Indispensable! Demyst Secret Socks Winning the Covenant He is the father of baseball data analysis

Bill James is an important person in the four century.

Bill James is an important person in the four century.

“If the players will retire tomorrow, we will replace them. (Baseball) The competition will continue; three years later, the alliance will have no difference today. The players do not represent competitions, their value is not a game. Beer hawker. “Recently, the Boston Red Sox Advisor Bill James recently caused an uproar.

Afterwards, the players and the players will stand alone to accuse James, and even the red socks also published a statement that James’s remarks did not represent the meaning of the team. But in this way, the fierce state of the Alliance did not let the Red Sox decided to break the relationship with this champion consultant, because he is too important for the Red Sox.

So what kind of characters are this Bill James? Why is his one that causes such a big impact?

He is a baseball socks, the scene of the four champions of the century.

In this century, the Boston Red Socks won the World Competition four times, and the MLB league won the most championship in this century. In this time period, the Red Sox has replaced 3 total coaches, 3 general manager, 2 member president, and in 2015, a baseball operation president can be said that decision makers constantly replace, but James and The relationship between the Red Socks is thundered.

Champion flag outside the Fenwei Stadium

Champion flag outside the Fenwei Stadium

How do this James? He is the founder of baseball data analysis. Since the 1970s, he has written more than 20 books on baseball history and data, and its baseball analysis is called Sabermetrics (SCIRIUT, also known as baseball statistics). )

In 2006, “Time Magazine” rated James to one of the most influential 100 people in the world.

“Magic Ballory” to carry forward the baseball data analysis

Baseball Analysis Theory is not popular before the century, until the famous sports biography writer Michael Lewis’s “Moneyball”, “gradually be well known for the public. The “Magic World Theory”, the foreigner of the former Auckland sight, the vice of the baseball operation, the small boss Bili Bien is to promote the baseball data analysis. And the book has opened a chapter to write James and his baseball data analysis, and will use this as a background of the success of Billy-Bien and the sportsman.

Bown is not famous in the player’s era, and often is often decentralized. In 1990, Bien, who was tired of this life, found a team general manager Sandy-Aldeson asked a scout, Al Desson gave him this opportunity. In 1993, Bien was promoted to the team deputy general manager. At that time, the team boss Hasshou spent money, the team was strong, and the sportsist also killed into the World Competition from 1988 to 1990. At 1991, the sportsist was the highest sale of the union salary.

But traveled in 1995, New Board Stephen Skot, Ken – Huffman asked Aldesson to cut spending, the latter turned to use baseball data analysis, focusing on the player value redistribution salary, at the same time Investigation, and teach the Bien Analysis Method. Benen in 1997 inherited the location of Alidesson and continued to use baseball data analysis to save the team. After the record of the sportsist, after 2000 to 2003, it was 4 consecutive years in the playoffs for more than 100 years in 2002.

Baseball data analysis is gradually recognized by some teams of alliances, especially the bosses. So, after the end of the 2002 season, Bien received a quote from the general manager from the Red Sox of Boston, and the contract amount was a total value of 1.25 million US dollars in 5 years. In December 2001, the Red Sox of 2001 reversed John Henry, Henry attaches great importance to baseball data analysis, so this rich contract is given. But Bien is finally refused for multiple reasons.

James embarked on the red socks historical stage

Bien did not join us, and the red socks didn’t take long before I hired data to analyze James, and gave him a senior consultant.

However, as a person who has not been in the team, it is not easy to survive in the complex relationship between the team. James’s data analysis method is not smooth in the beginning of the redddle.

James has published his research on the terminator of baseball before serving the red socks, and concluded that the traditional terminator usage is too overestimated, and it does not use them in the correct environment. James wrote in the conclusion: “In the case of the competition, even if you start from the 7th game, the effect of using the header is better than using the terminal 2 points or more in the 9th game. “

According to James’s suggestion, the red socks have introduced several talented backpoints in the cowshed in the 2003 season, but the total coaches are extremely dissatisfied with the settlement of the lineup at the time. After a few bad games, Lotto has specified several unofficial terminations and redefined the role. At the time, it appeared that the cash shed was in the arrangement of the person. The data analysis was not sporting, so the team was converted into a traditional use of the terminator, and the first firing Jin Bingxian arranged to end the end Location. This turns into the reddings team to put James’s recommendations. But when the post-aid pitcher Alan-Ebri believes that James’s proposal can work, but the cowshed is injured.

From the cold to re-power

In the 2004 season, Terry Frankner took office for the general coach, and the main responsibilities of the Supreme Pitcher, the main responsibilities have been converted to the traditional enders, but the 2004 season’s season of Saolk was inserted back to the help pitcher. In the first sign, he strives to fight multiple games in multiple games. James’s suggestion eventually received results, because the 2004 season, the Red Sox broke the 86-year championship to win the World Competition.

James’s theory is not only to get the verification of the Red Sox, and at the time of the Houston spaceman (transferred to the United States in 2013) also noticed James’s analysis theory. The total coach Phil-Kashi also adopted the temple model instead of the terminator. He enabled Brad Ridge, received a good results in the playoffs, the
space of the year has been with traditional strong teams The fourth battle of the Red Championship to the National Union terminates the pace of the season.

James’s contribution to the first crown in the century in the century, under his advocacy, the reddings gave the important chess David-Otz and traded Mark Berhorn ( First-time two-base hand when winning the championship, and the team has also begun to focus on the oscillation rate in measurement of the value of the player.

Although James gradually consolidated in the team, he also experienced a low tide stage. In 2012, the red socks have fallen to 69 wins and 93 negatives, and the theory of James in the event is also questioned. But when the boss, Henglei, who has signed his boss, has always trust him: “I can’t understand the reason for James’ s management in the past https://www.fanbutikk.comfew years. We have recently become increasingly made in the center decision, and he has participated in it, helping to help.” 2004 Year, in 2007, in 2013, 2018, James is a witness and contributor.

Theoretical interpretation of dispute topics

“I said that if those words don’t mean red socks, I am trying to explain it clearly.” James mentioned his controversial remarks, “But from the perspective of red hose, we have a responsibility to make a player, but Unfortunately, I am really officer, then I don’t have me my mind. “James has removed the tweet.

Today, MLB’s bosses are reluctant to invest excessive investment in the signature of free players, usually being associated with data analysis, and the theory of data analysis is James. Alliances are more and more attention to determine the true value of the player, and in this process, they found that the practice of providing to the free player contract is simply wasteful according to the performance of the past. It is better to put these money more. Young, cheaper potential players.

Last winter, many free players were proved to be severely overestimated after signing. Baltimo Gold Oakness provides a contract with a total of 57 million worth of 4,7 million in 4 years, and after his signing is only 5 wins and 15 losses, and the self-sharing rate is rotten to 4.90. Another example Minnesota Shuangcheng team signed a handlant Lany, 12 million US dollars in March, 10 wins 10 wins 10 wins this season, and the self-sharing rate is 4.77, which is obvious to not reach the expectation.

However, James did not mention which player’s contract is not mentioned in the twitter, and he shows: “said that those players who only earn millions of players will be stupid.” The fans and reporters are usually just simple. Compare players’ salary.

If you don’t sign a free player, you will consider the potential player, which one has become a problem. James did in Titte: “I used to tell people if I didn’t have to choose those potential players to give yourself trouble. I am actually expressed: you can range from a broader range (not just the team and small In the league, you will choose the potential player. This is the same. This is the same. “James’s words are” if the players will retire tomorrow, we will replace them ” reason. “But the perspective of data analysis, that is, the perspective of market supply and demand accounts for the rule of rule, which has been completely crushed in the way.” James said.

Team for using data analysis

In 2015, the famous US Sports Media ESPN has conducted a survey on the use of data analysis of MLB, and they categorized according to the various teams of data analysis. The teams invested by the whole love include: Boston Red Socks, Chicago Bear, Cleveland Indians, Houston Space, New York, Auckland Sports, Pittsburgh Pirate, St. Louis, Tampa Bay.

I believe data analysis teams include: Baltimore Royal, Kansas Royal, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego priest, Toronto Bluebird, Washington National.

The team that step into data analysis includes: Chicago White Socks, Los Angeles Angel, Milwaukee Brewer, San Francisco Giant, Seattle Sailor, Texas City Cavalry.

For data analysis, the teams including: Arizona Snake, Atlanta Warriors, Cincinnati, Colorado, Detroit Tiger, Minnesota Shuangcheng.

The teams that do not believe in: Miami Madinfish, Philadelphia Philadelphians.

From the classification, the results and results of last seasons, we can roughly see that the more teams are generalized, the overall strength is roughly stronger.

The effect of baseball data analysis is getting more and more recognized. After the “Magic Ballory”, the basketball data analysis APBRMETRICS is getting more and more attention, and the rugby competition has gradually attaches importance to the analysis results.