Gallopolo single field 4 reached 49 people 28-25 dancing red colors take 8 games

November 1st Beijing time on November 1st 8: 20 am, NFL2019-20 season regular season on a national west civil war in a national west.

The only unbeaten San Francisco 49 people’s team challenged the Arizona’s Red Senders leading the Leir Leng. With 49 people who were gigumeric the Galloolon single field 4dares, the final 49 people were shocked, 28-25 defeated the blood, and the eight-game winning continued to lead the country.

Points in the competition:

This is the last 8:30 in 2019, at 8:30 Beijing time, starting from the ninth week, NFL will start the winter time, that is, all the game will be launched after an hour.

The night season of Beijing time at 8:30 will be kick at 9:30, please adjust the time, Happy Halloween.

Temcerity of the Qianlang and the List of List

The premium four-point Wei Keller-Murray’s performance in the first half of the session can be described in a half-season. 8 records 3 wins and 4 losses 1 flat is definitely the expectation of the Palchak Uniform Group.

85.8 The quarter-off guards were the second good results in the rookie season in 1967, second only to Melfield last year.

In the season, today, “Temperature Examination” not only has to meet this year’s list of old-backed Nick Boza, but also in the San Francisco 49.

49 people are in front of the union of the defensive ends, especially in the total proposal number of the opponent, is proud of the group. This game, the position of the Latlands, each of the offensive distances, the position of the Yuan Lang, it is inevitable that there will be no close contact opportunities.

The first semester “period” period “” period “test” in this champion is worthy of attention.

Wonderful review

The first game, 2 minutes and 49 seconds, Keller Murray continued quickly and quickly broke the pressure. Just from the Miami dolphins traded. Drake’s first sho, the first sho, and later Reick got a lead in the top 5 yards in the end area, and the rickets took the lead in achieving leading, score 7-0.

14 minutes and 56 seconds, 49 people in three blocks 3 yards to choose the pass attack, Keller Murray Line, George – Kittel, the latter sway two in front of the end zone Defensive players, use strength and flexible straight interposer, get 30 yards to gather a flat score, 7-7.

The second game, 6 minutes and 02 seconds, 49 people new aid Imanuel-Sanders once directly advanced 32 yards, and then Jimmy Galloolo continued to fight him, and successfully entered the Red District. The front 7 yards of the terminal area, KC Kelrk, Bern, and the reached the anti-Chao score, 7-14.

14 minutes and 56 seconds, Matt Brid’s firepower opened, twice a mushpica added more than 50 yards, directly entering the red zone.

George-Jarter took the ball before pouring the end area, 49 people four files 1 yards put on the punch pattern, but Galloolo continent, Omanuel Sanders Array. Scores 7-21.

The third quarter of the competition started 49 people’s offense was stubbornly resistant. 5 minutes and 59 seconds, the Hashque team uses Drake’s ability to kill the red area, Keller-Murray accurate passing of the brilliance of Ki En-Johnson completed the Deta, score 14-21.

9 minutes and 05 seconds, the Renary uses raid tactics but is protected by 49 people’s excellent pockets, while the backfront of the patrocity has a huge empty block, the external hand Dante-Petis straight-end area, the first time I get the ball Array, 49 people expand scores, 14-28.

The fourth game, 5 minutes and 32 seconds, the Red Squad is insisted, and they spend a lot of competition time, but eventually only got an opportunity for arbitrary ball shoots and buried hidden dangers for the rest of the game. Zhane – Gonzalest 36 yards, Riji, score 17-28.

10 minutes and 07 seconds, the red number team received the first wave of attacked after the abandonment, Keller Murray, Andy Isabella, the latter, the first time, the first time In order to use the speed advantage to open the shirt and the bodies to get 88 yards.

Then Murray found Drake in two points, score 25-28, which is also the first time in Isabella career.

In the end, Galloolo completed the 3-speed 9-yard conversion, 49 people completed the game time, defeating Arizona, and won 8 consecutive victories at 28-25.

Highlight player

San Francisco 49 people: 4 points Guii Mi-Gallo 37 pass 28 promotion 317 yards to cut 4 times; running Weavimat – Brid 15 shouted push up 78 yards, external hand Yman New Sanders 7 times ahead of 112 yards 1 to 1 to.

Arizona Red Picture: Sixty-points Wei Keller – Murray 24 Chuan 171 中 1 to 1 to 1 Daxim; Run Weiwei – Draker 15th Washing Push Push 110 yard to get 1 Daliang, average code 7.3 yards, 4 times The ball promoted 52 yards; External hand Andy-Isabella and Chi En-Johnson got a reach.

Post-match Review

The defensive defensive defense of the rickets and the two-day, targeted, focusing on 49 people’s offensive, focusing on the road.

And 49 people are difficult to open in the situation, Jimmy-Galloolo drives offense by fast short transmission. With the deepening of the competition, 49 people’s road attacks are gradually activated. Gallopolo throws three times, and their own representatives.

Overall, the salad team has not easily paid a gun in the game, and has been putting pressure on 49 people, tightly bitting the score, showing extremely strong toughness.

And the 49-person ranking the second defensive fight did not persuade, and it was good to maintain a certain offensive firepower in the offensive group. Two teams dedicated a wonderful competition for the fans, and let us appreciate the fierce in China.