MLB28 Summary: Red Socks Single Field 12 points Winewoman End Second City 6

Beijing time May 24th, the US professional baseball big alliance MLB regular competition fierce battle 10 games. The national cow shed will not be enemy macaro; Sanchez 18 bangs beat the royal; Nounez Bilator defeated the tiger; Chilinos 5 无安 打 光 大 蓝 蓝 蓝;;;; One day, the two games will be wins; Cole 12 three vibration space people solicit the bear; Tabia gains the Nalloky to reverse the snake; Leon Three-point shock socks big winning the Indians; Propa Phili Glie Angel; Assya Kaibai wineman ends the double city 6 consecutive victory; Berlinjan 19 migratory decently defeated the most. Wogerbucks defeated the ride.



Seattle Sailor 6-2 Texas City Cavalry

The sailor team first sent Milin 5.2, was hit by 4, and the three vibration was performed. The ride of the ride first hairland – Lin En 6 bureau was hit by 7 to lose 3 points. 3 The second half of the sailor team Kyle, Siguel, hit Smith, then Domango – Santana Anju hit Sigger. The 4th Bureau, the half-tour cavalry team fought, the second base, hit Gallo. 4 The second half of the water team Smith is playing back Sheide.

The 5th game is half-proud of the cavalry Gazman. 7 The second half of the water team Wogerback slammed the season 15, 8 bureaus pressed half-water team Smith stolen home. The sailor team eventually defeated the cavalry.

Los Angeles Daoqi 9-5 New York Most

Daoxian Jik Xiao 6 bureau was hit 10 Anwind 3 points to shoot 5 times, the metropolitan first Di Grom 5 bureau was hit by 7 to lose 2 points. 1 The upper part of the big party Team Petty Alonso hit Rosario, and the second half of the second half of the wondered Siguel rushed back to Peterson. 3 The second half of the lack of the wonders Belin Jie hooked out the 19th rampant in the season, 5 bureaus, half a big sum of J.D. – Davis slammed 2 points, Metropolis 3-2 leading.

6 The second half of the second half of Taylor opened, then Ernand is bombarded 3 cannon, then the Dodge attacks for a full base, and Sigger is hit by Trim, and the Dodge 7-3 leads. Vilduo sacrifice hit Turner. 8 bureaus hopes in the 8th game, Esivaria’s home runs back to 2 points, and the second half of the 8 games, Taylor, Taylor, hit Sigger. The 9th Bureau’s halfway team Jensen closed successfully.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 4-5 Milwaukee

The winemaker first sent Gio Gio-Gonzalez 4.2, was thrown by 7 points, and seven three vibrations. Shuangcheng first peeled tower 6 bureau was hit 3 to lose 3 points to vote for 6 three vibrations. Black Deficit 8 Bureau 9 bureau won the 13th rescue success. 2 The second half of the Shuangcheng team Alaiez Anju hit Rosario, then Bakston slammed 3 guns, Double City 4-0 lead. The 3rd games, the half of the Acy, the second base was hit, and then Keyne sacrificed the Tams, and Jerege sacrificed his hit Agia. 8 bureaus, Half AC, two-point gun reversed competition.

Boston Red Socks 12-5 Kriedland Indians

Red Socks First Pope Luo 6.2 Bureau was hit 8 to lose 5 points, and 3 of them were self-signs. The Indians first sent Rodriguez 4.1, was hit by 8 to lose 7 points. 1 The half-indian Kapchis Anatmunted Lin Dol, then Perez rolled back to Melkado. The 3rd games, the lack of Indians, Bauer, hit Melkado, and the Indians 3-0 lead. 3 The second half of the Red Socks team Bates Anchang hit Benin Tidi, followed by the Indian Pitcher Rodriggz lost B & B ran back home score.

4, the lower half of the red sock team, Holtan, hit Bugagz, 5 bureaus, red socks, Dres, second base, hit Bates, after Bogotz 2,0yllament hit Gray – Allen, Bradley knocked out the second base to play back Bugatz. Subsequently, Sandy-Leon slammed 3 units, and the socks 9-3 leaded. 6 bureaus j.d.- Martinez karate. The 7th Bureau, the upper half of the Indians, Perez, hit Melkado, and then the Fremman’s second base was played back to Kitzis.

7 The second half of the red socks, Bradley, the second base, hit Holt, after the Martinnes single field, the final red stocking team 12-5 wins the Indians.

New York Yangji 5-2 San Diego priest

Yang Biece has used the first bureau to send Green Investment today, and Har has won the victory. The priests first sent Stram 6, was smashed by hitting 4 to lose 3 points. The second game of the half priest teamnele is played back to Lunfro, and then Herchs’s second base is played back to Nile. 2 The second half Yang Bay team Clint-Fraser slammed the home base, then Kadner made a two-point gun, and the team 3-2 leaded. 8 The second half of the Sangchez slammed the 16th ethics of this season, then the Mebinan hit Torres, and finally Yangji 5-2 defeated the priest.

Baltimo Gold Owand 5-3 Detroit Tiger

Jinyan’s first Ioard 4 bureau was hit by 5 to lose 2 points, and the Stlile 4 of the cowshed was killed by hitting 3. The tiger first issued Norris 5.2, was lost 4 points by playing 6, two of which were divided into self-signs. 1 The next half of the gold medal Nounez slammed the thirteenth home running, Jinyan 2-0 leaded. 2 Half of the second half of the Tiger team Grena Anjan hit Brandon-Dickson, 3, the short half of the golden team Nunzana hit Mansini, then Sevilino sacrificed Nounez .

4 The upper half of the tiger team Jacqui-Jones Ankang returned to Brandon-Dickson, and the top half of the 5 games, Casteranos, two collars, played back Stewart. 7 The next half of the gold medal is Braarton, and finally Jinyan 5-3 defeated tiger.

Cincinnati 4-8 Pittsburgh Pirate (early yard)

The pirates first sent Jinham 4.2 bureau to be hit by 7, and the red team first sent Casti 5.1 bureau to be hit by 6. 4 games, half-sea, Diaz sacrifice, played back to Kabrera, 5 bureaus, the second half of the red body, Senzer, the second base, hit Iglesias, then Wo To, the second base Handed back to Senel, Suarez made a second base to play back Wando.

The 6th Bureau, the half-sea pirates, Newman, played back Kabrera, and then the Poland Kean hit Diaz, and the two sides became 3-3 flat. 7 bureau, half-sea, Josh-Bell, bombarded the 17th of the season, 7 bureaus, the second half of the Red people, Sudiaz sacrificed, hit Pellaza, two sides became 4-4 flat. The 8th Bureau, the half-sea stunner, Renault, the three-game, played back Tuck and Fraser, and Mart slammed 2 points. 9 The second half of the United Red team Kasari sacrifice hit Vo To. The final pirate 8-5 defeated the red.

Cincinnati Red Man 8-1 Pittsburgh Pirate (afternoon)

The red man first sent Senny-Gray Turban 6 bureau was hit by 5 to lose 1 point, and the three wins were taken as a next season. Pirates first sent Keller 4 games to be hit by 7 to lose 6 points. 1 The second half of the Red Squad, Yasier Puigan, hit Senzer, then the red team captured the work, Jose – Iglesia Sanded gun, the Red Strong team 5-0 Lead. Senzer Ann hit Kurt – Casari, the Red Squad 6-0 lead.

6 bureau, half-sea, Jose-Ousun, the earth, returned to Reynolds, 7 bureaus, the second half of the Red people, Ditri, bombard the 14th rampant in the season, then Pu Ge also brought the spring gun The red team 8-1 defeated the pirate.

Washington National 2-3 Miami Marin

The national first-haired Max-Shelze 6 bureau was hitting 7 Annweeping 1 point, but the cowshed, Reni and Bara Clan continuously lost the proportion of Maruli. Malinfish first sent Urega 7 bureau to be hit 4 Anwind 2 points to win the victory. 3 Half-Walker Walker hit Galt-Cooper, Marin 1-0 lead. 5 The next half of the country team Brui An Dochi is playing back the Suzukiqing, then Sher Zean hit Para. The 7th Bureau, Haldrolin, Harold, Ramis, Ramis rolled back to Rojas, 8 bureaus, Half Roujas sacrificed, tapped back to Stalin – Castro. The Malinfish finally won, and Romo took the 10th rescue in the season.

Tampa Bay 8-3 Toronto Bluebird

The radiance of the first five games were in the 5th game, and the sixth victory will be taken in the season. Bluebird first sent Sanchez 3 games by hit 6 to lose 1 point of vote. 2 The next half of the bureau, Shadosian, hit Dalnod, 1-0 leader 1-0. 4 The next half of the light team Tommy – Fan 2tery is playing back Darnod, then Cui Zhifan hit Tommy Fan, leaning against the blue bird mistake, Cui Zhiwan ran back to the home score. 7 bureau, half blue bird team Joinendan – Davis home running the score to chase 2-4, 8 bureaus to start the light of Daniel Robertson, the second base, play back Keier and Darnod, Guang 6 -2 lead, then Mesot knocked out 2 points. 9 The upper half Blue Birds Freddy – Galvis home base hit a point, and finally 8-3 wins. Darnod today’s 4 shots 3 is 3 points.

Houston Space Man 6-5 Chicago Bear

The spaceman first sent Gret-Cole 6, was hit by hitting 3, and there were 12 times. Terminator Ausona 9 bureau lost 2 points to let the bear reverses. The Bear Team Presidento Hamels was hitting 7 to lose 6 points. 1 The upper half of the bear team Anthony-Rizuo bombarded 2 points, the bear team had a good job, and the second half of the space hot team Taylor White sacrifice hit Chrino.

3 The second half of the Guliele is playing back Bregman, and then Chilinos second base is playing back Brandley, Mefield’s roll of Earth has returned to Guierier, then Delik Fisher The Marsnik rushed back to Taylor White, the Spaceman captured 5 minutes old, 6-2 anti-smoldering. 7 The upper and white bear team Botan hit Almora, 9 games, half Almora and Russel continuously slammed home, and finally space people 6-5 defeated the bear.

Coloradoli 4-3 Arizona Snake (extended 11 bureaus)

Rocky first Qiong-Gray 5.1 bureau was hit 5 Anwen 3 points, the snake first hairpin-Granki 6 bureau was hit by 1 point, but Fang Yushu lost two points in the 7th game to let the snake behind. 4 The upper half of the snake team Marter sacrificed Dedsen. 4 The second half of the queen team Dar slammed home, and the two sides warned to 1-1 flat. 6 The upper half of the somar team Espobalian hit Valgas, and the snake 2-1 leaded.

The 7th Bureau, the Half Amie’s home base is hitting the snake and adds insurance. 7 The lower half of the Arena Dianan hit Dadazhe Tamia, and the two sides warned to 3-3 flat. Extension 11 Tower Piapia knocked out, then, he hit the Day Smond, and Rocky finally defeated.

Auckland Sports Home 8-5 Los Angeles Angel

Sports home first sent Brazil 5 games were hit 6 Anwill 5 points and still won the victory, the angel first card Hill 4.1 bureau was played 6 to lose 6 points. The 2nd game of the second game has returned to Puhles, and the angel is 1-0 leader. 3 The second half of the sports homes Grossman hit the second base to play back Lauren, the sportsman slammed the score. The 4 games raised Puhles in the old, and the ninth home run this season, the angel 2-1 leads again. After Lenke’s sacrifice hit Fletcher.

4 bureaus, slightly, 5 bureaus, 5 bureaus, short, Fi Giry, bombard the Yangchun cannon, sports home 4-3 anti-ratios, followed by Piscatian hit Grosman and Chapman, sports Home 6-3 leads. The 6th games, the upper half of the Flattch, and then returned to Carhorn. After the Gudeware hit Fletcher, the angel chased the score to the 5-6.7 bureau, the next half, Chapman bombarded the 14th season After a horn, Kana Anka hit the Piscoti. 9 Sports Family Team Turnd is successful, and the final sports team 8-5 defeated angel.

In addition, Chicago White Socks and Kansas Royal Competition hit the fifth bureau because of the rain delay, the two sides were divided into 1-1.4 bureau, and the half-Duqiran hit Montish, 5 games Half-white socks Jarmer-Sanchez Anattan hit James McCain.