Analysis: What can Tomson bring to the Warriors? The upgrade of the offensive end is just the secondary

Beijing time on December 2, the Warriors recalled Clay-Thompson, James – Woman and Damian – Li et al. The season, but Thompson’s state is really a good time.

And Thompson himself said that injuries have made his bounce, but the fans who have seen the soup game should know that Thompson’s play is not very high for bounce. So what is the advantage of Thompson’s return to the Warrior? We are simply analyzed from these aspects.

1. Warriors’ offense and defense again enhance a grade

Thompson as a 3D player of the league, whether it is an offensive or defensive end, can provide a good firepower for the Warriors.

In the season before the injury, Thompson appeared in 78 regular seasons. The average contribution of 21.5 points 3.0 rebound 2.4 assists, the shooting rate is 46.7%, the three-point ball rate is 40.2%, even at the state of the Attack Town Thompson Slimed, it will still become a point that the Warriors cannot be ignored. After all, the soup has a single 37-point performance and three sections 60 points. Even if the soup is affected by the injury, there is not good state, and there is no team dare. The defensive end is emptied to Thompson.

In terms of defense, the Warriors are more on the next level. The defensive effect on the previous time, the first place in the Warriors, and Thompson’s defensive ability is also very good, plus the Green and Weight of Greens in the
first lineup. Warriors will increase a grade in front of the defensive meeting in front line.

2. Alleviate the pressure of the offensive end of the library

Although this season has a good play, it is not stable, and many teams are in the Warriors, all the pressure is still in the Curry, although most of the time, Curre can stand this pressure. , But when there is still a bad state, the Curry is in a bad state, such as the last game of the sun, the Curry is targeted by the sun, in the case of shooting (at least 20 times), the minimum hit rate of his career, although Po is played Excellent, but the Warriors finally lost this game.

When Thompson returned to the game, although Thompson would occupy a certain power, the defensive pressure on the Kurar is a lot, after all, any team can’t ignore Thompson’s offense, even if it is hurt. Tang Shen.

3. Cannot complete the five small 2015

Today’s Warriors are still indispensable as the core, Green as the team’s organization to drive the overall attack of the Warriors, but when Green and Cook are not present, another warrior.

After the soup of the soup, the warrior can have more changes. When Green is underground, you can use the library to connect Thompson, the main team attack, when the library is resting, the soup and Green match can also ensure the offensive end Aggression.

The most important thing is that after Thompson returns, the Warriors can return to the five small lineup in 2015, and in the line 3, it is only converted to Wights, and Wingks is at the offensive end and defense. The end is stronger than Barnes, the only difference is that Igodara is a little bit a little bit, although it is less than five deaths, but such five small lineup strength will definitely not ignore. .

ESPN’s famous reporter Adrian Warlovsky prior to revealing Thompson’s earliest times may be in two games on December 21 or December 24, from the schedule, the Warriors will be on December 21 For the Grass Course, and on December 24th, the Warriors were also intentional to find a relaxed opponent, so that Thompson can find a status faster.