The world contest sent a rookie to the first warrior boldly to create history

In the ongoing World Contest, Atlanta Warrirase sent Di Lan – Li as a first-hand pitcher, he also became the first first-character first-year-old pitcher in MLB in the World Competition.

Warrior officials

Warrior officials

Before becoming the fourth of the fourth game of the World Competition, Li in the regular season, only two games were also the big alliance record. According to statistics, the least recorded records were six times, respectively, the 1980 Temple Marty – Steven Mitz of Bistrom and 2015.

For Li, this is also the first time in his four https://www.b2bshopp.comyears. At that time, he was also effective in Greenz Bolo, the high-order 1A, and later he didn’t have more than 150 games in the small alliance. Be ahead.

On October 2, Li was completed in the face of the Metropolitan game, and didn’t fall in the eighth game, but the next day, he was in the face of the metropolis. He first was taken up by Francisco – Lin Duo. Anaba, then hit the Michael-Confucius, a home run.

Warrior's first-hand line

Warrior’s first-hand line

In the playoffs, Li has been playing twice, and the fifth battle of Dodge has passed the two games, and the Chris Taylor has a spring gun, and the second game of space people is also almost defeated. Usage, although the 0.2 bureau did not fall, but put it back the runner of the earlier.

Li Today’s performance is not very ideal, first by Jose – Otti knock out, then guaranteed Michael Blanteley, although the Zhenzukis Bregman, but also guaranteed Jorsan – Alvarez is fully collected, and then replaced, and finally Otti was sent back by Carlos-Corea roll. Lee final data was 0.1 bureau was knocked out a slap in one point. There is a three vibration.

Time of the small party

Time of the small party

Due to Charlie-Morton’s first battle, the Warriors seem to want to use cowshed in four or five battles, so the two genuine first-haired Max Fred with Yan Anderson can vote for six or seven.

The space man also https://www.b2bshopp.comsurprisingly sent the old land to Zach, Granji, and he has been subjected to the cowshed in the late regular season, the state is very bad, and the Dastin Baker coach seems to have to play his stick, and he The first shot was hobbed.