Official! MLB All-Star France Pioneers, pitcher, finalize Liu Xianzhen, South Korea, the first person

In the 6th season of arriving at MLB agencies, 32-year-old Korean pitcher Liu Xianzhen has a good year. In the list of MLB all-star race in Beijing time, Liu Xianzhen and Dodgers are the strongest left Kleden Friendly table, and there is a volcano-Bi Lee.

Liu Xianzhen broke this year, and the 16th game of the 16th game this season has achieved 9 wins and 2 negative, and the self-sharing rate is an amazing 1.83. At present, he is the only self-exclusive
score of 2 or less. David Roberts, who was the joint coach of all-star Division, was also very strong disciple in an interview: “I said, Liu Xianzhen will be a panoramic pitcher.”

Since then, Los Angeles Dodge put Liu Xianzheng’s photo of Liu Xianzhen in the official twice, Liu Xianzhen low-key said: “In all star games, the main investment is the glory of my career. I am in the first half of the season. Very good, I have been working hard to get the help of such a multi-game. “

In general, all-star game two alliances first pitcher is a pitcher who has achieved the best results and the highest voice in the last half season. Last year, the United States of America was a K. Dr. Max – Xie Zer, who won 12 wins in front of all star games, only 2.41. Liu Xianzhen is a state in this year, which also made him the first Korean pitcher in all-star first.

The Korean pitcher who was fighting in the Major League has also selected all stars in 2001 and 2002, respectively, in 2001, in 2001. Last year, Texas, cavalry, gave birth to the autumn and renovation, this year, he also reached a record of 200 bombings of careers.

Before Liu Xianzhen, the first Asian pitcher in all-star competition was 1995, “Japan Tornado” wild hero, and the body of the dragon ribbed pitch that drives the body backwards, the wild hero of the rookie season is reached in the rookie season 13 The good results of winning 6 losses, self-sharing rates 2.54, and 236 San Zhen also made him become a national union new king and Sanzhen Wang after the end of the season.

2019mlb All-Star Tournament will be held at the Cleveland’s home progressive stadium on the 10th, Liu Xianzhen plans to give a satisfactory date in the first half of the season on the 5th. After 4 days, I participated in the All-Star Tournament. Liu Xianzhen said that he had enough to rest in the game.

Liu Xianzhen said to the reporter: “The all-star game should be the day I am in the Dodge first. I will play on the field in the best state.”