Patriot continues to write defensive brothers! Two years of contracts 23 million US dollars retain the old will safely Wei Mai Codi

March 16 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Love Bao) New England Patriots played an unprecedented “rule” defensive performance in the last season, which allowed them to consider whether to continue the ball as the core of the team A good record of the team. It is like this to operate at least from their renewal operation. Sunday later, the team safety sanitary-McCourty announced that he will continue to stay in the new season.

Security Wei Denmu-McCourty announced that he will continue to stay in the patriot in the new season.

Security Wei Denmu-McCourty announced that he will continue to stay in the patriot in the new season.

Previously, McCodi’s contract has expired. If it is not possible to complete the renewal, he will become a free player after a few days. Today, he can stay at Fox Fort in Fox Fort. According to sources, it is said to ESPN, this renewal contract is 2 years, worth 23 million US dollars.

Devon-McCodi announced this news in the joint podcast of his twin brothers, McCoti, and in last week, the patriot has just announced the team options that will implement Jason-McCodi . Today’s renewal marks this to the brothers will continue to represent the Patriot to fight the NFL bench in the 2020 season.

For De Wen, who is about to spend his 33rd birthday in August, and staying with the twin brothers Jason is his primary idea. “Explosive News! Explosive News!” German is hard to cover your excitement on the podcast. “I will stay in New England, they have to sign me.”

McCuti is one of the people’s heroes who won the super bowl of championships in the last three times. The security guards of Rogies University in the ancient famous schools were taken down by the patriots in 2010. Soon, he became the leader of this team because he was selected as a captain in his second season, and he had always been a role in this role after the second season in his career.

Safety Swan Den - McCourty

Safety Swan Den – McCourty

The coach Bill Bilchk praised his intelligence talent and recognized his stable performance in defensive second-wire. German-McCodi is just missing 5 games in 10 seasons for patriots, which also reflects his persistence and stability. At the same time, he can also serve in defensive groups and special groups. Role.

During his career, McCaki entered a professional bowl 4 times, completed 26 copies, and 2 copies of the playoffs. At the same time, in the career collisions, he completed a total of 772 hugs, 86 passes defensive destruction, 12 times forced the ball and 3 killing; in the playoff, he completed 111 And 10 times, there is no doubt that he is a patriot to defensive second-line “custom sea nepocaument” in the past 10 years.

The defensive performance of the patriot terror last season is impressive, of which the high quality stare of defensive second-line cannot be; and from the perspective of continuously leaving the behavior of McCodi, the team obviously hopes to keep the quality of the defending group last season. .