Summary of MLB21: Jerich Single Double Boots Shendao Qi Run Snake Complete Bear

Beijing time on April 21, the US duty wand big alliance ended 16 consensus. Among them, Kanji 9-2 Royal, Bear 0-6 Rail Snake, Jinyu 5-6 Shuangcheng (First), Pirate 3-1 Giants, Sports Home 1-10 Blue Bird, Indians 8-4 Warriors (First Field), Malinfish 9-3 National, Guang 5-6 socks, winemakers 5-0 Dodge, Sapphire 10-2 Metropolitan, Indians 7-8 Warriors (second), Jinyan 7-16 Shuangcheng (second), visitors 9-4 space people, Rocky 5-8 Philadelphians, priests 2-4 red, Angel 5-6 sailors, tigers to the white socks.

Yangji 9-2 royal

Jiaqi and Fraser have all over the two games, the Yangchun cannon, the Yangji has achieved 2-0 leaders. In the second half of the fourth place, Takman also opened, this is a three-point gun, then Le Mei hits the back to the back, the four games have been played, the Yangji rely on 4 projects to fight 6- 0 leadership.

The royal team began to counterattack, the sixth bureau is over, and the king of Wang Mefield is booming, but the lower half of the branch is rely on continuous security. The home base of the Owens Nine Countries will be 2-9. The final is this score, the main family wins home, the field will be the key to the winning group.

Bear 0-6 Snake

The first game of the Snake laying the advantage, the home base of Eskoba and Peralta made them with a 2-0 leader ended the first game. The sacrifice of the Second Bureau of Dai Sen hit the tail snake to expand the division to 3-0, and 3 points before the snake were returned before.

The sixth bureau of the snake will make persistent efforts, and the bear will start the pitcher and then set off a wave of offensive, eventually by Murphy’s two-point gun, the final score 6-0, the snake away is won. The first firman Granzi six has not lost and has a place of hits, and the hits in the season came to 50%.

Jinyi 5-6 Shuangcheng (first)

The second bureau of Shuangcheng rely on the back of the two Yangchun guns, the lead, the second half of the Jinyu three games also in color, first in Smith, two-point gun, followed by Nunz, back to back Yangchun gun help They reverse the score.

Going to work, Rosario single-site guns to help the double city will be divided into 3-3 flat, six bureaus, they have three points, and they will achieve leading again. The Jinyang Team Sevilino immediately hits, so that the competition will return two points, and the next half of the eighth games in Mansini will make Jinji see the hope of reversing the competition, but Sevi Rino stopped in the third base, the final score 5-6, and the golden alto was defeated.

Pirates Giants 3-1

The competition battle to the five games is due to the rain interrupted, the pirate relies on the two-point gun of the fifth bureau, and 3-1 will win at home.

Sports home 1-10 blue bird

Bluebirds laid a victory in a victory in the first half of the fourth game, showing Triraz’s three-shot, and Drui made a river spring gun. The blue bird’s offensive did not end, and two beats, forced sportswear, handsome, but Hendrik, who started from the cowshed, can’t pressed Garves, blue bird with 6-0 leading Four games.

Blue Birds also have offensive, Somick also hit the home run, the sportsist can only be hit by sacrifices in the ninth game, avoiding the embarrassment of hanging zero.

Indians 8-4 Warriors (first)

There is a back and forth in front of the two sides. It is the Warriors first score. The Indians immediately equalize, but the second half of the second half has put on 6 security, and there are various ways to keep the ball and opponents, in the two bureaus Afterwards, 6 points will be drawn, and the difference is pulled off.

The Warriors did not give up, the seventh game, the two homes of the back to the back of Joyce, the two homes of the back to the back, the score of 4-8, Joyce’s home run, flying, the quality of Krob, However, the Warriors playing the Indian cow shed pitcher without any way, the two games are only 1 security, the final score is 8-4, the Indian is home.

Marin 9-3 National

Marin fish faced the Saoyan named Xie Zer did not have a court, the first game rely on a series of skewers to return 2 points, and the third party has a score of the three-year-old, and the score will be packed. Each of the points, with the 3-3 score to the fifth bureau, after being hit by Grancesson, the second half of the sixth bureau was knocked out, when they were replaced, Xie Zer was a total of 11 amps, which was his career. After that, the Marin fish had 2 points, and the final 9-3 defeated the opponent’s opponent.

Ray 5-6 socks

The Second Bureau of Red Soy laying a winning party, first in the event of Leon, squeezed back, then Benneuti hit it from Morton, and the red socks have achieved 5-0 leaders.

The light is awake, and I will go back to the next time. The second half of the eighth game, Diaz hits the Yangchun gun, and their 5-5 pulls the score. In the first half of the ninth game, it was Benerty, sacrificed to bring back Bradley, and the final scene was 6-5 wins, and the first series of seasons was lost.

Winemaker 5-0 Dao

The second half of Jerezi hit the home base from Liu Xianzheng, helping the winemaker’s home, the second half, he once again played Liu Xianzhen, will expand the score to 2-0, this is his personal season The 13th support horn. Braun’s seventh bureau added a three-unit gun to lock the score to 5-0, and the final winemaker was 5-0 wins, and the pirates were chased in the Kingdom of China.

Sapphire 10-2 metropolis

De Grom has injuries, Freeson replaces him, and the saga player did not give him a face, and the first three games rely on various security sacrifices to win 5-0 leaders.

The rickets did not stop after the big cowshed, and the six games ended, they have been 9-0.

After the seventh game of the Metropolis, the eighth bureau, the second half Gord Schmidt made a rapid horn, and the points were 10-2, and the red scitch was won.

Indians 7-8 Warriors (second)

The first two games before the Indians rely on the anaba and the other party’s mistakes to get 7-0 leaders.

The Warriors then started counterattack, and after the seventh game, they hit two points, they chased the score to 3-7.

The first half of the ninth game, the warrior began to counterattack, and the Akunia is full of hits, and the Warriors 8-7 have exceeded the score. After completing 7 points, the final warrior 8-7 wins, Indian cows ruined the quality of Bauer.

Jinyi 7-16 Shuangcheng (second)

The first two bombings in Shuangcheng, the third party and the first three bombings, the first three games have achieved 10-0 leaders. Since then, the two sides have two home runs, and the eighth bureau has been chased 3 points, but the ninth bureau, Sku once again hit the home run, the final score 16-7, double The city day double game two wins.

Cassirers 9-4 Space Man

The first four games before the cavalry rely on the continuous placement of 6-0, the spaceman immediately started counterattack, Stasi used the season to catch the score to 2-6, but the fifth bureau of the tour army will be 3 The score will be opened again. Springer hit the home base in the seventh game, but there was no harmony, and the end of the game 9-4 won.

Rocky 5-8 Philadelphians

The first two games in Rocky rely on two yang boillers 2-0 leader, Blackmont hits the first playing home.

However, the Philadelphians did not have to show weakness, and the fourth bureau was full of hitting the hitting, 4-3 and more than a score. The three-way guns behind Harper let the Philadelow leading advantages continue to expand, and there are also a few points of accounting, and the final score is 5-8, and Rocky is mainly reversed by Philaders.

Pride 2-4 red

The red man scored first in this game, just a game, the priest’s Horsmo slammed the score in the second bomb. 3-1 After the lead, Winkel’s home base will pull the score to 4-1, Huosmo’s second half of the eighth game hits the object to beat the point, and lock the score to 2-4.

Angel 5-6 sailor

The first bureau of the sailor hits two yang spring guns, the fourth game of Gordon’s homes help the sailor to add two points, the sailor has been 4-1. The fifth game is over, Nakani hit the sailor on the third bombard, they got 5-2 leaders. After the angels, the angels were countered, first chasing two points in the fifth game, let the game reverberate 1 difference. Santana’s seventh game once again knocked on Yangchun, this homework is critical, because the ninth Putue also hits the home run, the sailor will win such a minute, and their 6-5 away is dangerous to win an angel.

The tiger is postponed on the white sock.

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