Zijin spirit! Arestute is quite, I still believe that the Lakers will win this season.

Beijing time November 29th, although there is no Lakers in today, I believe that many fans are still focusing on the dynamics of the Lakers, which is enough to cause every fans. Even if James has recovered and returned, in the case of James, the Lakers are only able to defeat the walker downstream https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
team. In the face of the goal of this season, the Lakers did not show the strength and desire to survive, and it seems that everything is in a bad direction.

However, some people will have a blind confidence in the Lakers, which is part of the confidence in James, and the other part is enough confidence in the history of the Lakers itself. In the past, Artest, which was in the Lakers and helped the team got a total champion, and said that he felt that the Lakers would win the championship, and he issued a pusher again, saying that he still believed that the Lakers can successfully win. Even if the Lakers are only in the eighth in the western part, Artest has a very adequate confidence in the Lakers.

It may be that every Lakers fans or the Lakers’ views, except those players who are still in-service, most of the players https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com who have played the ball in the Lakers and have retired, will continue the Lakers as their own home. This historical giants are like this, they can appeal from excellent players from all over the world, and James also gave up their hometown team and was attracted by the Lakers. However, the status of the Lakers is really worse. Can they really win the championship like Artai? Many netizens also want the Lakers to win, but it is too difficult.

In fact, the worst place at the current Lakers is not on the body, and it is also not in James, but it appears on the brother. The strong eyebrow should be the most stable player of the Lakers, but he played a very bad performance this season. Whether it is CMB or three-pointer projection only 30% of the hit rate. Nowadays, the only thing you can see is that the basket is more than 60% of the hit, but he is a player that is biased outside the outside line. His state of the lake is ugly.

It is necessary to know that it is a timed bomb. He doesn’t know https://www.maillotbasket6.com which game can contribute three pairs of team to win, and don’t know which game will have ten mistakes, causing the team to lose, and there is no way to control. In your own state, sometimes you can only look at luck. For Wei Shao, he is there for the help of the Lakers, just because his own ability is still a big problem. But the Lakers do not have a lot of requirements for Wei Shao, as long as he can play a role.

As for James, nearly 37, even more, although he took a break in the early days, James after returning, James, showed an amazing impact, and got 30 points to make fans very surprised. . Originally thought that James can take a break in the regular season, waiting for the stage of the playoffs. But from the current situation, the Lakers can only rely on the regular season, only James.

As the current situation https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com of the Lakers now, if they really want to win, then the most important task is to improve the state of power and strong eyebrows, and can’t miss the help of role players. At present, the lake character player’s lineup is good, but only two or three people in Anthony can play, and they have no more opportunities for Lundo and Howard. Only the ethniscies of the player plus the role players can make the Lakers get a chance to win.

I don’t know if you have any other ways to do this? Welcome to your opinion below and comment.