Top Ten Transactions in the Repersion: The ram is set up the universe team Brown introduced strong external connection

The NFL offers a very long position, but this is very fascinating, involving a large number of star players, and the transaction of the power will end out, this is a relatively rare scene in other sports alliances. So now let us list a rankings to see which transactions will have a major impact on the NFL of the 2018 season!

1, Brandin-Cook, Exterior, Los Angeles

There are many people questioned the strength of Cook, in the two seasons, Cook was traded by the New Orleans Saints and the New England patriotic trading like a kickbo. But this does not affect Cooks in Cook, is an excellent plus, his speed is extremely high, and it has strong pressure resistance in the far-reaching position. So the Los Angeles ravess team did not have soft, they would rather pay a first round sign and also to include Cook and signed a $ 51 million contract with him.

We can fully list Brandin-Cook’s career data, how powerful this outside: In the last two seasons of the Saint, Cook is catching 84 times in the 2015 season. The next 1138 yards reached 9 times, the 2016 season is 78 times to win the 1173 yards of 8 Dali; in a season of the patriot, Cook completed 65 shots, won 1082 yards 7 times, The bulb is as high as 16.6 yards. This year Cook is only 24 years old, he has unlimited potential.

When Cook came to Los Angeles, his side has an excellent head coach Sean McDe, he will be with an excellent young quartz Jareide and a very domeral run. Wetrod Grley cooperates, Cuxe has a potential to become a great outer work, in the outstanding offensive system of the male, Cook will become a fantastic player, he will put the ram Attacks increased to the new level, with Cook, now the offensive group of the Los Angeles ram is too beautiful, so we use this transaction as the most influencing new season NFL operation.

2, Alex-Smith, Quadruple, Washington Red Leather

Alex – Smith is really the most underestimated quarterly since the 21st century, a four-point guard from the 2011 season’s 69 wins and 31 lightens 1 flat record, what is your imagination? So now, Smith’s average 4-point guards are up to 94.4, he has a total of 132 reachaes, but only 32 cases, his pass is 8 yards last season. People who have probably from Smith from the Kansas Emirates he leads the star, but it has not had enough breakthrough in the playoffs. But please, a quadrant defending can bring the team to the playoffs for many years, which is very great.

Despite the predecessor of Hongkki, Kirk Kirk Coss is also an excellent player, but in contrast Alex Smith will be more suitable for Jay-Grunette’s attack, Smith has enough leadership, The red dressing chamber requires such a player to lead, and it can be said that the transaction commented to solve the problem of many red skin. Now the Hongyou team has an excellent quartz, and walks on the right road, and Hongki Just paying a corner KF-Fon and a price of the third round of the 2018.

3, Tero Taylor, Quadruple, Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown has just experienced a season of 0 wins and 16 losses. In the past few years, this team is trapped in the four-guards, and they urgently need a mature quartz, and Tero Taylor is found. The way you can solve the problem. Taylor’s sports ability is excellent, and it is still a rich leader, and it is also an excellent leader. Last season, with Cleveland Brown, the Buffalo, who was in the same dilemma, killed the playoffs for more than ten years under the leadership of Taylor. Now Brown has found a suitable first quarter-saving, in addition to this Taylor, Taylor can also guide the Yuan Baker – Mefield is a good player, which can be described as two.

4, Jaweis – Landri, Exterior, Cleveland Brown

In recent years, the Brown team has not had an external connections like Landri, and Landri has enhanced the weak offense of the Brown team to improve several grades. He has completed 110+ times in the past season. ball. Landri provides a full combat and talent for Brown’s bourment lineup. All defensive players facing Randri have a headache, and Randri has a great threat in the slot. So far, Landri has won 400 times in the four seasons in front of the personal career. Ball, this is also a record of NFL.

5, Marcus Peters, Corner, Los Angeles

Although Marcus Peters is a non-critical thorns, when he keeps focuses, the player is definitely NFL’s best corner. The ram has been traded with a very small price, and now the derrings of the ram is a great Wade Phillips, he can change Peters and bring it to a new height. Since Peters has entered the alliance in 2015, he has completed 19 cases. In the ram Peters, you can complete more copies, because the defensive front line of the ram has two NFL’s best defensive frontline players, the passers will feel great pressure, and this is the opportunity of Peters.

6, Aquiber-Tarib, Corner, Los Angeles

When Tariba was in Denver’s wild horse, he had a cooperation with the defensive coach of the current ram. Under the guidance of Wade Phillips, Tarib is one of the best angular guards of NFL. He also helped Denver Manga team to get a super bowl of champion, Tariba came to the ram and Marcus Peters became a corner guard, and the name has been morale. Although these two players have a famous thorns, they will inevitably cooperate for the honor of the championship.

7, Jason Pierre – Paul, defensive end, Tampawan pirate

Tampawan Pirates clearly understand their own defects, only 22 killing in the 2017 season, so pirate trading came Jason Pierre – Paul, a violent rushing hand, and the cost is just a five Turkey. Behind that he is not as good as before playing his fingers, he is still so efficient, but he can still contribute 8 kills in a season, he will combine a total star combination with Gerard McCay, at least From the paper, Jason Pierre – Paul’s joining allows the pirate’s defensive front line up a grade.

8. Matvis – Bryant, external walk, Auckland raid

Matvis – Bryter has a very high talent, but first he has to solve his own offers. For the raid, they traded Bryant, but they didn’t dig his talents. The raid people took Bryant as a third outside, hoping that he can provide some help for Derk Carl, and supplement the boller of the raid depth. After all, he only had 36 games in Bryant’s career, but he won 18 reaches, while holding a 15.2 yard’s ball number, he could become a raid soldier in many times.

9, Michael – Bennet, defensive end, Philadelphia eagle

The 32-year-old old will no longer be peak, but he still has a way to get 8.5 kills in the last season. The NETT’s experience is still full of threats to the quadrant. Bentet let Philadelphia Eagle, the strong defensive front line is very deep, imagine Michael-Bente, Drake-Barnett, Fletcher Cox, Branden-Glaham appeared at the same time What a horrible lineup is this? The transaction comes in this internal special to make the Philadelphia Eagle destroy all the offensive protection of the quarter.

10, Nette – Sodel, left trial, New York giant

Since the 17th week of the 2015 season, the giant team has never been 30 points. In the face of this embarrassing data, the offensive group should be found. Personally, the main reason for the giant offensive is the team offensive, the team has always been off-attack front line, and the arrival of the NT-Sodell has the opportunity to let the giants see the joy of the row of clouds. Sodell’s first round of the first round of 2011 was selected, and it has always been one of the most stable left-trials of the league. I believe that the new season giant will certainly give Barkley on the left side of the front line.

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