Lakers official Xuan latest injury! The big crush is still in the injury list, the three giants or the rest of the victory

On November 26, Beijing time, the Lakers officially announced the next injury report on the king, James (abdominal straw) and Luskus (leg teasing pulling the war, Aliza (ankle injury) and Naen (knee) Injury) Continue to stop, Huf and Brown continue to stay in the development of alliances; good news is that the eyebrows are not on the injury list.

The last game, the eyebrows were on the fever, and the first absence of the competition, James and Wei Shao took the team to overtight the pedestrians,
and James returned to the game after being banned, bombing 39 points 6 rebound 5 assists, overtime Decoction 8-pointed contest; the Lakers currently 10 wins and 10 losses in the western part, and the Zijin Legion has a poor record.

The next guest, the king of the Sacrato, the eyebrows determined to play, his condition has been healed, it is not in the injury list, James and Wei Shao should also play, the Lakers’ three giants are expected to make it again, and the lake is expected to be a five-tiger should be three Giants + Xiaordan and Bradley; the Lakers have ended the five guests and returned to Los Angeles. Today, NBA collective holiday, and the players are at home Thanksgiving.

The injury of the Kings is Richarvest – Homs; At present, the king’s 7 wins 12 lifts in the western part. The king is the prince of Luke Wharton, and Jintery has become a temporary coach.

The Lakers and the king will hit at 11:30 on November 27th, so which team can better win?