A game 90 points! Fighting the warrior killed the bus, Curry should be the MVP of this season.

The Warriors wins the fast ship 15 points, and the sister is thinking about this warrior is “bright and big”. The last time to fight only won two points, many of the fans said that the warrior didn’t win, and today they didn’t just win 15 points, and the referee had no temper.姐 姐 也 黑 招 黑 黑 分 分 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 船 船 船 好 船 船 好 船 好 好 好 船Warriors won the shuttle, not completely won? Is it only to win 80%? Waiting for a game to win 30 points to win, of course, there is a question to come, is it now the current fast ship is still a strong team? Anyway, there is no strong team before playing with the warrior, but now https://www.nbatrikots4.com the Sister, the sister is not evaluated!

The brightener is not clear. Anyway, the Alliance defensive the first team called the warrior, and the second team called the fast ship. This is not a sister, but the statistics of each game, the hull of the shipping area is 102.5 points, and the strength of the defensive intensity is here, and today’s Warriors are just getting 105 points, so from this Looking at it, the defense of the club is still there. However, the hand of the truth is also very heavy. A whole game will only get 90 points. This defensive intensity is more embarrassed, especially to limit the player’s score, and the train is gave to death by the warrior.

How many exaggerations have this season’s warrior? Attacking, in the alliance, the defensive row is in the league, the assistance is in the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
alliance, the rebound is second, and the steals are the second. All the data is full, almost a team with no shortcomings. Moreover, the recent warriors played a lot of gold. After coming back from the journey, the Warriors won the Raptors, digital teams, the Blazers, and today’s homes. Of course, fight the dragon, the digital team, the trailer of the team, the team warriors are basically the big wins, almost three cards to get off work, only 15 points are only 15 points, and there is no three-story card is the warrior.

Although this game is fierce, there is a saying that the Curry should be MVP! The Curry is still very heavy, and the game is not ambiguous! The referee has such a “helper” warrior, Curry is very difficult to play, the rapid jump in the last season is still because the team’s teammates are not concentrated enough, and the first violent jump this season is because of the punishment, so the referee It is very bigwork. Otherwise, it is difficult to continue to invest 3 points and one-year Wave stream with a continuous investment in the library. Oh, the sister is wrong, it is a dangerous!

“San” wins the fast boat, the Warriors came to the seven consecutive victories. As the saying goes, the seven kill must die, and Super God is generally a curse. The following two game warriors will usher in the most severe two-game test this season, that is, the double hitting sun. How important is it to play the sun? It can be said that these two games have almost certainly certainly determine the pattern of the western, whoever https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com wins who may probably sit in the western part of the season, because the sun and the warrior are very hot, who wins Who will lead a big body, this body is not only important, and it is true for the playoffs.