Big Ben had deliberately broke the news former teammate off the ball at the crucial battle: It makes me sick

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Josh – Harris claimed quarterback – Rose Rees Berg game in the 2014 season last time out deliberately make things difficult for the ball to offensive coordinator Todd – Haley.

This game is the 2014 regular season finale, the Steelers face the Cincinnati Bengals, the game will decide the American League North championship. When 1 minutes 09 seconds left in the game, the Steelers lead to 27-17. When they kneel down three times in a row can be time-consuming end of the game, but the coaching staff decided to continue the offensive. Harris said Big deliberately off the ball in the attack.

“Todd – Haley little time remaining in the game when called a red ball attack,” Harris said on Twitter. “This wants knees. He carried huddle rolled his eyes when before the attack. He then deliberately off the ball. I’ll have to grab the ball right back. I knew right then that he was kind of a person.”

Harris said at the time that he should take over the offensive stalls of Big Ben handed the ball, but Wallace deliberately knocked the ball out in front of Harris handed the body responsible for open fullback Will – Johnson leads off the ball. After Harris snatch away the ball, knees Big depletion time in the next gear attack.

“Before I was a fan of this,” Harris wrote. “When I first met him as idols like to see. Big Ben is a great pleasure to see things. Then I saw him kind of person. It makes me feel sick. That’s why they never tell you Do not see your hero’s true colors. “

In the end stage of an important game off the ball intentionally sounds really unbelievable, but Harris insists that such a thing did occur, but he said it was one of the many teammates cause the loss of Big Ben like a series of things.