The eyebrows are not too likely to play! Zhan Huang is expected to brush the first miracle of history, and the card Shuai is too unfortunate.

Beijing time November 25 / News

The Lakers coach Woger revealed that James determined to return to the squaders, but the eyebrows were not too likely to play. He was lying in bed all day; for James returned, the pedestrian coach Carlier bluntly faced the return of James Unlucky.

James is expected to continue to refresh the miracle. He has created a history of 1048 scores, and sudden incidents and injuries can’t stop him, and will continue to refresh this record in the future.

US media NBA on ESPN lists the active players to score the double – James continuous 1048 high-ranking first, the shuttle star small card continuous 175 games, Raven continuous 121 consecutive and East Chicchi continuous 116 games, straight https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comCall: This is too wild.

US Media HOOP CENTRAL transfutess: LeBron has scored two consecutive times, and 873 games are more than 873 games, which is too crazy.

In fact, this ranking of the US media was incorrect, because Durant has scored 562 consecutive games, and Harden has scored two consecutive times, but Durant and Harden are still less than James; In any case, I have to say that James is too too cattle.

When is James last score? On January 5, 2007, James was 43 minutes in the Knight and Bucks, and only 8 points in 13 shots. Since then, James has opened a double road, and it has been divided into doubles for 14 consecutive years. Even if he suffered a serious sprain last year, he still invests three points before the end, and the score is fixed at 10 points, and it is more than a month for injuries.

This season, James missed 11 games due to injuries and banned, and got 22.8 points 6.1 rebounds 5 assists and 2 steals today.