Little Pedon: I don’t say garbage words like my father, but I have my own way of responding.

Beijing time December 2, recently, Warriors Pedon II received BR interview.

The reporter asked: “Do you have a player on the court to spray your spike, then you will catch a fight like your father?” (Gary Pedton is the league’s famous trash king)

Pedon II Xiao Xiao: “I don’t talk to the trash like him. In the league, I will only do my own work. The players sometimes tell you some trash, I will not say that I don’tTake a check, there will be some conversations between us. “

“Most of the time, I will be angry with you, let you get bored with me, this is what I responded. Many times they will complain with the referee, say that I hold them, caught them,I just listened there and then start laughing. “Pedon said.

Since this season, Pedton II has played 20 games in Pedton, and the average of 6.4 points, 3.2 rebounds 0.8 assists.