Packaging and transport ball disaster does not recognize that violation of the instructions have been abandoned

If it is said before the Thai-Montgomery attack, the packaging union has 50% of the probability to end the Los Angeles ram, then after he comes back to the ball, the packaging will lose the possibility of winning the winner. He did not listen to the coach arrangement, he would choose to attack the confidence of the package. However, as a culprit, Montgomery did not think so, he did not admit that his own alone would lead the team to lose the game, he does not recognize his deliberate Violation of coaching arrangements, Montgomery said that the coach did emphasize that they immediately slammed it immediately, but he thought it was not his fault, because he felt that the attack can bring more benefits to the team, but unfortunately ball.

“The coach did say so, but that is a five-five-five ball, I looked at the ball to the end of the terminal, this is what happened in an instant, I don’t know where the ball will fall, I am The front area is connected to the ball and then squatted, then we can only be arranged by the referee, then start attack in a bad position, so I don’t want to take this risk, so I am coming back, the result is very unfortunate, I am awkward But you have to know if I don’t have a ball, then everything will happen, I will not talk about this, if I don’t fall, then this will lay a perfect foundation because we last moments The offense is very good, and I have to say that I have never violated the coach. “

Montgomery is very heavy, and there are many packages in this game. There are many packages who accuse Montgomery selfish, including those we are familiar with, players can’t stand the behavior of Montgomery. Despite the efforts of the team, Montgomery did not want to admit it, and after the hope of winning the package, he also came out such an attitude, how can people get rid of three?

In fact, Montgomery’s choice is likely to be from the status of the team, because he has been slowly excluded, and as a running guard has gradually lost the game, and now I have to mix in the special team, It is reported that he has been angry and helmeted in the field, so Montgomery will inevitably want to use the performance of the team to prove himself to the coach group, and this kickback is undoubtedly a good opportunity, Unfortunately, it finally changed this result. In the face of the guess, teammates criticized, Montgomery just said: “I saw criticism, I think we are brothers, it is a family, but now everything has changed, I never do this, no one personally came over. I said these things, these guess and criticism are very difficult, now people talk about things make me very disappointed. “

“A lot of things are fake, they have a mistake to my comments and opinions, I will never say this to my teammates, I will not speak my teammates in the back, and I will not violate the coach. The fact is the fact that the fact is In this way, I just want to play well, but I didn’t hit it. This is my frustration, because now my role and position make me I don’t know how to help the team, I only have such a chance to help the team, but things but things Outbursed. “

When the player created an unbearable mistake, he pushed the problem to “From the non-back-to-play commentary” and “what is the urgent hope to do something to help the team”, this is an irresponsible manifestation. Although in essence, Montgomery is a good person, his thoughts are very simple; but as a player, his place is hurting the team, this is absolutely can’t tolerate, he needs to pay for his own behavior, people often say that the dead sheep will make a time Not too late, but NFL never believes that Montgomery has become the marginal figure of the package in all respects, and he makes such a thing. Therefore, Green Bay packaging works today, this player is traded to Baldo Crow, in exchange for a seven-round draft, hoping in the new team, Montgomery can learn to play, take out the performance to prove yourself Bar!

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