Being the coach to enter "cold palace"! Griffin led, 10 stars in the fans of the fans this season

Unconsciously, the regular season has been carried out, during which many players and teams play a surprise, such as: the Warriors led by Kuri returned to the crown, the sun is currently 18 consecutive victories The record of the creation team, Durant still continues high efficiency, Anthony’s field projection, etc.

There will be regrets, Ou Wen, Simmoss can’t play due to personal problems, Wall in order to hide the team in the Snow growth space. More than the player who can’t be played by injury or personal reasons, the following ten players were taken into “cold palace” by coach, gradually disappearing in the fans:

10, Xiao Jordan annual salary 10.52 million US dollars

This season data: 4.8 points 6 rebounds 0.9 cover

The hit rate is 70.3%, and the free throw rate is 60%.

In September this year, in order to reduce the high luxury tax pressure, the NG Jordin traded to the “大” piston team, in view of the latter, in order to give new people more grow space, choose I bought this thousand-year salary contract in Xiaordan. In this way, the Lakers use a old holiday to incur him, and his positioning is also very clear in the team: the blue-collar center of the rebound.

With the deepening of the schedule, Xiaojordan offensive end poor behavior is poor, the shortcomings of the defensive end began to show, although the shooting hit is more than 70%, but most of them are endless dunk, currently his offensive efficiency is only 96.9 (League bottom level), “When a day monk, hit a day” is his current real state.

The Lakers coach Walger recently compressed Xiao Jordan’s play time, although it is still the first center of the lake, but the scene replaced by 4 minutes is all. At present, Xiao Jordan’s play time is only 13.8 minutes. The countdown in the ranks first, anti-view can rebound, defensive Howard, and currently get the team’s reuse, the lakes’ offense has gradually become smooth.

9, Tt. Thompson’s annual salary 9.72 million US dollars

This season data: 5.5 points 5.6 rebound 0.7 assists

Fielding 50.7%, free throw rate is 50%

As the No. 4 show, TT. Thompson, TT. Thompson, with 2.06 meters, 115 kg of weight, these more excellent static talents were cultivated by the Knights. The rookie has been 11.7 points 9.4 rebounds (3.7 frontcourts), solid weight and the sense of smell of the rebound, let him become the most stable center of the knight.

At the 14th season, there is no doubt that this is the era of Cleveland Knight and Jinzhou Warriors. The two teams met in the finals for four consecutive years. The total record warrior premises excellent in 3 wins and 1, during which the two teams Dedicated to the fans a number of classic moments. Thompson as a knight’s orthodox center (Laofu biased outwardly), with a front basket, and made the Warriors have suffered.

Note: In the playoffs winning the Knight, Tt. Thompson’s contributing 4.1 frontcourt rebound.

With James to Los Angeles, Thompson, who expired by the contract, was signed by the Green Army 2 year in 2020, and the last season contributed 7.6 points 8.1 rebounds, and the playback of highlights was finally sent by Anji to the Kings of the Sacramento.

Come to a team that is still rebuilding the spending period. Thompson, 30-year-old Thompson, has no advantage compared with the talented Holmes and Baghre, plus herself without independent offensive ability, gradually become a team bench player. The play time is only 14.1 minutes.

8, Coventon annual salary 12.98 million US dollars

This season data: 6.5 points 4.5 rebound 1.2 assists

37% in the shooting rate, 37%

Compared with James, McGi, Kobe and other genius players, I dare to participate in the NBA draft. Coventon is clearly a representative of diligence. In Tennessee State University, I have been filled with four seasons in Tennessee, in 2013, he has no return. The data impact NBA is impulsive in 17 points 8 rebounds with a large four sequence. But the reality is cruel, Coventon, the rough attack technology, finally regretted.

After the election, he got a Rockets a 3-year-aerated contract with a slightly taking the NBA. The ball explores Coventon, which has a rough attack technology, but has a height of 2.01 meters, a 2.18-meter arm exhibition. The excellent static talent makes him decide from the defensive end, and the enthusiasm of each ball will make him deeply Coach trust.

With a stable appearance time, Coventon’s data begins to improve, and the twainst will receive 13.5 points 4.5 rebounds in the second year. In the 17-18 season, Coventon ushered in his peak at the 76 people. Each game can get 12.6 points 5.4 rebound 2 assists 1.7 steals, helping the team to win 52 wins and 30 losses, but also successfully selected the best defending season A lineup.

In the summer of 2020, in order to enhance the sharp defense, the Blazers took a look at Cauvin, after leaving Dudentoni’s small ball system, Coventon lost the four-bit flexible advantage, and he was a high arrogance. The powerful powerful discounts, plus the effect of advocating and defensive, and gradually be gradually admired to the pioneer marginalization.

7, Louis. Williams a year salary of 5 million US dollars

This season data: 6.4 points 1.5 rebound 1.5 assists

38.8% in the shooting rate, 35.7%

As the 2005 period, Lu Wei has been effective in the NBA for 16 seasons. As a typical attack and strong players in the alliance, he currently contributes 14.2 points 2.2 rebound 3.4 assists, calculates The powerful old man will. In the early stage of his career, in 76 people, then began to laminar careers, transfer the eagle, the Raptors, the Lakers, Rockets and other teams, and finally ushered in the peak at the fast shipping team.

In the summer of 2017, a major transaction was born in the free market. In order to quickly reach the strength of the crown, the rocket got Chris Paul, and the chips they paid were Beverly, Dekel, Luwei, Harley. , Villy, Lifin, Sichye and a 2018 first round of draft and some cash. In this way, the road as a chip is coming to his “Fudi” Los Angeles Clippers.

17-18 season, because there is no Paul Pointer, Time Renhui coach Rivers gave the Louvey’s abundant field space and power rights, which made his data to 22.6 points 2.5 rebound 5.6 assists, no The second time I won the best sixth person the second time (first at the 14-15 season of the dragon team). Their average data in the next two seasons has been maintained at 18 + 5 levels, and has become the minimum tuning of the league.

Last season, the Clippers took the road to the Eagle team 15 minutes before the deadline deadline, which caused a strong dissatisfaction. Come to a young team, which is a victim of the team’s reconstruction, and only 13 minutes of appearance time, age and decline in motion. It is destined to end in NBA.

6, Dramund annual salary of $ 2.4 million

This season data: 6.6 points 10.7 rebound 2.1 assists

Fort-shot hit rate 47.1%, free throw rate 56.5%

Last season, when Delmund bought and bought the Lakers at the same time, it has been destined to fail, the lakes of Zijin giant, and the lakes of the promotion will give this farmland enough trust, leading to small Gasol. Harrell’s appearance time is infinitely compressed, and the lake’s internal atmosphere has a joy of the championship season, and the moment is turned into a complaint.

In the end, “Zhuang Shen” and the Lakers have two defeats, while standing in the playoffs, while trying to rely on the lubber’s heat, it is not yet covered, there is no independent offensive ability, not good at Delay Mon. Germany only got a base salary contract from the 76 people in this summer.

Come to 76 as the substitute for Enabud, Dramund’s data is still “wonderful”, the offensive end eat cake’s efficiency, plus yourself holding the ball attack, this makes “Zhuang God” with a high 2.08 meter The hit rate is terrible, and 40% of the true hit rate is really unacceptable for a center.

5, Walker 3497 million US dollars

This season data: 11.7 points 2.6 rebound 3.1 assists

42.9% of the shooting rate, 3 ht in the hit rate 41.3%

In the summer of 2019, the general manager of the green army with a savvy is signed in Walker for four years of $ 141 billion. The former “bee king” in the 18-19 season, the average can contribute 25.9 points 4.4 rebound 5.9 assists, single Data is equipped with a top payline contract.

But it did not come to the Green Army in two years, Walker there is a clear lack of acclimatization, the regular season only to get 19.8 points and 4 rebounds and 4.7 assists while shooting 42 percent of the poor. Plus 1.83 meters tall and 83 kg of body weight, become the team’s defensive big loophole.

This summer, the Green Army initiative to seek change, the Walker and first-round draft pick and 16th overall in the 2025 second-round pick to the Thunder, in exchange
for Horford, Moses Brown and 2023 Ching-wen round picks. Subsequently, the Thunder Walker made concessions to reach a buyout agreement with the reconstruction on the payroll, the Knicks finally to $ 17.89 million was signed for two years.

So far this season, Walker called a bad play, the play of plus or minus the cumulative value of -122, the worst team for the Knicks, Def field is 116.3, in the bottom of the league level. There is no contribution to the offensive end, defensive end is a large colander, Kemba Walker if the continuation of the current play, the Knicks will be a high probability into “limbo.”

4, Rondo annual salary of $ 7.5 million

Season Statistics: 3.4 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists

Shooting 31.8% three-point shooting 28%

19-20 season, Rondo as the backup point guard the Lakers with playoff experience accumulated for many years, eventually wish to help the team win the championship, he averaged 8.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 1.4 steals this period, James will join forces Lakers offense combed very smooth. It is by virtue of the playoffs dazzling play, 35-year-old Rondo is the Eagles signed for $ 9.5 million in a two-year production contract.

After leaving the Lakers Londo, the field energy and enthusiasm decreased, fought successive eagle, the Clippers, but failed to win the confidence of the coach. After this summer as a bargaining chip to be sent to the Grizzlies, the team with the final completion of the buyout, going around in circles again with the Lakers to sign a veteran’s minimum.

This season, Westbrook airborne Los Angeles, the two need to guard the ball field position and play a significant hand in the conflict, Vogel by 10 after the experiment a few games, the final decision compression Rondo playing time, the pass master control slowly forgotten by the fans.

3, Ibaka annual salary of $ 9.72 million

Season Statistics: 4.5 points and 3.2 rebounds, 1 assist

Shooting 34.2%, three hits 33.3%

Back in the 2014 Western Conference finals, youthful energy of Thunder fight experience full of Spurs, the Thunder suffered two games before the series 0-2, at this desperate moment, reimbursement of previously announced closure of the season Ibaka choose to play Injured play, although not able to help the team on the final stage, but when he chose that moment to return, it has become a hero of the hearts of fans of Thunder.

Although won the respect of the fans, but the play closed Injured overdraft Ibaka playing career, made him proud athletic ability to become mediocre, in order to gain a firm foothold in the league, Ibaka select transformed into space type Fours. 18-20 season, ibaka rely on accurate outside shooting, averaging data to the level of 15 + 8, and who wish to help the Raptors win the first championship in team history, has become the second “less Thunder four” winning players.

After coming to the Clippers, Ibaka again suffered injuries, state court to recover in time, at itself and decide to join League, so performance is undoubtedly a symbol of his love of basketball, the last hope in time to find Ibaka deterrence and offensive touch back end to help “troubled” to stabilize the Clippers playoff spot.

2, Carrefour annual salary of $ 31.26 million

Season Statistics: 11.1 points and 7.5 rebounds and 2 assists

Shooting 41%, 35.9% hit rate

Currently, Carrefour can say rather awkward situation, you want to reach a buyout agreement with the Cavaliers as soon as possible to join a champion team as a free agent, but nonetheless salary is too high, the Knights want to trade in exchange for a good bargaining chip, they between the “pull” experienced a summer still no results.

Recalling Kevin Love’s career, the 2008 first-round selected fifth overall by the Grizzlies, then was traded to the Timberwolves, only played two seasons, will grow as the league’s top power forward. 13-14 season, Carrefour career peaked field can contribute 26.1 points 12.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists, three-hit rate reached 37.6%, in the All-Star voting, beat Anthony Davis, Aldridge became starter.

Subsequently transactions to the Knights, when James decided to join the Lakers, personal strength and temperament court can not be called Kevin Love leaders, determined to put bad face the Cavaliers obviously beyond their grasp. Not to mention the team Nova Mobley played well, Carrefour’s time once again to leave early.

1, Griffin annual salary of $ 32.4 million

Season Statistics: 5.5 points and 4.9 rebounds and 2 assists

Shooting 32.1%, three hits 16.1%

Last season, Griffin reached a buyout agreement with the Pistons, even if unemployed at home this season, can still receive a $ 29.46 million salary. When Griffin joined the Nets, he gave up the play superstar, blue-collar player to concentrate when the Big Three behind, averaging 10 points 4.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists, again and again diving save fans can not help but let tears head, Nets this summer with a veteran’s minimum contract with his success.

Season so far, veteran Aldridge has ushered in high light moment, he is currently averaging 13.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, shooting up to 57.1%, has become the main center of the Nets, while Griffin dropped out of the rotation . In an interview coach Nash replied: “! I understand his feelings, but must give other players a chance.”

At present, the Nets to 15 wins and 6 losses record ranked first east, Griffin dropped out of the rotation, the team’s offense really is not a small improvement. When less on the court an outside line no threat, no interior defense deterrent fourth place, the team win easier than ever to come, although it somewhat cruel to Griffin, but in the face of competitive sports, only its own power is king!