ESPN: Da Valong flattened, it is difficult to tell, or win the partition championship for 6 consecutive years.

Da Guxiangping

Da Guxiangping

(Text / ESPN Baseball Specialist David Schoenfield) Time is really fast, 2018 MLB regular games will end. From the spring to autumn, the 30 teams have passed the 6 months of war, and the last 10 teams are about to usher in the playoffs. At present, the number of places in the United Jereet season is basically stable. The only suspense is the outer card is in New York in the east coast or Oakland in California. The situation in Guo4 is more complicated, but it has been clearly clear than a few worships. Which teams can play the season in the season. We may wish to recall the MLB regular season in the 2018 season, which is worth our fine taste.

Annger boy – Da Gu Xiangping

MLB is highly professional today, it is difficult for you to ask a person in such a top league. The performance of the Tale in the spring training made the people who expect him to pinch it. But after the season was officially opened, he was amazing in the previous two months. He showed us his super capability in the hands of the hills and the district. Including a single field of a single field of the player, across 4 consecutive victories across April and May.
In terms of hit, the first four games shouted out of the 3stroquattles, 4 points, but also surprised the fans. 2018 oldest strike data is, 20 projector hits, 55 points, 0.285 (hit rate), 0.368 (lytex), 0.567 (long win ratio).

The big cereal has been in a month, and his strike state is increased from his return. But he may have to accept TJ surgery after the end of the season, which means that we may not see him in 2019, although he can fight. The revelation of the Da Vali in 2018 may be his “two-knife” road may be difficult to go. Of course, he is not only a giant investment and it is not reasonable. In the future, I will go on, I am afraid I have to pay hard.

2. Future leader

In the 94-year-old Grand Valley, Xiangping has already surprised the alliance, but the newcomers after the next 95 have also stunned.

In the 97-year-old Warrior, the owner of Kuignia, but his performance is good enough, and which 20 years old has been in the legends of the league, he must = point is not inferior. His OPS (Overall Attack Index) value this season has a value of 1.0, from this perspective, he can say that it is one of the best players in the country. In 2018, he played a 26th matrix and 58 points.

98-year-old national team owner Huan Sodo is the largest gap in the lost season. This season, he slammed 20 points, 65 points. More terrible is that his hike is still optimized, and he will only become more powerful in the future. At present, his template is the next Prince, and it seems that the missionary player in the next 10 years is him.

3. Who is the Metail MVP?

The MPP competition in this season is very fierce. There have been five players’ WRA values ??more than 7.0. There is currently hope that the candidates of the Methan MVP have the Muqi-Bates, the Angel Team of Turt, the Indian team of Jose, Lamisco – Forest and Space Alex Bregman’s team. Excellent sports team newcomer Matt-Chapman is also one of potential candidates. He has 23 points this season, 148 security, 66 points. The sports team can turn over this season this season, and his role must certainly not ignore.

4. Billy-Bien’s magic ball 2.0

With the publication of Lewis’s penalty, Bien became the most famous general manager of the baseball community. This season he staged a magic ball in the sports team. The progress of the sports team this season is obvious. From the fishing team to the season, it can be flat with the defending champion spaceman. In the present, the sportsist in 2018 is perfect. All the reasons must be attributed to his eyes of the newcomers’ mining and snaps in the farm. Matt Chapman and Chris Davis are typical representatives. Although they lost the talents such as Marcos Mangsi, this season Bien is successful, I don’t know if the magic ball 2.0 can not let them return to the world competition after many years.

5. Marcos Mangxi

The 26-year-old Muncy is still struggling between 3A and MLB 1 year ago, but he has already slammed 33 hits, 68 points this season. And he can prepare 3 positions in Dodge, which reminds people who have similar encounter with similar encounters last year. Have to say, the lucky team is really good.

6. When is the sailor on the shore?

As the sports team locked the exterior card this season, the sailor team of the same district got a “award”. The time in the previous playoffs is 17 years ago, this figure is the longest in the alliance. The sailor team has a chance to grab the outer card or even the head name, but their lower half is too bad. Maybe the sailor fans will wait for a year.

7. Warriors come back

After three years of rebuilding and replacement, the Warriors finally returned to the season. From the 90th of 2017 to this year, it is very close to 90 wins, and it seems that it is incredible, but it is also cleaned up. Amazing Little Akunia, still outstanding Fremman, Ozi Albes debuts all star lineup. Three major first Mike Frit Butthamvi and Sean-Newcastle, and the Kemin Gaussman’s season, as well as the Kemin Gauchman’s season.

Such a lineup and their performance in 2108, the Warriors entered the playoffs. And more terrible is that they are still very young, maybe the horrible warriors in the 1990s are slowly resurrected.

8. Gluened a season of National Association

The Dodge team has achieved 5 consecutive championships in the country of the United States, and this season is likely to achieve 6 consecutive championships. But the top 5 times is that this champion is very difficult. The season, the first day of the season, once unexpectedly, they will have no one game. In mid-May, they once behind the sheep 8.5. In July, the Dodge was re-retransted, but in the end of August, due to a series of losses, the gap between them reached 4.5, after a wave of three fold, they now returned to the top, leading 1.5 games. The intensity extent of the National Union West can be seen.

In fact, the Dodge team has only a total of 28 days in the first position of the list this season (including side by side), and only 2.5 games in the second place. The Rocksea team has only a total of 25 days in the first position of the list this season, and only 1.5 games in the second place. The Snake Team has a 6-game competition on May 1, but since May 4, the advantage has not exceeded 3.5. The partition competition is highly visible. It can be said that the Qiqi will remain in the king this season, but it is extremely cruel to wait for their future.

In 2018, the MLB regular season is over, the Eleventh holidays will usher in the outer card and some playoffs. All the efforts of all regular competitions can get the champion of the World Contest in October or November. Hope 2018 The playoffs can be given us a different surprise like regular season.