Haiying claims Jose-Gordon NFL super killing can help Wilson won MVP

November 2 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / White) Josh Gordon After being cut by the new England Patriots from the injury list, found a new east – Seattle Hawk.

The Hawk announced on November 1 to recognize Gordon from the list of impersonal, which added a high-quality attack weapon to MVP’s strong competitors, Russell Wilson, and also goden in 2019. Show your new opportunity.

Pete Carroll confirmed this news: “He is really a unique genius.

Next week, we can see how the master is in the field. He is playing well in the previous game, showing a lot of wonderful battles, so we will learn more about next week.

He is a profound route killing, which can broaden our backfinder depth. I have known people who have played the ball with him, or people who have taught him all the talents and abilities. “

Gordon was cut off by the patriot on October 31. Due to the left knee injury, he entered the injury list after the game on October 10. At that time, he tried to save the knee when he tried to save the ball in the game against the New York Giants.

The patriot said that Gordon’s injury is not serious, so this means that he must cut him after Gordon. Carol said: “I don’t know how to use it now, but I heard that it is not bad.”

Carol said that he was surprised why Gordon stayed in the transit list for so long, so that he did not claim Gordon, and finally got it in the 28th sea eagle.

The quartzWow is very excited. He said in the introduction of Gordon: “Welcome to the lightning! It is time to put a new job @ 约 Shi Gordon.”

This season Gordon represents the patriot to play six games, completed 20 batches to advance 287 yards and 1 boller.

Joining Seattle is indeed unexpectedly, on the one hand, their choice is in the next step, on the other hand, the team’s outer lineup is relatively bloated, and now the Haiye has 8 taken.

However, the Hawk seems to have always wanted to give Taylor Lockett and the rookie D. J. Metcarff (D.K. Metcalf), and also reported that Wilson once suggested to Gordon.

This season Gordon is suffering from the patriot, but in the 2018 season, he completed 720 yards of catching and 3 times.

In the 2013 season, he also played more than 1646 +9 reached the season in Cleveland, which was his peak of his career. After Gordon was banned for many years because of repeated abuse of illegal drugs.

In December last year, Gordon violated the affiliation of the affiliate drug abuse of the unlimited period until the NFL President Roger, August this year, lifted the ban on Gordon.

The head coach Carol said that Gordon won’t play the game of Tan Palp Bay this week, but in the health of his health, he should be able to participate in the 49th part of San Francisco in the 10th week of Haiying.

In order to give Gordon in the big list, the sea eagle was forced to cut off the old line Guide Coodha – Watson.