NFL’s tenth week of force rankings: patriot returns to the top of the sea eagle

The tenth week of the NFL regular season has ended, the latest strength list is also met with you! After this round of the game, the new England patriots returned to the list in the wheel; the 49 people of San Francisco did not win the team; the Seattle Hawks squeezed into the top five; New Orleans Saints, Kansas Emirates, Dallas denim ranking It has a decline. Not much to say, the strength of the tenth week of the regular season has been ranked, let’s take a look!

First place: New England Patriot (8-1)

First of all, congratulations on New England Patriots in turn / at home, there is no done, and return to strength rankings. At present, the patriots are still the United States of America, but after the defeat of Balt, the previous week, I should ring the alarm, and the crow behind him is in the past.

However, there is no team in the Alliance than the patriots more good at handling or masking problems. They are an experienced team, which is more accomplished by any club in the league to fall.

After the patriot experienced the most relaxed schedule for the first eight weeks, they will now continue to continue to the four seasons teams, namely Philadelphia, Dallas Cowboy, Houston Texas and Kansas Emirates.

Second place: 49 people in San Francisco (8-1)

San Francisco 49 people and Seattle Hawks gave us a wonderful Sunday, hurt, hurt, looked, and the overtilime should have, but the league in this place has never maintained a team.

Strictly speaking, this is the first hard battle of 49 people this season. This loss is not all negative factors, such as their defense or as always reliable.

The four-point Guii Mi-Gallo, the fierce bleeding of the sea eagle is very abnormal, and the hit rate has barely exceeds 50%, and there is a group of up to 1 time, and it has been copied, and it is 5 times.

In addition, 49 people in this game lost many main players, perhaps buried hidden dangers in the sprint phase of the next half.

Third place: Baltimore Crow (7-2)

Ramar Jackson can take advantage of the head last week, but the crow does not need him at all, because the score of the crow defense group (14 points) is more than the tiger attack (13 points).

In the case of a big score, they sent a substitute for four-point guards, Greenfen finished a whole. Also, when your team has been 49-10, don’t take risks to make quadrant injured.

Jackson continued to work toward the goal of the regular game, he has already had a rush of the ball for four consecutive games, and the game has passed the 3nd to 3 to become the second single season in the history of NFL. Quadruples scored a full score.

Fourth: Seattle Hawks (8-2)

Although pocket protection is always a broken, the quarter walhers Wilson is also impressed by the fan in the 49 people in San Francisco on Monday night.

Wilson’s performance is not perfect, he only passed a time to reach, and sent out the second copy of the season, but he can always lead the team forward in the Haiye.

In the face of the defense of the second defense, Wilson’s 34-pass 24, there is a good pass efficiency. At the same time, it also rushed out of 53 yards. It is the 18 yard limit on the overtime game. Win any free kill chance for the team.

The defensive defense of the Haiying team is not as unbearable, and the defending end of the shards – Crawni is a 49 populated chicken dog in front of the frontline. With a precious victory, the Haiye returned to the ranks of the dispute champion.

Fifth place: Green Bay Packaging Work (8-2)

The Lanbao Stadium is snowing, and the packaging worker will bend the waist, and the Washper of Christian-McCrey in the first few feet in front of the terminal area, capture the victory. In the afternoon of the Saint New Orleans, Green Bay packages got 8 wins and 2 losses.

The packaging workers proved that the previous week lost to Los Angeles lightning is only an accident, and they are still in the list of competitions of the country.

Running Arom Jones cut 82 yards and 3 touches the ball to reach the ball, quickly establish a leading advantage of 24-10, but at the same time, the packaging worker defensive group habitually made them until the last second of the game. .

At present, in the first team of eight partitions, the packageman’s net wins only 45 points in the countdown, and their competition is always difficult.

Sixth: New Orleans Saint (7-2)

Last week, I lost to the partition bottom Atlantan Falcon. This super cooler may make the New Orleans saints losses heavy in the playoffs.

First of all, this lobbily gave a panther behind the Carolina to see the hopes, followed by the team that had changed from the chased team into the team, the package of the package was reversed;

At the same time, they also gave some ways to face the Saint War team. Living to the Falcon can be said to be very strange, before the Saints are one of the most stringent teams of the discipline, but they have a penalty of 90 yards.

These fouls either destroy their attacks or make falcolles score.

Seventh place: Minnesota Vijing (7-3)

On Sunday, Viking won a key battle in the hitting playoff, and they went to Dallas and defeated cowboy. It seems that the national union card battle will be very fierce, and Viking needs this victory to bite the north of the country. Green Bay packaging work.

Viking began to use cowboy slowly and quickly got two times in the game, but the second section allowed the cowboy to catch a score and keep the game suspense kept the final second.

Viking’s pavement defense completely limits the cowbur’s scorpion, and the offense has also continued to advance in the abroad of Adam – Belon, running Darfen – Cook has played a classic war, total promotion code number 183 yards .

Eighth: Houston Texans (6-3)

Houston Texans last week’s holiday, but they got an unexpected good news – the same district the biggest threat is a direct competitor to the Indianapolis Colts Miami Dolphins upset, and this brings Texans leading wins increase a.

But the tenth week of the game also shows the Tennessee Titans and will not easily hand over their guns, they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs strong fighting broke out amazing.

But anyway, Texans need to stay awake in the rest of the game, because then they were three tough games against the Baltimore Ravens, Colts and New England Patriots.

Ninth: Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick – Macho James dislocated knee in the game against the Denver Broncos, three weeks after the break, Macho Williams returned to the starting lineup.

The MVP performance last season before the injury and looks no different, scored 446 yards and three touchdowns, including a wonderful jump stayed in the air pass, but chiefs was inconceivable to lose 3 points difference to the Tennessee Titans.

Macho James might contest the results are disappointing, but he is now the body feels good, he is still a piece of deadly snakes.

Macho James scores can play A, but others will fight chiefs D, they can not stop the opponent defensive forward, attacking the road can not control the ball, SWAT team shot can not be completed, resulting Macho James alone.

Tenth: Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

Cowboys a good card to play a pulpy, after the beginning of the season won three straight, now came to record 5 wins and 4 losses, they found themselves encountered little trouble, it has tied the Philadelphia Eagles in the National League East integration.

Cowboys last week week night game there are many opportunities to give the Vikings a fatal blow, but they are very low because of poor tactical choice of coach and player efficiency implementation capacity will hand over the victory.

The biggest problem the Cowboys still slow, it was commendable that, after a slow heat generated by Dakota – led offensive group to catch up Prescott, Amarillo – Cooper a few times stepping on the edge of complete circles Guards ball .

But running back Izawa Kiel – Elliot pretty poor state, even so, coach Jason – Kevin Garnett decided to bet the last of him, confusing.

Eleventh: Los Angeles Rams (5-4)

Powerful defending National League champion ran into trouble after the beginning of the season three straight start, and the Los Angeles Rams in the past six games lost four games, and upstairs Dallas Cowboys suffered exactly the same.

Murkier last week that they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers lineup incomplete, the Rams offensive match will not do anything to get a touchdown, quarterback Jared – Gough 41 pass barely over 22 hits in 50 %, 3 turnovers.

Today, a record of 5-4, the Rams have been unable to become the second consecutive season the top seed in the National League, and now they have to worry about a playoff spot, the current points of view, they barely touch the wild card threshold.

Twelfth Name: Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)

Hawks need to stand up, they ushered in the holiday week last week. The last time we see the Hawks game, they defeated the Chicago Bears tenacious.

But the game did not show the final score of 22-14 so close, the Eagles have a full range of data rolling Bears. Hawks appear to be a strong contender for the playoffs, they even grams of crack in recent weeks, including also defeated Bill.

But before that, they were bombing the Dallas Cowboys, released more than 400 yards, appeared four turnovers, lost 27 points.

Whether it is passing attack or defense, the Eagles lack of stability, they may seem like the strongest country east, and next week you told this week that they are paper tigers. Before the home game against the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, Eagles’d better get yourself stabilized.

Thirteenth: Buffalo (6-3)

Buffalo Bill now has a record of 6-3, so the performance ranking third American League. Although Bill – Pasay Wales Bill said something does not think that kind of thing, but the data and the record does not explain everything.

Bill half of the season schedule is one of the league’s toughest schedule, and now they lost two games in the last three games.

Cleveland Browns last week to face the fourth quarter reversed some regret, when finally chasing the score close, Brown brought under control game time. With the increasingly fierce competition, Bill looks like the beginning of the season is so good, but the hardest part is yet to come.

But as long as the defense group to come up with excellent performance, quarterback Aaron hit normal levels, they still have a good chance.

Fourteenth: Indianapolis Colts (5-4)

After reading the ninth week lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Colts quarterback Brian believes experienced – Heuer able to lead his team to victory over the Miami Dolphins win a ball just was not unreasonable.

However, they turned the boat in the gutter. Colts lost the game 12-16, Heuer did not even complete half of the ball, and threw three steals, poor low pass rate.

This is a direct result of losing pony hand over the Southern give the first name of the Houston Texans, and make their playoff situation is not optimistic. Then there are three partitions civil war pony waiting for them, every game must not be lost.

Fifteenth Name: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4)

After a three-game losing streak, and now the Pittsburgh Steelers revived their five games, has four straight to take off in the last six games to win.

At first people might laugh early in the season with the Steelers in the first round of sign-security guard Minka – Fitzpatrick’s “stupid” behavior, but the Steelers win the last two games, Fitzpatrick has contributed two return touchdowns , it is the key to winning.

Steelers offensive may not be perfect, sophomore quarterback Mason – Rudolph is still trying to learn team tactics, try to manage the game.

We had thought that coach Mike – Tomlin will suffer his first defeat of the season, and for now too early to tell.

Sixteenth: Carolina Panthers (5-4)

Green Bay Packers might have prevented Christian – Maikafulei towards the MVP of the season, on Sunday’s game, Maikafulei exhausted every means trying touchdowns before the final end zone at the one yard, but all It is protected down.

Carolina Panthers are also in the past three games, lost two, Maikafulei the MVP race seems to be a defeat and with each color dim, even though his performance is still awesome.

Panthers nine games this season, Mike Frey in six games can punch the ball over a hundred yards, the Panthers lost, but Maikafulei did not lose, he is the league’s strongest running back this season.

Seventeenth: Oakland Raiders (5-4)

2019 season, the expectations from the Oakland Raiders is not high. But it is time to hit the face of lovemaking session, they have a chance to make the playoffs.

Of course, they just have a chance of it, hope is not large, after all, their defense is still ranked last in the league. Last week Thursday night game against the Los Angeles lightning, Raiders complete reversal in the case of the fourth quarter behind the recent six games to win four games.

Defense group harvest last season, a total of 13 sacks, they are in the ninth week of this year, 5 sacks Philip – Rivers, but also completed three steals.

In full of surprises this season, the Raiders is in full swing for a wild card places, they only partition behind the first name of a sheikh wins.

– 18th: Tennessee Titans (5-5)

Tennessee Titans seems to be trying to return to the team competition, win the American League wild card playoff seats. Not long ago, this is a ridiculous idea, because they were depressed state Mustang hammer meal in the sixth week, the record of 2-4.

However, ever since the quarterback position from Marcus – replaced by Ryan Mali Horta – after Tannehill, Titan last four games to win the next three games, winning back to 50%. Taking into account confusion AFC South, and now is not much behind them.

Last week against powerful Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick – passing yardage Macho James is twice Tanner Hill, but by virtue of the Titans offensive pavement blaze 225 yards and Tannehill several key conversion, explosion chiefs beat the cold.

Tannehill ever since becoming a starter, every shot advancing yardage average 8.5 yards, passing success rate of 70% or more touchdowns than interceptions for the 8-4.

In contrast, in Mali Horta ball hits 6 games only 59.1%, average 7.1 yards every shot yardage, touchdowns than interceptions for the 7-2. The reason why the Titans recent win three games, in part because of more efficient quarterback.

19th place: Los Angeles Lightning (4-6)

After the ninth week of the Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Lightning looks back on track. But we forget a very important fact, which, after all, like the ventilation of the Lightning team.

Last week against the Oakland Raiders, Lightning dominated the first half, the data are ahead of the competition, but their score is lagging behind, Philip – Rivers in mind the audience threw 3 interceptions paid a painful price.

We should remember Lightning defeated the Packers, should not forget that they have lost to the Titans and Broncos.

Article name: Chicago Bears (4-5)

Mitchell – Trudeau Bisi Ji looks doomed to fail, on his gas off the TV screen outside of his views and criticism, but this practice has played a role to some extent. this

25-year-old quarterback bit tough spent the first half of the season, his coach Matt – did not look comfortable playing in Najib’s offense.

However, defeated the Detroit Lions 20-13 on Sunday, Trudeau Bisi Ji came three touchdowns. But look at his other data, a total of only 173 yards came, captured and killed five times.

In Chicago, fans of high-quality quarterback requirements of the standard will not be so low, people want him to play better.

Twenty-one: Detroit Lions (3-5-1)

Lions completely burned out, thanks to the reciprocal of the fifth defense of their league, after obtaining unbeaten start to 2-0-1, the Lions lost four of their last five games.

Last week, the face of crumbling Chicago Bears, Lions hope to have this end-game losing streak, but their quarterback Matthew – Stafford was suddenly back injury before the game, its starting 136 consecutive games record also halted .

The question now is how the Lions and their quarterback of the advance, the most intense competition of the NFL National League North, the Lions basically no chance to make the playoffs, with this in mind, might as well let West Hartford recuperate ready to fight again next year.

Twenty second name: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5)

Perhaps it will miss, but the “next Hugh frenzy” is indeed a thing of the past. Perhaps it is because Houston Texans lost to the ninth week of poor performance in London, perhaps because Nick – who was also carrying Falls $ 50 million security payments.

But after the next break in play off the bench eight games, he will back up starting seat Falls. Defensive end Calais Campbell – would like to see some positive things from the rest of the season: “I love him, he is a strong leader, a very good player.

I always believe that if he was not injured, you can now participate in the MVP race. I know it’s a little big words, but he is a so incredible player. “

In the case of team 4 wins and 5 losses, perhaps Falls really need to play MVP performance to help the team complete reversal.

Twenty-three: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)

Arizona Cardinals last Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pirates manager Steve Bruce – Arians and reunited with his former club, he has coached the Cardinals in the 2013-2017 season.

For the Pirates, it was home to reunite with their victory, their 13th week since last season, the Bucs finally win at home.

This is not a particularly impressive game, quarterback Demis – Winston four consecutive games over 300 yards passing, but also threw two interceptions, everyone used to it.

Winston appeared 18 turnovers in the last nine games, the situation never seems to improve, if a quarterback every week to send out the ball twice, who can guarantee that it has been winning?

Twenty-four: Arizona Cardinals (3-6-1)

If the ninth week regretted to the San Francisco, 49 people were young Arizona, the red squash, then took a step forward, then last week, the Pacific Pirate was red, and it was two steps.

The rickets have almost made a mistake in the game with the pirates, and they don’t lose. Several mistakes, 11 fouls, first-year head coach Clev-Kesbury strange tactics, and his bad time management made the price.

After the game, Jinsuri admitted that “This is the difference between the excellent team and the general team, we have committed a lot of mistakes, let us become the mediocrity team.”

Chapter 25: Cleveland Brown (3-6)

The brown in the 2019 season is not worth celebrating. After a festival full of unlimited hopes, they only won two games in the first half of the season, and they were losed in the past week, four points to defeat, four points Baik – Melfield is even frenzy by his own fans.

The first half of the next half, the Brunt defeated Bill, but their questions still did not solve it, such as the low efficiency of the red area.

Brown has had a positive momentum through such a long time, and they want to continue this momentum when they meet the Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

Chapter 2: Denver Yam (3-6)

Since the end of Paton-Manning, in the 2015 season, the Danfo Yam has been looking for a starting quarter.

Whether it is a young man such as Parxton-Lynch or Joe-Vlaco, General Manager John Alvi has not been able to find it.

The wild horses defeated Cleveland Brown before the wheel, but in the four-defense position, Brandon Allen is not a long time. The wild horses will not be in a hurry to push the two rounds of Shi Lu Rock this year, as long as Allen can use it, then the wild horse will use him.

Chapter 2: Atlanta Falcon (2-7)

The head coach Dan – Quin is still in the heat of water, but the Saint-Enemy New Orleans Saint will give him a short astishing opportunity on Sunday.

According to reports, the Falcon Board Arthur – Blanco is going to “get through the game with the saints, so that he is determined to see if he (Quin) can not condense the team.”

In the face of the Saint, the Falcon can say the best competition since the two seasons, and know that they got 7 times in the first eight games in the season, but they killed Drew in that game. Bris 6 times.

This is a very beautiful victory, but even if it is so impressive game, it will not change the view of the fans to Quinin.

The 28th: ??Miami Dolphin (2-7)

The Miami dolphins are full of fighting, and they will not. Although they have traded Llemi-Sanl, Kenny-Stilles, Mingka-Fitz Patrick and Ken-Drake, Fitz Patrick and Ken-Drake, but recently won two games. competition.

Dolphins did not return to the 0-16 full defeat season as they think, they are getting better.

The Dolphin team seems to find the right coach Bryan Florez, although these two victories have little meaningful to the dolphins in the 2019 season, but it does show that Florez is working in Miami to create a positive locker room culture. .

Charge 19: New York Jet (2-7)

The two users of the Metropolitan Course have spent a difficult and disappointing season, but for jet and giant’s fans, all bets of the 10th week may become their blowing in the next half.

New York City Germany, the jet laughed at the end, but they did not play well, the total propulsion code was only 300 yards, and the average of 2.6 yards per shock.

However, due to some of the wrong defensive defensive defensive, the jet won the highest season of 34 points and the second victory in 2019.

From a macro perspective, a victory has nothing greatly affecting the draft of the jet. You must don’t make mistakes, this is still a bad team. The fans can make a bitterness. For example, they won the New York, another game was washed Dallas.

Thirty: New York Giants (2-8)

The New York giant entered the period of the lowest valley this season, and they lost to the same city opponent jet.

Fans who are good at discovering highlights may pay attention to four-point satellite Danier-Jones’s four times, or young external hands Dalius-Sletton 10th ball push 121 yards and 2nd up to.

But realists will notice that Jones has three times (1 time to lose the ball) and Sac Wan – Barkeli 13 sho only to 1 yard’s fact. For giants, the only good news for the tenth week is that it is finally over.

Although Jones still flashed their talents from time to time, the giant is still a team with serious defects, which will not change in the short term.

Thirty-one: Washington Red Leather (1-8)

The left side of Trent-Williams has an unique conclusion, and his future is as bad as his team.

The professional bowl attacking the cut offers that the medical staff of Washington red skin did not misunderstand his injuries, and he urged him to come quickly, so Williams refused to play for red skin.

Williams said very clearly: “Washington fans, I am not hurting you, I just need a new beginning. I have to forget this after the brain, I don’t have reason to lying, I don’t want to make trouble, I even You can don’t want money, I just want to go. “Well, it is really a mess.

Thirty-two: Cincinnati Tiger (0-9)

If the Nine-winned Cincinnati Mason can learn anything in the recent failure, even if it is not Andy Dalton, Ryan Fern is definitely not the answer to the quadrant position.

This rookie was hammered in the game against the crow, but not only sent a 89 yard’s copy of the CTs and returned to the array, and there was still a drop, so that the crow was two up to two.

Last Sunday, the Tiger team fell again to the bottom of the valley, but for a team that seems to continue to bottom, they have been used to it.