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Chrissel completed the Red Sox of this season.

Chrissel completed the Red Sox of this season.

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Fang Ling

In the 2018 season, the World Competition finally ended. Boston’s red socks once again won the championship again, as a leader of the team, the Chris Selbam has not been played first, and he appeared at the last moment of the game. He made the most normal and most important ball throughout the season, three vibrating the opponent, and firmly entered the pocket of the victory of the sock.

His last cast, lock the final victory for the team

Back to see the Seli’s gameplay, his play is unstable, has been suffering from left shoulder injuries, but in the 5th game of the 5th game in this World Competition, the chosing total coach Cola is still selected. Believe in their ace. Sel is not expensive, and in this game, the speed before the injury is found, and the fireball has helped the socks to win the victory.

Many people criticize Sel, think he as a team’s soul, and the playoffs did not give red socks enough support, but they didn’t understand, how much the pressure heard in Sel has been.

Sel's family

Sel’s family

So, what is the impact on the left shoulder? There is a data, four months before the season, Sel’s speed rapid speed is about 96 miles, while two months after injury, falling to 94 miles, can’t solve the player with a high angle speed, just like a vulture lost sharp The beak.

The first battle of the United States, Sel is still on the pitcher. In the past two seasons, the red stockings were the first round of the Menlian East District, and they can fell in the first round of the playoffs for two consecutive years, and this year is a season after 14 years, it will be in the season. The round season, it is too important for red socks. This battle of JD Martinez slammed three-unit gun in the first place, which made Seli mood have stable a lot, and the top five Searz zero points will maintain the golden body, but the sixth ace of the sixth game Jia Ji and Stanton have hit a play from Selg, and Clari coach couldn’t help but replace Sel, because of the previous leaders, Sel finally won the first season.

Three days later, when the red socks took the series, the fourth game came to the eighth game, and the Cola coach came out, Sel from the cowshed, preparing to stand out to solve the eighth game, meaning very clear, the world Said that the reddock is lacking left, 喏, is Sel, is it left? In the face of Torres, McCachen and Hicks, Selsen shifts and scones let three beats all returned, laid the victory.

The United States finals when the red stockings have faced the old opponent space person, the first battle “Vulture” encountered “Tiger King”, the second bureau is sent to the border after two out of the game, this battle Seller is not allowed to show The speed of the ball, the speed of speed is only 92 miles, and he can only transfer to the opponent. After the bureau was replaced, the final red stockings swallowed this defeat.



Not only the shoulder injury affects the sports state. After the end of the first battle, Sel is in the hospital because of the abdominal pain caused by gastrointestinal discomfort, the fifth front is finally due to illnesses, Sel is like 1998 World Cup finals Ronaldo, this injury It’s too mysterious.

The first battle of the World Competition, this time Sel encountered another top left left-vote “book” Koke Xiao, the temperature is only 9 degrees in the cold, the two giant Incoupped the cold flow, Sel is still can’t make up The speed is also in the green monster by Matt – Camp, and Ke Xiao is habitually in the critical moment, and the Selgin four has lost 3 separation field, once again starting the series, fortunately, The teammates are strong, and the opponent Kexin is soft, or now Sel will fall into great self-blame.

Now, everything is over.

Sel won the first World Competition champion, he was “closed” in the fifth battle, and the team capture Cristian – Vazzz was excited to Selle first, they can finally release the emotions. . For Sel, I believe that there will be no more perfect career than this.

The maturity is ordinary people, and two months after the draft.

In the spring of 1989, Christo – Allen Serb was born in the small town of Florida, in Rexland High School, basketball hall and baseball field often have a thin white guy, but he At the time, he did not get the attention of the whole American scout. In the summer of 2007, Sel is just in the 21st round of the Coloradoji selected, Seli’s Seli, the University of Florida, Florida, Wanshi, the University of Florida, continues to study.

In this extremely valuable basketball and baseball, Sel is progressive under the guidance of Dave-Toolete coach. At the age of 19, Seli participated in the Summer League in Wisconsin, at the time of the coach, the proposal of the squirrel, changed the ball, and turned a low-side three-side hand. This makes him more advantageous in the face of left-handed. At the third time, Sel gradually showed the future of the United States, and he cast a 103.0 bureau in 17 games, and won 11 wins and 0 losses. Also made him win the year’s best pitcher award for the Atlantic Sun League.

Before the 2010 election conference, Zuo Dot that was unimomorted by the scouts believes that it is possible to be selected in the top five, at least the top ten, but as Bryce Harper, Manni Madoxo, Matt-Harvey and other future stars were taken one by one, the 21-year-old Sel is only selected by Chicago White Socks in the 13th.

There is a proverb, “Zuo Pot will never be afraid to find a job”, Sel has a height of nearly two meters, which is very advantageous in the hands of the hills, his pitching angle is abnormally drilled, for the left, like an outer space Flying down the meteor, plus he constantly participating in the Summer League during the NCAA snippet, which can easily cast a speed of nearly 97 miles, which makes him extremely perfect. Speed ??ball left! After the white socks were selected, Sel was in four games in 1A +, followed by the seven games at 3A, and was treated as a “trial battlefield” for other young players, Sel like walking, After selecting only two months, Sel is directly upgraded to the big alliance!

The rookie season, the white socks, the coach Ozi Gillen let Sierra start from the defeated handling group, but in late August, the performance of Seth gradually entered the victory group, and became the team in the last half of the season. Terminator. In the next season, Sel became the key layout pitcher of the white hips, but his pitch is not limited to speed ball and scorpion, and Sel will integrate two stitching speed balls and shift balls into the weapon library, all year 71.0 The game, for the white socks, there are more than 8 rescue and 16 relay points, which has also become one of the best young “left cows” in the alliance, don’t forget, he is only 22 years old. .

Transfer to first, walk on the road of superstar

In 2012, the white socks made the team’s meritorious arrest Robin – Wen Dula served as a head coach, and this off season white socks and macaro made a ten-person transaction, the team’s number one fate Borley was sent away, and the other Zuo Put of the team first sent a Pharaoh – Danx’s reimbursement because of the shoulder injury season, who will give the replacement? Duula decided to let Selle become a member of the new season!

The first and cow shed pitcher can be described as a cow sided pitcher, and Seli is almost 20 balls per game, so he can fully urge the ball speed, press the opponent, but Hair Line, the innate advantages of the left to the left are unable to show, so in this league, the cowshed the successful example is not too much.

The first place in the Selcomb is a 6.2 bureau to lose 1 point. In the end of May, he solves 15 talents in the 22 players, and 15K has almost created white socks. new record. After five days, I met the sailor in front of the battle, and Sel lost 2 points and “only” 8 times, but he completed his career first in his career. All-Star game, Selle completed 10 winning voters, self-blade to 2.19, the opponent’s hits the hits, this made him not only in the United States, but also became the first pitcher of the United States. .

Why Can Selle convert from the cowshed to a first hair? First, Sel is largely reduced the use of speed balls, uses the proposal, sewing speed ball and shift ball very reasonably, and the left hits of the other party are still a war, and the right to face the rich weapon library, which is also played The group turns, and Selgua is a speed of 10 miles, and the change is great, and only 80 miles of scorpion, the opponent can only look at the ball.

In 2013, Sel and White Socks for less than 24 years old signed a five-year 32.5 million contracts, followed by the actual performance, this contract is simple! Sel’s long battery life is even forgotten that he is a truncation. He always can often take a lot of crisis situations, 2014 and 2015, he encountered elbow injuries. And the foot torn fracture, but the injury rest is a reserve for him. In the two seasons, he not only completed a good grade of the single-season self-defeating rate 2.17, but also chased the red Socks Socks Pedro-Martinens created a record of three consecutive three-in-four times, and completed a single season 274K, refreshed the record of the white socks.

In Sersel, the body of Sens, the body is very powerful in the body, and he suddenly stepped, and the small white ball is invested from the left, and he always believes in the invincible. Every ball that has been invested is a good ball. It can cheat the opponent, his fruit, bold, accurate, persistent, he supports the white socks before, but the team has never taken out So his performance.

In 2016, all star games, the United States star team was first issued, and the Sai Yang Awards vote, and even MVP selection he got voted, and the Seli was repeatedly completed in the year, most people were unable to envy. I have some boring richness, but I can pursue another pursuit of the big alliance play – the World Competition champion, Sel is never approached, and in 2010, the Great League has a total of seven seasons, white The socks have never won 90 victories in a single season, in the Dragon and Tigers, the mirror of the mirror.

Chasing champion, from white stockings to red stockings

Sel has a not very elegant outer number – vulture, thin body and poisonous pigeon and good vultures who are good at corruption. In the winter of 2016, the vulture finally flew away from Chicago.

In order to continue to champ on the World Competition, 4 young people trading Chris Sersel with four young people, including Cuba genius, Eyan-Moncada and fireball male Michael, Catche, 2 In the future, it is possible to become a superstar, in exchange for this contract, the fame, the arrival of the arrival, and Sel changed a sock color, from the white socks to the socks.

This reddock team gathered in the stars, the most important thing is that Sel’s partner David-Puslo is a pitcher who has taken the competition, which stimulates Sel’s good heart. The season started to send three vibrators, except for his speed difference, high angle speed ball has become a trick of Sel, which makes him send at least 10K in eight times, and the second consecutive two consecutive times. At least two Number three vibration. This season, Selle completed the six-season six-season single season, and the 16th percent of the 16th season 300K in history.

In the fall, Sel as the ace of red socks finally mounted on the stage of the playoffs, and the first game of Sareman and Otti were bombarded by Bregman and Otti. In the event of Ota, once again, the main investment 5.0 will lose more than 7 points; after three days, the red stockings 1 is more than 2, and Sel Trunte will try to keep a leader, Sel The four five six seven bureaus are all safe. You can take the spring gun of Bregman, and then the “scorpion king” failed to hold the runner of Sellad Based package. The https://www.mlbtrojerse.comfirst two precedents in the Search Bessing Career are all lost.

This is true, 2017 is the best season in the Classic season of Self carefare. It is like a bright night pearl in the gold and silver jewelry. Self-discipline is better than Bisa, and Seli will once again lose the competition.

Since 2012 Sel transfer, he has completed the performance of the classifier every year, but it seems that there is still a little incense every year. In 2013, it is too small. In 2014, it is insufficient. Not only that, the United States, the “Tiger King” Willand, Kluber, David – Ples, “King” Ernand, plus “beard” Kaipho and Poseid Luo Zhi’s sputum is a season, so the fierce opponent also makes Serbs always and the Celeron award.

In 2018, Sel was completed in his career. Some aesthetic fatigue became the first year of the United States, and the first 22 first hair, the season won 11 wins, self-discipline 2.04, 207 three oscillars, It seems that this time I can’t run, but you can continue to inflamed in the shoulders, which makes him only voted for five games in eight or nine months. Not only the race is again, but it is lingering in the vulture. Whether the bad status of the injury will affect the playoffs.

Ok, the ending is perfect, when Sel hugs his family to pick up the World Competition champion trophy, I believe that everything is worth it.