Morande three-point shelling retreat "Fat Sock Wars" Red Sox 6-1 Yangji home wins

On September 7, Beijing time, the Great Works of the Great Works welcomed a battle of focus, and Boston socks in the Fenwei Stadium, in the Fenwei Stadium. At present, the third red socks in the ranking partition are still working hard for the first-line opportunities in the playoffs, in the face of strong Yangji, concentrated in the fourth game, defeating the first three games to make a very good Herman, single bureau The 4 points lay the advantage.

In the end, Yangji did not make too much resistance in the away, and 1-6 defeated. The red socks have been launched after the scene of victory.

[Data Highlight]

In red socks, Morade 4 played 3 split 3 points and ran back 1 point, Bocgugz 1 安 2 points, Holt 1 security 1 points; Yangji, Gardner 2 The support is 1 point, one of the spring guns.

[Competition process]

In the upper half of the first https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comgame, the red socks sent Xie Xin, who had just joined, did not just franchise, and sent 2 three vibrations to complete the three three, and the state was good. In the second half of the first place, Hermann even sent 3 three-vibration, but also a good competitive state.

In the third bureau, Xie Xin was resended, and as a starter was completed, 4 three vibrations were sent.

In the second half of the fourth place, the Herman who was originally put smoothly and smooth. Dres first bat hit the top of the second base to beat, capture a point circle; Bobagz was taken by Sanzhen, JD-Martinnes rolls, but also promoted the runner; Benne Tang Di selected four bad balls to keep, Huo Ert’s antestack makes Dres easy to run back to the home, and the red socks take the lead in score, 0-1; then, Morade slammed the three-year gun, the 15th volume of the season, the season, the reddock quickly got bigger Leading, 0-4.

The fifth bureau is over, Garda hosted the Yangchun cannon, and the 21st population of the season helped the Yangji to recover 1 point, 1-4.

In the second half of the fifth, the first stick Babit is selected from the four bad balls, and Herman is replaced by 4.1 bureaus only, and it has been played 3 security, and there are 4 times. Check, there is still his own self-responsibility. After the truncation pitcher, he was guaranteed, and then Bogotz hit the middle and foreign wildflying second bases.

In the seventh game, Sanchez first hit the horn, and was advanced to the second base; Gardner knocked out the middle and foreign wilderness, Sanchez struggled to run the bacterium but was killed by Xiaobradley. Bureau.

In the first half of the ninth game, the red garter took 5 points to close the door. The Gregouri small ball was killed; the Sanchez wound 10 balls but the waves were empty by the three vibrations, the two out of the game; Encnasie was stalling by a variable speed ball of an outer corner, red socks successfully Lower victory.

[Two sides starting]

New York Yangji team:

1.DJ-Le Mei Xiang

2. Alon – Jiaqi right outside

3. Didi-Gregourou guerrilla

4. Gary – Sanchez Catcher

5. Edwin – Nakaisi designated blow

6. Grareber Torres

7. Brett Garda Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Luke – Woit

9. Mike – Takeman left outer wilder

Domingo – Herman pitcher

Boston Red Sox:

1. Muqi-Bates right outside

2. Raphael Dels

3. Zhanzh Bogatz guerrilla

4.JD-Martinez designated hit

5. Andrew – Benedine

6. Brock – Holt 2rd base

7. Mickey – Morade

8. Christian – Vasque Catcher

9. (Little) Jiegi – Bradley Chinese and Foreign Wild Hand

Joris-Shexin Pitcher

[Next prospect]

Yangji will send JA-Hap debut, 11 wins this season, 8 losses 5.34 self-blame rate, the last game, in the near future, facing the state of the people’s livestartments 6.0 There is no loss, send 5 times, he lost 20 points in the 5 games played last month, only the 24.2 bureau, the self-sharing rate is as high as 7.30, including August 4 to the array, 5.2. 4 points. The red socks are expected to send As Taylor as the starter, this season will be 1 win and 1 loss of 3.00 self-blade. There are 1 first hair this season, and the past 15 games 13.0 game lost 2 points, send 17 times Senior and 5 times.