MLB27 day to see: National Afli Season Next Situation Glaw Brewers Rocky Division Championship

September 26: On September 27, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand League conducts a total of 16 games, including a day of September 26, Jinji and Red Socks because of the rainy galase. All teams are all debut. The situation is as follows: Royal battle red, Yangji’s battle light, Marin fish against the war country, the spaceman battle Blue bird, Jinxi counter red socks (two games), the warrior battle metropolis, pirate battle bear, Indians White socks The tiger is pair of double-city, the winemaker is pair of red birds, the Philadelphians’ warlon, the Dodge fight the snake, the tourist battle angel, the sportsist battle sailor, the priest battle giant

United States, the top names of the three partitions have been determined, the only point is the competition for Yangji and the homeowat of the sports family.

The national association has more complex, the name of the Central District and the West District has not finally determined that the last few games in the season has variables, so the game is also more watching.

[New York Yangji VS Tampa Bay]

Competition time: Beijing time on September 27th at 7:10

Yang Biece First Pointer: Tanaka will be big

Rays First Pointer: Ryan Stallie

Yangji currently has a seat of 97 wins and 60, which has already locked a seat of the United States, but has not yet established the home advantage, so the last few in the regular season still has to fight. In addition, Yangji also has the opportunity to become a team of 100 games this season, and believe that the team will spell the last game for this glorious record.

The rays have completely lost the possibility of entering the playoffs, and they will be lost in two consecutive games. However, as a team ranked by a big league, the results they have achieved were still worth admire. The records of this year have played in the past year.

Tanaka will have a big current 12 wins and 6, with a self-population rate of 3.67. After this year, I chose to treat his arms this year. After the injury of his arm, the proportion of speed balls has come to a new career, and the proportion of changes in the ball is also quite barted in the first hair. However, it is still a good grade to the field, and the field still has a good result. Although the regular season only has a 152.0 bureau for the team, it has been able to bring more help to Yangji in the playoffs.

Ryan Stanker is currently 2 wins and 3 defeat, with a self-population rate of 2.70. This season, as a member of the rays that were most frequently used in the team, Staven was a total of 57, two of whom were first, but the number of local bureaus did not exceed the number of the longest pool. 2. As a team tactical change in the team, Stanker performance is quite good.

In terms of work, Yankendi-Gregus will continue to go out. However, other teams of the team have returned to the team, the main lineup of the first season, and the different players have a timely manner, and today, the catcher Sanchez has 2 安 安 4 points. The wonderful performance.

In terms of rays, it is basically that the team lineup of the newcomer is basically no more winner, and when you can do it in the game, even if you play.

[Milwaukee brewing people vs Shengluo rubes]

Competition time: Beijing time on September 27th at 7:00 am

Winemaker first pitcher: Jorris-Xie Xin

The Red Pitch Pitched Pitcher: John Grant

The winemaker got 2 consensus on the red scitch. At present, the number of external cards is ranked first, and only one won is a winner. Not only the season is hoped, but even there is a chance to pay the country. The red squid lost two consecutive games, especially when they were full of scores, but in the defense, they were facing the 2 out of the game 11 points by the opponent, especially the 6 points of Jeregia caused significant harm. The second position of the sagny outer card has been taken away by Rocky 5 games, and the last four games must face the wineman with the wins. It is extremely dangerous to say that the race is extremely dangerous. It is very likely that it is taken at the end of the season.

Joose – Xie Xin is currently 14 wins and 8, and the self-sharing rate is 3.61. As the number of team winners, the number of self-sharing, the number of vibrations, and the number of pitching are ranked in the first first firing, Xie Xin is the fidelinal pitcher who is not allowed by the team. If the winemaker needs an off-the-counter death battle, he should take the first hair in that game.

John Grant is currently 7 wins and 6 win, and the self-sharing rate is 3.53. As a 26-year-old player who just rose to the big league, the team was cultivated by the team in the first pitcher. And the data he pays is also in line with the team’s positioning, which is a qualified 3, 4.

As a team that belongs to the central part of the Kingdom, the winemaker will be quite successful this season. This is also the most critical reason they currently play this location. At present, three players of the team have more than 30 bills, and Hessis-Aguilar has 105 points. New aid Christian – Jeregi rushed towed today, single 2 bodies hit 7 bases contributed 6 points, and the point moment came to 104 points. If the winemaker can squeeze off the championship in the Laborian Central District of the Bear, he will have great chips to compete for the most valuable players of this year.

The two of the two games of the Hashque team have the title of their “not dead bird”. When they are not easy to divide, the chances of them have not been able to get the split, but they have lost 5 points in the next two games. 2 Lakeback also fell to the third card, lost the initiative to advance the promotion of the playoffs.

[Philadelphia Philadelphia VS Colorado]

Competition time: Beijing time on September 27th, 8:40 am

Philadelphians first pitcher: Nick Piti Tower

Luoji team first pitcher: Herman – Markz

Philadelphie has not lost the playoffs, and Rocky has recently been fierce, after the Laoqi 3 loses, the recent Rocky has achieved 5 consecutive victories, including sweeping direct competitors Arizona’s snake, and directly smashing the opponent play. Hope, Then, the Philadelphians will win. Considering that the last few opponents in Rocky is already a teamless team, if you play it, it is likely that you will win until you don’t have to stay.

Nick Piti Tower is currently 7 wins and 13, and the self-popification rate is 4.58.

Chad Betis is currently 13 wins and 10, and the self-population is 3.91.

In terms of work, the Philadelphie’s Hoskins 33 bombard 94 points is the point of the team in the team. The Rocky team’s Arena 34 bangs with 105 points is the highest in the team. He is also the best in the team’s 3 consecutive season. “Story Brother” Storley has experienced a quite serious injury after the injury, and there are 2 security experts today. At present, 33 bombing 102 points are ranked second in the team.

[Los Angeles Daoqi VS Arizona Snake]

Competition time: Beijing time on September 27th at 9:30 am

Dodge team first praised: Rose Stripe

Snake first pitcher: Zach Greneki

Dodge has been in the 9th game in the 9th game. The next half of the 9 bureau is sent to the front of the Tianjian Mac. This key game. Dodge terminates 3 consecutive victories, the advantage of leading Rocky is only half.

Rose Stripe is currently 8 wins and 5 wins, and the self-popification rate is 2.84.

Zach Gretiki is currently 14 wins and 11th, with the self-population of 3.21.

Grezyki has been played in Dodge in 2013-2015, and 2015 was paid out of 19 wins and 3 defeats, 1.66 self-blame rate, and 200 multi-high-end performance. If you don’t meet, you will play more excellent Jia Gram – Alberta, he also hopes that it is another pitcher who has taken the competition in Miao. In the face of the old house, he needs to prove that he has not changed, and it will not be in hand.

[Auckland Sports House VS Seattle Sailor]

Competition time: Beijing time on September 27th at 10:10 am

Sports home first pitcher: Edwin – Jackson

Sailor team first pitcher: Phillius – Ernandez

Sportsmen have lost their best today. In the 7th game, they also chased 3 points in 8 and 9 two games, and the lower half of Herman in the 11th Bureau of the extended season. Goodbye 2 to the end of the competition. After this failure, the sports home is behind the foundation 2. Considering that the Yangji is higher in the match between the opponent’s opponent. If the two teams have the same record, it is still a home advantage, in fact, Yangji has led the sportswater 3.5 games, there are 5 sites left in the game, basically get it. Large initiative.

Edwin – Jackson is currently 6 wins and 3 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is 3.18.

Phillius – Ernande is currently 8 wins and 13, and the self-population is 5.46.

The 35-year-old Elderly-Jackson entered the status of people after August, in addition to the single game of 4 points in the two games of the cavalry cavalry, the rest of the competition is 2 or less. During the event of his first, the sportsman was 9 wins and 1 defeated, and he had a proud record of 5 wins and 1 defeat.

“King” Phillix – Ernandes career has entered the 14th season. Since I landed in the big alliance in 2005, he has been working on Seattle sailors, which can be said to be a team’s banner. However, with the increase of age, his downtry is also constantly declining, from the original race, and the low level of the self-sharing rate is nearly 5.5. He is opposite to Jackson. In his 10 games he recently, the team only won 1 win and 9 defeat. He has lost a difference, and there are two self-disciplines to lose up to 7 points. I can only say that, “King” is not lucky, he is not a hitting ability of the sailor when he dominates the hill, and the team is not easy to score the ability. He has fallen into the lower tide, and he can only feel the birth season. The life of the next game.