How does the Xinjiang team get away from the predicament? Zhou Qi: I said this question.

Two games in the forefront, Zhou Qi horses rushed back to Australia and the Southeastern Melbourne Phoenix team, recently talked about the appearance arrangement and adaptability of the new season during an interview, and he said during the interview. Xinjiang team.

When asked if you can debut in the first game in the season, Zhou Qi said that it would not be sure whether it can play, and it depends on the recovery of the ankle. Zhou Qi hurt the ankle in the first game of the world. It is currently in the stage of rehabilitation. If he absents the first battle of the Southeastern Melbourne Phoenix team, it is very big for the team’s blow, but it is not certain whether Zhou Qi can play, hope Everything is going well.

When talking about whether the NBA experience can help himself fight NBL, Zhou Qi said that in the NBA’s two years of experience made him grow a lot, which also made him adapt to the training and life in foreign countries. This will follow The game is helpful. But when I remember that he can return to NBA in the future, Zhou Qi showed a professional player’s assignment. He said that NBA is a dream, but it still needs to finish this season.

In addition, when the reporter mentioned that the Xinjiang team declined seriously, how did they go out of the predicament, Zhou Qi humblely said: “I said this problem”, successful among people. However, there is a matter of understanding Zhou Qi and the contradiction between this summer and the Xinjiang team, knowing that his answer is very helpless and full of heart.

Because of the issue of identity, Zhou Qi has burst serious contradictions in this summer, in order to restore the free body, Zhou Qi did not hesitate to report a number of violations of the Xinjiang team, and finally decided to leave CBA after the rights of the rights, joining NBL League, So Zhou Qi actually has a bitterness. After the loss
of the Xinjiang team, it also quickly lost from the race of crown. At present, only 3 wins and 10 negative records in the 17th place of the League, which can be described as the difference before leaving Zhou Qi, but these It is no longer Zhou Qi’s concern.

Today, Zhou Qi has become a member of the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix Team, I hope he can play his ability to get on the new team. I wish Zhou Qi will take all efforts, I hope he can achieve the dream of returning to NBA soon. I am an Yi Ya, a senior basketball enthusiast, welcome to pay attention to my account, discuss basketball fun!