Is it a joke? The lion has not won the ball in the whole season, and the Single Monthly record is in the second

NFL’s national association has a bit crazy in recent weeks, how many crazy? You only need to look at the record rankings in November. Since the 9th week began in November record, this month, only two rounds of competitions, only two teams in the 16th National League team did not taste the defeat; and a ridiculous, one of them, one of them It is actually the Detroit Lion.

You know, the lion has not yet won any game this season, after the 8-game defending start, they entered the week in November, and then told the steel people in the same week with Prestchaborvone. Even so, their single-month winning rate is second only to the Washington football team, which is also the same as a week to rest around the week and burst into the cold and winning pirates. The remaining 14 teams have at least 1 defeat.

Despite this, the lion is still possible to have a problem with the partition championship this week. If the packager defeats Viking this week, then whether the lion will win Brown, they will compete for the partition champion. However, the packaging worker can not lock the number one seed seat early.

In addition to the lions, there are some other crazy things in the country, such as the ram and pirates, and loses 3 games together. If they have only lost together in the past two months, 3 Field. There are 6 nationals who have not winning this month. In addition to the lions, the ram, the pirates, there are Hawks, Saints and Bear teams, know that other 5 teams outside the lions are Season of the game team.

And such a crazy record only explains a point, it is in the world of NFL, whoever wins no more strange.