What is the Tiger just need? Tiger champion, Berno will meet severe challenges

November 22 (Wen / ESPN Ben Baby Compile / Love) 7 months from this year’s draft conference, Cincinnati is still will not regret the choice of the chief sign at the time. Qiao Bolo, the four-point guard of the University of Louisiana, led the team to get the national championship, the winner of the Horsmann winner, proved that he can be trusted as a tiger reconstruction process. . Of course, the Tiger chooses that Bolo means that they give up the best rushing hands in the new show – Ohio State University defensive end Edge Cun, Yang.

Yang Yang took 27 times in the last two seasons in the college, showing all the characteristics of the future star level defender. But now, the decision of the tiger is correct, although it is poor in the tenth week, Bolo is still expected to become the best offensive show in the year; however, when they are in the Washington team where the Latuki is located this week It is obvious that the challenge is a tiger and weak offensive front line compared to the junction of the chain.

Tiger faces a lot of shortals in the process of rebuilding, and four-dimensional warrant is important, but their rushing lineup is also facing aging crisis. With Geno-Atkins’s status slim and Carlos-Dunrad’s transactions, the Tiger has not had a high quality rushing hand. Obviously, Yang is the anti-strength of the new force they need. At this point, Washington’s defensive front line let the tiger coach Zucker – Taylor also can’t help but envy.

“Under normal circumstances, we are hard to see the situation behind Washington Box.” Thal talked with high-quality defensive front lines, “Because of these guys, you will only think about how to protect your four-point guard, let The competition continued, they were a team with a number of excellent defenders. “

The tiger needs fresh blood at one end of the rushing, from the 2010 Atkins and Dunrad to join the team, they are the number of players with the number of tigers, but this season has turned sharply. Dun Rew is a huge tiger team history killing king, but he is getting more dissatisfied with his character in the defensive, which leads to the team, can only shoot it before the transaction, and Dun Rew is just in the Night game. A ending competition is contributed to help the Hawk win.

Atkins is injured in front of the season and has been troubled by this injury. Now the Tiger mainly let him play the third defense, and once trying to put the old star defensive trader to get the reconstruction chip. Although they have Karr-Lawson who step into the rookie contract, it is obviously not enough. At present, the number of tigers and kills rankings is sixth, the success rate ranking is second!

“I think, if you can continue to press four-point sanctuary, this will help to improve your name.” Tiger line Sanshi Biens said, “We need to find a way, and can create such an opportunity Obviously, we have not been able to do this. “

Interestingly, the situation in Tiger is facing Washington last season, and the first round of the first round of the first round, I chose the Ohio State University 4-point Guide Wein – Haskins. In fact, Haskins is defeated in the 2018 season to be defeated the first quarter-off, causing Bernand to study Louisiana State. However, it is obvious that Haskins’ experience in NFL is not as good as Burro, and this year’s list of this year is also the front teammates of Bolro.

“Yang is unique,” Burro said, “he is a rare genius, he will gradually evolve in each game and annual competition.”

Yes, Yang may really be very good, but the tiger has no choice. They decided to deprive the position of Andy Dalton main four-defense. They can only choose a rookie four-guard, and Boron is the most Good choice. “I am very grateful that we have selected Bo Lu,” Taylor said, “I would like to take a lot of risks, but I am not disappointing.”