Although born in the war, but the gunfire did not stop the boy continued to play

His name Nkwain Kennedy, from Cameroon, 21 years old. Cameroon filed What is your first impression? It is probably football star Samuel Eto’o, in addition we know nothing about this country.

Cameroon is the perennial one of the world’s most dangerous country, terrorism, kidnapping and armed robbery in the main crime types in Cameroon, especially in the far northwest. And we have to introduce the 21-year-old boy, it is from the western region of Bamenda.

Bamenda enter words in the search engine, you will find that there is not someone in the attack that someone was abducted. And Kennedy grew up in such an environment with other kids all love different Cameroon football, Kennedy grew up in love with basketball.

Cameroon course, there are collected from here out of the NBA star, the Great En Bide is Cameroon. However En Bide grew up in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, Kennedy and growth environment is entirely different.

I started to notice Kennedy, was there to see about him a moving map. Carter wearing a Raptors basketball jersey Kennedy head, holding two buckets of water to go on the road, of course, at that time I was more interested in how he put basketball on his head in.

Later, I began to see more videos about Kennedy, he will play himself and sent to the training video on social media, a lot of people were shocked at the Kennedy tough playing environment.

There simply is no place can be called a basketball court, basketball is not a simple Kennedy to build their own basket, do not have good equipment to continue to wear the shoes of the hole, put a plastic bag over the feet can wear, Stephen Chow comparable degree tattered shoes then that pair of shoes.

Stephen Chow just shoes that exists only in movies, but in reality, Kennedy is wearing such shoes every day to play. For Kennedy, of course, it is to play sometimes would be wishful thinking.

In the video he released the years, from time to time will be accompanied by gunfire. Hear gunfire moment, he and his partners will first get on the ground to find shelter, which has almost
become their muscle memory.

So we can not imagine playing environment, and this horrible life has become a daily Kennedy. Grim time, outside play has become a luxury, Kennedy can only train at home.

No barbell, Kennedy made a simple barbell with sticks and stones; no sandbags, Ken Dini took two bottles of water tied to the legs with weights; he is training so hard, because basketball is the only of his life.

In the introduction of social media Kennedy’s written this sentence: the distance between dreams and reality is called action. And every child loves basketball, like Kennedy’s dream is to enter the NBA, he is in for this dream and work with every day.

Kennedy also led to some of the people around him, he began to teach children to play, so that these children away from the pain caused by the war. He knew he might never be able to enter the NBA, he was just enjoying the process of doing all dream of.

You can not decide his birth, but what kind of a way of life will be after you decide to spend. Kennedy was born in the war but did not follow the crowd, gunfire can not stop this young basketball in my heart to take root.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”