The new offensive system or let the star running guards, hoping, hopping, impact thousands

The outside world is placed on the prime four-point Weikle-Murray during this year. However, the new coach Creek-Kingsbury’s offensive system may be to run Guardian David – Johnson.

Johnson’s last time in a set of effective offensive systems and played outstanding in the 2016 season, he took 1239 yards at the time, and the ball was 879 yards. Johnson believes that he can make such data again in the system of Jinsuri.

“I think it will be almost the same as the 2016 season,” Johnson said. “I think I will be used as a slam and pickup.”

Johnson’s dual threats have shown the fullest in the 2016 season, and he is a nightmare of the opponent’s defensive group in the pass attack and can make a threat in the inner and outer mushrooms. His 2017 season was destroyed by injuries, and last season’s Ramp offensive group did not play his strengths.

In the offensive system of Jinsbury, we can expect Johnson to play a variety of characters, from the active slap in the form of the plot in the outer handle position.

Johnson said that the rickets hopes to be able to take 90 to 95 attacks in each game in the 2019 season, which will give him more opportunities. This indicates that the flush plan is more effective and more effective in the new season. In contrast, the Baltimus Owk, the first Balli, the first rankings last season, completed slightly over 70 attacks. In the past 10 seasons, the highest data in 2012 is the 2012 New England Patriot, and they complete 74.3 offensive.

When you want to usher in the fifth season, the 27-year-old Johnson hopes to return to the outstanding state of the 2016 season. If there is an offensive system to make full use of his skills, it will be Kinsibury.