25 minutes 30 + 9 record! Haden fell and buckled, grinning and laughing crazy roar celebration

Beijing time December 1st, the Net Net and Knick’s New York is officially started, and Harden is 15 minutes https://www.maillotbasket6.com before 15 minutes, three points 5 in 3 bombings 30 points 9 rebounds 5 assists, the third section of the basket After the flow is separated, the Harden will make a box to celebrate the boxing; the beard broke out and recorded, and the career three-pointer has officially broke through the 2500 mark.

The first competition, Harden gave a dunk, followed by two points in continuous hit, even 8 points to stop the Knicks, then build Fu Niji foul into 2 + 1, outside the outside, etc. In the middle, lead the basket network war Kicks; Harden hand hot fire force all open, 8 minutes 5 shots 4 alone, 1 Many is organized attack, especially swaying the Landel, assists in Thomas into three points.

In the second quarter, Harden took the lead in bringing the team, Zhongtou and breakthroughs were 4 points to expand their https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com lead, then Rose brought the team to fight, 45 Ping Harden closed, Durant re-opening, the offensive endless, single section Only 4 points in 6 shots, https://www.maillotbasket6.com the defensive end is also awkward, two consecutive times were taken by Landel 2 + 1; Harden was 7 points after the game, the outside line was thrown into the large three points, half a field 12 shot 8 Take 28 points in.

In the third quarter, the basket is a wave of flow. Mills three points, the iron is not in the middle, Harden went in to stage the cracks, and the hands of the two-handed buckle, Harden station near the bottom line, holding a boxing crazy celebration, grinning I am crazy, I born 30 points in the first 20 minutes, and Harden is really back.

Harden is so excited, the US media is crazy forwarding, and the Net official also made the expression package of Harden crazy celebration in Harden.