Player magnifying glass: the third week of the preseason

The preseason game is the best opportunity to win a job in the edge player, and they leave the opportunity to stay in the big list through the game. The last season is over, the new season is about to begin, although the preseason is just practicing the soldiers, the winning and negative is not important, but it is still seen that some teams are in the new season. Some players are facing the moment of turning, and where will the new season go? NFL Experts Bakor Brooke Choose some interesting players to score in this week’s season.

Baltimore Crow: Raar Jackson quartz

Rating: a

The football community finally had the opportunity to see the wonderful performance of the Hesmann winner. He turned into the river in the game with Miami dolphins. He pushed 98 yards in 10 times. The ball promoted 39 yards, Ramar Jackson showed how to deploy this double-threatened quarter-saving in regular seminars. In order to maximize his characteristics, the Crow team arranged a lot of dispersion offensive formations. When the defensive player had to open the space, Jackson has a better vision and a broader pass window.

Buffalo: Jose-Allen

Rating: D

On Sunday afternoon and Cincinnati fierce, Josh Allen was scared. The seven show looks like a new soldier of the battlefield. It faces the tiger fierce rushing in the pocket, he just wants to pass the ball soon to get rid of the pressure, however. Lun, more than a hurry, the full 34 yards in 12 passes 6, can be said to be unregooted, in addition to being killed 5 times, and finally, I have to take the brain shock assessment. . Under his command, Bill did not get anything opportunity, so that the performance Sean McDermot will choose a more secure NNA-Pitman in the first week of regular season.

Cincinnati Tiger: John Ross

Rating: B +

“I x!” This is the only thing that can be described by John Ross 57 code. That note, not only using the speed far away from the defensive player, but also the safety of the guard and the safety of the guards and the safety of the guards will be changed, and finally completed the reachable. Last year’s training camp, Ross broke the NFL40 code running record with 4 seconds 22, but his rookie season had been made by injuries. He proved to coach and scouts, the speed and explosive power will definitely make the attack of the tiger more creative.

Cleveland Brown: Baker – Mefield quartz

Rating: B +

Baker – Mayfield makes Brown’s attack more efficient. He should debut in the second half. Cocaord Taylor’s thumb is dislocated to give his first competition. I have learned that Mefield has begun to adapt to the rhythm of the NFL, and he uses a lot of dispersed attacks in the game against the eagle, which has completed the team’s fast-paced play, facing the eagle’s rushing, the maximum use of pockets Protecting fast passes, when the pocket is compressed, he rushed out to the reading option attack, and chemically resolved the pressure through his own mobile capabilities. He is indeed copying once, but his calm and calmly showed in a harsh environment – Jackson attacked him.

Houston Texas: j.j. Watt defensive end

Rating: B

J. J. Watt from the best defensive player three times, these two years have been struggling with a variety of injuries, now he is back. Watt and Jardwin – Claien joined forces, let Texas people’s rushing to form a double ghost door, they are on the time of this time, the score of the Los Angeles ram is limited to 0. Although the ravesen only sent a second-line offensive lineup, this Dezhou’s defensive star in a limited time is sufficient to make fans feel relieved.

Indianapolis Tima: Andrew Ruk

Rating: A-

Now no one worried about Rark’s shoulders, he pushed 90 yards in the 49-person competition in San Francisco, and rushed out of 27 yards. Lak is still the lake, he will run the running guard, close to the front, and the external connections are connected, and there is no chaos that manipulate the fast-paced unconstraid. When 49 people simplify the branch, the quick compression pocket gives Racly greater pressure, he can always find the escape line and get the considerable number of codes. Although the management and coaching groups of the pony more hopes that he can throw the ball or take the ball, it is very confident that the three selection of professional bowls are all self-confident.

Jacksonville American Tiger: Cody – Kasler Quadruple

Rating: B +

Brek Burtes should feel pressure, and his new contract may not keep the main position. Cody-Kasler promoted 78 yards in the 78 yaw in the face of Atlantian fals, 5 shocks attempted to advance 21 yards, and completed an up to 1 yard line. This way Kessler may have a little exaggerated, because the Jaguji’s offensive front line gives him a good support, Caspeler calm, calm, confident shot and extremely efficient passes in the preseason.

Kansas City Chief: Patrick – Mahomos quartz

Rating: A-

Some people say that Mahms is more aggressive than Alex Smith, and it seems that it is true. The new quarter-saving in this Ai Aika is like a tornado in the game with the Chicago Bear, like a tornado. 24 pass 18 promoted 196 yards to get 1 Deta, “Red Tornado”, “Red Tornado” not only showed the cracking ability of far-reaching route and arm strength, but his middle short pass simply refinery when the bear chooses regional defense. Smiths taste. Because Mahms is very lovely to pass the ball to different players, the offensive weapon of the chief makes people defense, the new season may be difficult to mitigate the offensive of the chief.

Miami Dolphin: Ken Yang – Drake

Rating: a

Dolphins have found their top running guards, most of the teams are also launched around Drake. This third-grade running guard can not only screw the ball, but also be a explosive plus. Drake has advanced 68 yards (4 sho 36 yards at a time), showing extraordinary spatial blowing capabilities. If dolphins can effectively use Drake to run energy, this 24-year-old boy may brush one of the most beautiful data of the league.

New England Patriots: Javan – BTAT

Rating: B +

The patriot’s rookie continued to prove its value, and the wire Guajavian-Bentley seems to be a lock, prove that he can enter the main lineup. Bentley Faculty Facade 5 times in the black panther, his excellent pursuit skills allowed the outside hand to be unable to come, and the game can accurately find the game. The high-quality wire guard of the Purdue University is like an old command to command the defense line, and he also shows the sixth sense of transcendence of his experience. In general, this specially likely it is likely to sit in the disposal. This is simply a gift for a 5-round show.

New York Jet: Sam Dolod 4

Rating: B

Sam Doward has sited the first position of the jet. In the face of the main lineup of the opponent, Darnod promoted 148 yards and 1 reach This is already a manifestation of an NFL qualified quarter-off. Simple data statistics don’t fully reflect Darnod’s strength, and he is a quite cheerful practice in the game, showing super high talents, good reading competition in the second gear and the third interface, let people forget He is a rookie fact. In addition, his exercise capacity, mobile skills make people look bright, and the reason is divided into b, and it is the deep-reaching road of Donold.

Arizona Picture: Patrick-Peterson

Rating: a +

For a seven-seven-seven-selection of professional bowls and state is still in the peak, the front seasons are as easy as the park is going, but even so, it is very rare. The entire game, Peterson’s external handle of his defensive hand has no temper. After working, he will complete a copy of a copy of a copy of the CD and a creation of a copy. Counseling period, Peterson listened to the new coach Steve Wilkes, spent more time on the court, thus remained the desire for the competition. Now, this red row’s number one corner will have the ability to compete for the best defensive players this year.

Atlanta Falcon: Calvin-Ludley

Rating: c-

Ludley has a poor performance in the preseason, although the performance of this rookie training field is very good, but the stadium on the station has a problem of catching the ball. This is his old fairy. The Falcon cannot bring a butter hand.

Carolina Black Panther: Christian – McFrey

Rating: B

It seems that the second grade Christian – McCrere is very suitable for the first running guard in the system of the new handsome Novi Turner. In the game of New England Patriots, Maikaverre completed 14 touch balls, of which 12 sho pushed 48 yards, and pushed 16 yards twice. He showed extremely strong body balance, good control and its own line run perfectly. McCrere is good at finding a gap in the inside, and the flexible body is very easy to let the defenders miss.

Chicago bear: Kevin-White

Rating: B

The first round of the show Karen White has been waiting in the bear for a long time, and the fans hope that he can truly fulfill his talent. This wheel faces the Kansas chieftain, White balls are pushed into 33 yards, of which 29 yards have reacted. The injury makes Waite’s two-year career only played only 5 games, but he had enough talent to wait for development, and the new season he has the ability to become the second hand of Matte-Naji.

Dallas Cowboy: Langdi-Gregory defensive end

Rating: A-

The Cowboy’s patience may receive a return this year, and he fully utilizes his play time to complete 3 times and kill 1 time in the game against Arizona. Gregary can use the speed and explosive force to impact the opposition front line, give the opponent a lot of pressure on the inside. If Gregory can insist on this season, and avoid some external problems that affect his career, he will be secret weapons on denim defense.

Minnesota Viking: Mike – Ben Run

Rating: B

Virgin finds the reliable partner of Darwin-Cook, although Buen’s 13 touch data is generally (9 sho 26 yards, 34 shots 13 yards), but he shows the short code explosive power is amazing He will become an important weapon for the short code of V. Now Viking should read the instructions of Brun’s instructions, design some special offensive routines, or use his multi-function in the outside.

New Orleans Saint: Tsisam Hill quadruple

Rating: a +

Former Yang Benthan University’s star continued to consolidate the status of Saint No. 2 quarterly with his talent. Hill’s outstanding foot movement is not only possible to win 35 yards of pavement, but also rushing out of an up to two points, in addition to this, the 66 yards in 8 pass 7, complete one pass Ball. In the game, he played smoothly in the unsocious attack in the saints. Although Drew Bris’s starting position can’t be shaken, Hill’s performance should let Tom Savi smell a crisis.

New York Giants: Sterling – Xie Pad

Rating: B

In the giant team, Sterling-Shepard is taken outside of the No. 2, which is outside the Little Odel Beckham. The third-grade player got 78 yards in the same city war in the synthastor, he is good at using The speed flashed the air block to complete the ball, and the explosive force can be used along the edge of the edge after the ball. Perhaps Beckham, Evan Engelram and Sac Wan – Buckley is the three murder of the giant new season, but the 87 Xie Pad will definitely get more catching opportunities.

Philadelphia Eagle: Nick-Falls quartz

Rating: f

The bells of the midnight woke up the girl (when the night clock sounded, the Cinderella’s magic will disappear)? Nick-Falls and the super bowl have been judged by two people. He promoted 127 yards in 176 in the game of the BLEV Lan Brown, and the data appeared, but sent two copies. Considering that he has already lost four mistakes in the past two seasons and 6 killed, the luxurious carriage of Falls seems to become ugly pumpkins.

San Francisco 49 people: Jimmy-Gallo

Rating: B

Don’t be deceived by Gallowlo’s game data. His 5 professional seasons are known as precise passes and calmly judgment, but this week faces Indianapolis horses, Galloolo only 19 9 into 135 命 命 中 rates less than 50%, but this can’t blame him, many of his beautiful passes is wasted by teammates, and 49 people may have a big thunder, even in vacancies. External connections still cannot catch the ball. Gallopolo needs to be more careful to his midway passed, because there are several balls that are trough to the slot.

Seattle Hawks: Chris Carson Run

Rating: B

Pitt-Carol is commended Christ Karson, although the team uses a first round sign in April to choose to run Gurarad Penny, Carson may have been determined before this The status of his own headband. Carson has been very stable throughout the training camp. In the face of the excellent performance of Viking people, Carol is not unlocked, but also consolidates his status.

Tampa Bay Pirate: Chris Goldwen takes over

Rating: B +

If the pirate is still looking for a reliable second-third, they should pay attention to the performance of Golden on the 12th, in fact he is one of the most bright players of pirate training camp. In the face of the Detroit Lion, Gordin took a few times in the contest of the career bowl of Kazahgra – Sire, and completed the 11 yards on his head. A two-year birth, a star guard, Golden can say a battle.

Washington Brown: Adrian – Peterson Run

Rating: a +

In the face of the stunned Denver wild horse, the 32-year-old old will send Adrian Peterson to the new east’s home, his mushroom is still so classic, the speed and emergency stop in the inner line running and the emergency stop So chic. In addition, Peterson can also use their strong arm to cover four-point guard at the offensive end. After losing two running guards, who can pick up the team’s pavement attack, want to have a red skin psychology already have an answer.

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