MLB – Ernandez Key Three-Biller Dodge 5-3 wins a wineman won 6 consecutive victories

Dodge defeated the winemaker to win 6 consecutive victories

Dodge defeated the winemaker to win 6 consecutive victories

: Beijing Time April 20, 2019, the US dutalest league has conducted a strong dialogue. Two teams of the two teams of the National Union Championship were killed and the Milwaukee winemaker paired. The two sides have been over the 7th game or the order. In the end, Dodge has lived in a three-point gun in Ernande, who is playing in the middle of the game, and finally defeats winemakers in 5-3, and obtains the nearest 6 win.

Data highlight:

Dodge first pitcher Ross-Streglin main investment 4.2 was hit 4 security, lost 2 points, sent 8 three vibrations, the self-population is 3.07. In terms of warten, the three-year gun at the crucial moment of Ernande is the biggest hero that the team will win. The winemaker first pitched the pitcher Joris-Xie Xin’s 5.0 bureau was hit 5 security, lost 2 points 5 times a three vibration, the self-population is 5.92. In terms of work, Jerege played the 11th project of the League of the Union, 2 points. Tems has a spring gun.

Game process:

The second half of the 1st game, the first batter Cairn took the
lead in playing the three swims between the three swims, the next great Jelic immediately added a two-point gun. The winemaker will win, and I get 2-0 leaders.

The second bureau is in the upper half, and the Daqi responded. 2 After the game, Viduo played the second base to beat, and the Belinjun on the first base was returned to the home score, and the score will be chased to 1-2.

In the upper half of the 3 game, Xie Xin came up and saved the other party’s first Stirgin, and then the next to the Siger, was knocked out by Turner. The Dodge captured a full base, but it was only on a high-flying sacrifice of Beilinjie, but he didn’t attack more scores, and chased the score to 2-2 flat.

In the middle of the 7 game, the Dodge captured the school before 2 out of the game, but unity Turner was connected by three vibrations and missed the opposite score.

8 games, the top half, Dodge again, Erninus, the venue of the wineman who has already thrown more than 30 balls, the handle, Hard to play a three-point gun, and will be more than 5-2.

The second half of the 8 games, Temys a hair spring running will be 3-5.

The second half of the 9 bureau, the winemaker is unable to counterattack, and finally lose the game with 3-5.

Both sides:

Los Angeles Daoqi:

First good: left outer wilder Job – Peterson

Second Bar: Guerrillator – Sig

Third Bot: 3rd bases Justine – Turner

The fourth stick: a barrier Cody-Beilinje

Fifth good: Chinese and foreign wilder AJ-Pollock

Sixth stick: two bases Makos – Mangxi

Seventh stick: right outside wilder Alex – Vido

Eighth rod: Catcher Ostdom – Barnes

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Rose – Stripe

First stick: Chinese and foreign wild hands Lorenzo – Kane

Second Bar: Right Outer Wilder Cristian – Yalege

Third Bottom: Two bases Mike – Mostaas

Fourth Nice: Catcher Yasman – Gran Dol

Fifth good: Trilisham

Sixth stick: a barrier Eric Toms

Seventh: Left outer wild handbook – Gamel

Eighth rod: guerrilla Orlando – Assia

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Jorris – Xie Xin

Next prospect:

On April 21, Beijing time, the two teams will carry out the 3rd game of 4 consecutive battles, and Dodge is expected to send the wounded Liu Xianzhen, and the winemaker has not yet announced the list of first pitcher.