Filz injury, Chicago bear appointed Dalton for the Thanksgiving Wars

Due to Justin Filz ribs injured, Andy Dalton will become the first quarter of the Chicago Bear in Thanksgiving on the Detroit Lion, which is his third first. The head coach Matt-Naji confirmed this news on November 23, and Dalton will serve as the first quarter of the Thanksgiving War.

In addition, Naji also pointed out that Philz may still be injured and is arranged in an inactive list. If this is the case, Nick Falls will serve as a quarter-saving. Philz was injured in the game of 13-16 lost to Baltimore on Sunday. His position was replaced by Dalton, Dalton’s first four-point guard in the first two games this season, and after his work was replaced by Filz. In the match of the crow, Dalton 23 passed the 201 yard in 11, and got two times, including two minutes left in the competition. The 49-size long conveyor was conveyed.

However, the bear defensive group could not guarantee victory, and the crow even dispatched the four-point guards – Hendley, or defeated the bear team. Hendley finally completed the winning offensive, killing the crow, this loss is also the five losses encountered after 3 wins and 2 wins this year. As a old four-point guard with 11 years of experience, Dalton is poor in the first two games before this season. The first quartz of the Sinnati Tiger was 65.8%, and the 3-time Dali and 1 case were obtained. Dalton has also selected a professional bowl three times, as NFL starting quarter-off records of 75 wins 67 lightens 2 flat.

Filz has advanced 79 yards in 11 pass 4 before the injury. As a new show in the first round of this year, Felz played the best performance of this season to the current season. In the ninth week of the Bear, I lost to the Pittsburgh Steelman. The outstanding four-point guard of the former Ohio University has reached the array and the coputés, the promotion of 291 yards, but also ran 45 yards in the fourth quarter, and The team has won two times. According to media reports, Field did not find fractures in the initial inspection of Sunday, will be further examined.

The day of the bear is very bad, after the lion is lost last week, the home fans shouted to “Naji’s get out of class”, if the Thanksgiving War is lost to the lion, then this game will become a great priority to become Naji. The fuse below get out of class. As the best coach in 2018, Naji’s team now has 3 wins and 7 losses, and the situation is very embarrassed. In addition to the bad record, Naji did not bring a reliable four-point guard to the bear team, fans could not see the future.