26-year-old letters, 27 + 12 + 6, the same period of Zhan Huang Durant, what is their performance?

It is estimated that most friends will think of Durant, and he has the first person’s trend after Durant in the last season, he has the first person’s trend, and said the first person in the future, it is estimated letters. Brother may be bigger, after all, he won the 26 years old, I won the 2nd https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
regular game MVP and 1st FMVP. Although the three points are not good enough, other aspects are already top, very good.

This season’s letter brother still has a good performance. His field can take 27 points 11.8 rebound 5.9 assists, three data are the top 20, the averaging 1.1 block 1.8 is very comprehensive, his shooting rate Up to 52.6%, three-point hit rate 27.7%, the competition contribution value is 21.3 ranks second. Letter brother attack and defense, can he become the first person in the future?

This is true that it is not to guess. It is better to speculate. If we take James and Durant to compare, see if there is such a potential, not much nonsense, go directly to the topic.


James is 26 years old. This year, this year’s James did not play too violent data because they sacrificed the ball, but the performance was not bad. Averaging 26.7 points 7.5 rebound 7 assists 1.6 steals 0.6 block, shooting The rate of 51%, 33% of the three-pointer, this year James still delays the play before his career, the old people at the time is not very comprehensive, although the three points are also short, but not in the letter brother At the point of the pull.

James is also selected in this year, according to the performance of the letter brother, he should be able to get a double one in the season, compared to the current letter brother, James is more comprehensive, his inner line kills The ability is actually not bad, but his ability to organize better. Of course, the letter brother has an advantage. He is better than James for the protective frame and rebound protection than James.

The James of this year has killed the finals, but because the team did not assign a good one who was a boss’s question created Novitzki’s single core, but it was precisely because James made James to solve the heart. Magic became the first person in the true sense, it can be said that James starting from 12 years is the first person of the league, and the world’s world is Kobe, this year, the old Zhan dare to take responsibility, and the key ball is also Very confident, this is also a place where the letter brother should learn, and it is essential to be the first person.


Durant is 26 years old in the 14th season. He is still thunderstort, and he just won the regular game MVP last season, this year Durant https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com can take 25.4 points 6.6 rebound 4.1 Assistance 0.9 1.9 blocking, 51% of the shooting rate, 43% of the three-point hit rate, the reason why Durant this year is divided into a big injury, but the whole season but played 26 games, forward a season Both 32 points 7.4 rebound 5.5 Assistant 1 steals 1.2 cover, shooting 50.5%, three points 39%, a season of 28.2 points in the next season, 8.2 rebound 5 assists 1 steal 1.2 cover, shooting around 50.3%, three points 38.7% .

At that time, Durant did not have James so comprehensive, but his technology did not have a short board. His offense power is more comprehensive than James and letters brother. Although his inner line kills no two people, However, his middle distance can be said to be restricted, and the defensive ability and organizational ability, Durant defensive than Zhan and https://www.nbatrikots4.com the letter brother, the organization and the current letters are similar.

Now Durant can say that there is no short plate, he also has an evolution from this short board to this extent, the James of the year is also the same, the alphabetic age is still small, the comparative period James and Durant, he It is not falling in the wind, and now he only needs to grind his own short board, so that he has no shortcomings, then the first person in the future is his.

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