Unveiling the battle 4 days: 4 big running guards Rank one person leads running to guard Shengshi Niu four points

On September 3, Beijing time, 4 days away from NFL2017-18, today let us take a look at the 4 top rogue of today’s alliance.

4th Todd-Galley Los Angeles

15 games in the 2017 season, 1305 yards, 10 reachaes, 288 yards, 6 reaches

Since 2012 Clinkland Brown, the water is saved by the water, and the road to run Gu Trent – Richardson, the market in the draft selection conference has fallen into a trough, even if Levian – Bell, Carlos-Hyde also Just was taken away the next day on the draft conference. Until 2015, Todd Galley passed away by the ram in the first round of the first round and handed over 1106 yards 10 to 10 reachaes in the rookie season. I have triggered the tide of running guards in the past three years. From Galley to Elliot to Falnett to this year’s list of Xi Barall, look at the boat high. Today’s running guards, remembering Galli.

Last season, the ram was exchanged, and Shao Shuai Shuen-Macie activated the ram offensive group and sent Galli to a new peak. The season rushed out of 1305 yards 13 more than 788 yards to catch the ball and 6 balls to reach, won the best offensive player in the season, second only to Tom Braddy in the MVP selection. However, even if there is such an excellent performance, Galley has been difficult to appear in the discussion of the rushed guards in the alliance. Because in Galley, the system addition is more highlighted than personal capabilities.

3d I Zikir – Elliott Dallas Cowboy

10 games in the 2017 season, 984 yards, 7-reached ball 269 yards 3 reachaes

In the NFL alliance, most teams’ offensive group cores are quadruple. But there is so few teams that run the running guards, and the running guards have become the main engine of the team attack, Elliot is one of them. Look at the time of the Elio of Ellio, Prescott, the performance of Prescot, is very horrible. Look at Oliot and Prescot at the same time, the scene of the double sword is like a picture.

Of course, Elliot’s bright performance has to thank the Cowbi’s offensive front. This alliance has a number of “Wanli Great Wall” gave enough space, so that the speed explosive Elliott goes to complete the relaxed mushroom, so we can often see Eliot on the way to the Arhead Didn’t encounter any obstacles, defensive players can’t even touch him. By the way, his hurdles have become a logotic action.

2nd David – Johnson Arizona

1 game in the 2017 season, 23 yards, 67 yards

David Johnson is the same as Elliot, and it is also a core of running guards. The ball is simply a model of being a mother. This allowed him to run 1239 yards 16 to 16 Deta in the 2016 season, and the 879 yards of 4 reachaaled metamorphosis. Created a record of 15 consecutive games for 15 consecutive games, if not on the 17th week of injury to the squad, he was very likely to promote 100 yards in 16 yards in 16 consecutive games. The 15 records held by the Hall of Fame.

David – Johnson’s leading process is also quite dramatic. The rookie season looks at the Elison and Chris Johnson in front of him. Due to the injury, the David of the No. 3 running guard is dead before the opening season. However, it is also injured and injured, and after the glory of 2016, David Johnson seems to have encountered a whole year in 2017. First, in January 1, 2017, I was injured in the game of the ram, and then on September 10, 2017, the first game was dislocated in the game of the lion, and after the operation, I was reimbursed.

The Salas in the 2018 season still need David-Johnson quickly retrieved the 16-season superman performance to stabilize the team’s dressing room, avoiding a tree-defined scattered complete reconstruction.

1st Levian – Bell Pittsburgh Steelman

15 games in the 2017 season, 1291 yards, 9-Dalun, catch, 655 yards 2 reachaes

Levieng – Bell has a little gap with a lot of top running guards, but when you put your individual in the team, you will find that the steel man has the four-point guard of the future celebrity level, there is League’s top take over Antonio-Brown, before Mattevis – Bryant, now there is a super new star Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schustel, Bell participating in the relative frequency relative frequency is not much. Moreover, like this patient looks for idle gear, the alliance is very rare. His first step and the ability to confirm after contact, guaranteed that he had a lot of hard rolling running guards after patient waiting. In addition, this kind of waiting, let the opponent’s defense line more difficult to judge his running route, adding the opponent’s defensive difficulty. In the era of this big contract, if it is not a big step into the end of your career, the steel man may have already taken a superior contract that makes Bell loaded into the history.

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