.

This game is also the first half of the first half of the black panther, and he has not been copied in this game, and he is not critical to the victory of steel people. Although the steel man’s pavement is still poor, the status of the game seems to be a little slow, but at least they avoid the worst situation; now they can meet the arrival of the playoffs with the US Lianbei champion gesture.