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September 24th (Wen / ESPN Jeff Dickerson Compile / Love) NFL regular season less than a month, the Chicago Bear team found that he was in dangerous situations. The top-level defensive group of their alliance looks ready to impact the superb bowl, but the four-dimensional Trubisky is still not enough to be in the state of the rushing bowl.

“I am very confident, everything is very good,” Trousbiski said last week, “You just believe that the good condition will come in the next week.” Things, many people still can’t show this first two weeks Struggling, the forefoot show quadruption. On Monday Night, the Red Leather Team is the 30th game of Tusabi career (including the playoffs), so far, this 25-year-old four-guard exposure problem is much more data than he contributes. .

Tusbuski has played an offensive system in a relatively plain-free rookie season. In addition to letting two Run Tarik Cohen and Jordan, who have been traded – Howard ( Jordan Howard is exported to a lot of color, there is no novel part, Tusbuski performance is also very bad.

Last season, the new coach Matt Nagy has abandoned the old offensive system before, and the teacher brought a more dynamic and more compliant from the young coach of the offense master Andy Reid. Trending offensive system.

It is this system that makes Tuskiski turn. Although there is some fluctuations last season, the whole year is over, the Trusterski passed the 3223 yard (66.6% passing the midpower), 24 times to 12 times were copied; there is a 421 code number and 3 times a squad reached the account. The four-point guards were 95.4 points, and the bear team has also won the first National Lianbei District champion since 2010, and Tusbiski also won his first professional bowl.

All signs show that the 2019 Trobeski will be more strengthened; however, now, the situation is just the opposite.

After two games, Tusbuski’s pass rate (58.3%), pass the number of passes (348 yards), the number of passes (0 times), each pass advancement code (4.8 yard) and The number of times the 10 yards longer (16 times) has a significant decline than him last season.

“We didn’t perform attacks in the way they hope,” Trousbuski said, “We are sure to miss some things when they execute, but we are united, actively solve these problems.”

Unity is not a problem, this young quarter-off is very popular in the locker room, and his relationship with his teammates is very harmonious, and his professional ethics has never been questioned.

ESPN’s NFL analyst, the first quarter Wei Dan – Olovski said: “The biggest problem I see is that the head coach is obviously not enough for the four-point guard, he is hesitant to believe this quadrant. Because if the main coach is strong enough to trust his quarter-free, they will be very active for their own, one will not sum up again, and then summarize again; but I can’t see this in Matt – Naji. “

Of course, the wrapper team and the wild horse are really not a comfortable new season “Open Mode”. There is no 340 yards in the two team fields, belonging to the first-class defense of the league; and Naji has used 50 passes in the first battle to the packaging team, only 15 shots ” Unbalanced “routine also accused.

Whether, because of what, the bears’ offensive lacks cohesiveness and explosive force. In their 51 first-end attacks, only 18 passed 5 yards or more codons, which in turn also increased the difficulty of Turbuski and offensive groups.

According to ESPN data and information, the bear team faces 7 yards or more distances in 26 three-speed conversion, and they face the three-speed conversion within 7 yards last season. 43%.

Such offensive efficiency makes Tuseki even if someone works, he tried to find a goal several times. After two weeks, he tried to pass 9 times 20 yards, no life; and he The 4.8 yard pass advancement average code is ranked 32nd digits in the union … Yes, the countdown first.

“We must believe that the outbreak performance is about to happen.” Trousbuski said that he has proved that he has demonstrated his strength in the pocket, during the university, he can use his own sports ability to handle the attack outside the pocket. Whether it is a rush or choose a pass. But now some people began to worry about the processing of the ball in your pocket.

“We didn’t see a sufficiently stable pocket performance.” A national link detective said, “I think that when his pocket pressure is not large, he will pass some good balls, but the accuracy of passing is still owed. Properly; however, when he faces more stress, many options are the emperor, if he can have a better pre-judgment of the direction of the pressure, he will do better when he reads. It’s not waiting for the pressure to panic and hurried. “

Reading defense is a necessary quality of excellent quadrant, just like a precision computer in their brain, allowing them to understand the other’s defensive strategy in a few milliseconds.

However, Turbuski has been questioned in this regard, and the front bear team took the hand of Tom Waddle said: “He (Tuskiski) looks more like an effort to fight four Associated athletes, rather than a four-point guard with good vision and judgment; when he faced a murder or his pocket was broken, he is currently smart, you can get rid of your own exercise, but this is not a long time. “

However, excellent exercise capabilities have not been reflected in this season, and only 4 rushing in Tusseki this season. ESPN analyst, front NFL defensive cut Pigg – Mc Franca directly: “It is better to let him go! Just like a crow used Ramar Jackson, each game made him 10 Submit to 15 times, don’t turn him into a non-collar player, restore him originally, and strengthen it in this basis? “

Olovski added, “usually four-point guards are facing problems, we will suggest that he completes more pockets, but Tusseki is just the opposite; this is very strange, but he has a strong arm And good athletic ability, why don’t we let him use these characteristics? “

The good news is that this season has only two games, and the bear team has a big time. Although their offensive performance ranked fourth, the Monday night game may be a nice to retrieve the chance of retrieving the status. Although Tusbuski’s quarter-branch collections were ranked fifth, the four-point guards of the Red Leather were ranked second …

“For Tubski and our attack, we must abandon the negative evaluation of the past.” The coach Matt – Naji said, “Today’s game is very difficult, because the online speech is everywhere; when you do When you have a good time, you have nothing good, everyone is criticizing and worried; so we must ensure that we can control what we can control, this is what we have to do in this game. “