National Federation of white gold gloves released in Arena more than five years award record

The MLB 2021 season’s platinum gloves were awarded yesterday. https://www.maillotsenligne.comThe Lord’s winners belong to Nalan-Arlenado, he won the prize for five consecutive years, and the total number of platinum gloves exceeded teammate Yadill, Molina. Jump in MLB history first.

In recent years, the defensive level of the baseball movement has been quantified. The evaluation of data Uzr, the value of Arlenado is +5 .7. From the results, Arrecoto is more than the average level of the three basers. Catch ten counts, the comprehensive defensive rating Arena also has a high score of 8.0.

On only traditional data, Arrecoto is also very good. His crucial success rate is as high as 97.4%, only in the three bases only in Justin Turner, 287 games only slightly less than Oster Riley and Kyle Hig.

At the same time, the red scitch also won the team’s gold gloves of this year, this award was established last year, the first https://www.fanbutikk.comwinner is the same as the pair of red scitch. Two defensive high-order data DRS and OAA – are all measured with the horizontal comparison defensive level, and the rows are +86 and +50, respectively, all of the alliance.

In the selection of the traditional award, the golden glove prize, the red tones are also winning the pots, and they have five people winning, in addition to guerrillas, except for the right outside, are their winners.