Also let people don’t make a good play of Bakeham Angry Alliance Stimulant Sampling Policy

Thanks to the NFL Alliance’s stimulant random sampling policy, this may be that Xiao Odel Beckham 997546 accepts stimulant test.

However, for such “good luck”, Beckham does not seem to be affected, and he also angered the union stimulant sampling policy in his own social media.

“This may be the room that I entered the stimulant detection in my 997546 times. I have to know that such a sampling is ‘random’, ‘random’, and each player has the same opportunity to be pumped in a pitcher test. But the funny is almost a week, I will be tested by ‘random’, dear NFL alliance, please don’t send those staff who have tested me ‘random’, because of this Will only occupy me to participate in the team meeting and watch the video. “

However, after the excitement of Beckham calmly calmly, and it is also aware that the previous essay may be too excited, so he quickly replaced a new content. “Even if you accept the detection of stimulant every week, I think this is also a kind of recognition for me. Now I have more powerful motivation to play on the court.”

If we can think about it, it is actually easy to understand the emotions of Beckham. When your team starts in the new season, it is not because the opponent is playing better, and each game is almost because of its own reasons, the mood must be very depressed. Then when you bow my head back to the locker room, I found that the notice of the stimulant test was placed in your locker. What kind of mood would you like? Moreover, it is more important to come in Baker Ham every time. In the first two games in the new season, Beckham completed 15 batches, won 162 yards, but it has not yet got up to the time.

In fact, in order to ensure the environment of alliance fair competitions, the player’s abuse of drugs is avoided, and NFL has formulated a variety of stimulant testing policies. For example, during a daily rookie training camp, all participated in the new show must accept the mandatory stimulant test, and the results of the test tend to affect the final draft of the player. However, even if everyone knows such a policy, there will often be a rookie cannot be detected.

Therefore, as a hot superstar for NFL, in order to ensure the impact of the league brand is not affected by the field factors, Beckham will naturally be “special care” in the sampling policy of the stimulant. However, Beckham can still be fortunate, do not need to accept the trust in the game like F1 in the middle of the qualifying. But who knows the future?

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