Shen Truite Knife Cancer Neida MVP Great Pick this season to reimburse

September 16 (Text / ESPN / Barnio) This season MLB Grand Alliance Meeting MVP’s popular competitors – Mike Trout’s 2019 season has been completed in advance. Previously, the Super Star of the Los Angeles Angel team had been trying to be anti-injury in the posture of tough guys, but

Due to the neuroma of the right foot (a connective tissue hyperplasia around the right foot nerve), Truite has not appeared from the MLB’s stadium since September 7. In fact, this powerful robber will plan to go to New York today, and then returning to the series of New York Yangji, but after the foot pressure test, the recovery of Tuuri is still not ideal.

At the same time, considering the possibility of Los Angeles Angels has completely lost the playoffs, so Truite and the angel team decided to actively treat early.

On September 16th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Angel Team announced that Turpte will be subject to surgery to remove foot neuromas this week to avoid recurrence of conditions. Since this operation takes prior priority to gradually rehabilitation, Turur can only announce the end of the season in advance.

Previously, Tuurot had tried to refrigerate treatment to eliminate neuroma hyperplasia, but the final effect was not satisfactory. For this surgical treatment, Truite’s mentality is very optimistic, and you can have a bad thing in advance to Turtu.

“Be a few weeks ago, when I first made a nuclear magnetic resonance, I think I should conduct surgery at the end of the year. But obviously, the current situation is worse, we tried all the treatment programs, we The medical staff and trainer are great. I feel that I have returned to normal, but sometimes, the injury will be repeated. “

“My injury is not improved, this situation has lasted for a few weeks. We tried to treat treatment, frozen treatment. I thought this would help. But once I started running activities, my foot hurts, lasting 30 After 40 minutes, I can’t even walk properly. “

This season, Turkit took the 134 games to knock out 104 points to win 45, the hits, the hits reached 0.291, and the personal attack index came to 1.083. Among them, Turt’s home run has set a new high-person career. At present, his home run, the oscillation rate, long winning ratio, the personal attack index is in the United States partition, it is definitely the best candidate for this year MVP people.

Two weeks left in the regular season, Turuit can make your own data performance to a new level, but this advance reimbursement may make the Union ‘s MVP’s campaign to variables.

In the 7-year career of Tuurot, he won the final MVP awards twice, and there were still four seasons in the MVP voting second. Obviously, Turett is full of desire to the third MVP trophy of career, this is one of his important goals in MLB Great Alliance.

“This is the mentality I have every year. I want to be the best player in the alliance. In my childhood, I will keep this mentality. I want to be the best player. There is still two weeks in the season. The advance reimburse is not the result I want, because I am out of your career is the best season. If we can play in the playoffs, then I will never choose surgery, because I will do everything possible to help the team Further. “

The injury of foot neurophallic should be Turuit’s thumb ligament torn with the 2017 season, but fortunately, this injury will not affect his future. For the Los Angeles Angel Team .