MLB – Bates double long extended game playing hero red stockings 7-6 away danger victory angel

Red Socks

Red Socks

On August 31, Beijing time, Boston’s red socks went to the West Coast, Annheim, and the scene challenged the Los Angeles angel. The last month left in the season, all teams are struggling to work for the season of the season, and the socks fall behind and have a large pressure, and the pressure must be stroned. This game, the red socks are leading, but they are chasing the angels in the last half of the angel, and enter the extended competition. In the end, with Bates’ single twisted, especially the leader of the 15th game, the red stockings 7-6 is difficult to overcome the angel.

Data highlight

In the red socks, JD-Martinez 2 slammed 3 points, running back 2 points, Bates 2 boncho, including extended sessions of the priests. In terms of angel, Gude Timen doubles 2 security hits 2 points to get 3 points, and Purhos 4 is hit 3 points.

Game process

In the first place, the first game of red socks, the first play Bates face the angel pitcher Su Yarez, and the homes are hitting, and the Yangchun can fire left the outer field, and the red socks take the lead in score, 1-0; then Delz Ball, but Bogotz was sucked by Sanzhen, JD-Martinez double kids made this half end.

In the second half, Travis selected four bad balls, Benneuti touched the ball, Wazquaz hit the double kill, the runner came to the three base; Holt knocked out 1 points of the left-top field of the point, and the red socks continue to score, 2-0.

In the third bureau, Suarez continued three consecutive semi-biases, Bates’ first battles and again; Dres and Bobotz flatfall out, JD-Martinez slammed two-point gun, season 33 Self-propelled help the team lead 4-0.

In the third bureau, the angel finally attacked the score, and the angel bombarded the Yangchun cannon, and the 14th project of the season will make an angel to pull back 1 point, 4-1; but Ivardy is crazy to send Sanzhen, this Council 3 times a three-vibration, the 3 game has been completed 7 three-vibration, and there is excellent state.

In the second half of the fifth, Ivardi was resended, and it was excellent but did not overcome 5 games to obtain a winning candidate. The 5.0 bureau’s pool was hit by 3 security, and the 8 times of the 8 times were only guaranteed. Jose-Taylor debut, first by the Lunki Fortls, then Stasi selected four bad balls, then the four-row balls were guaranteed, and there were no one out of office. Turkite small ball out, Da Vallathal strikes the earth, Lunquival is touched in the home base, the two are out of the base; Purhos can then hit the key to play, the one-standing angel will send back 2 points, angel will score Under to 4-3.

In the middle of the sixth game, Bobagz first stick hit a hit, JD-Martinnes second base, and let the team score, 5-3; Beneterti flying sacrifice to play 1 point, 6- 3, red stockings re-establish 3 points leading advantages.

In the second half of the seventh place, it is Guden, this is the second time, and the single sound helps the angel continues to recover, 6-4.

In the second half of the ninth bureau, Woxman continued to shut down. The first stick faces the double-sounded Goodwin, the four bad balls are paid by the player; Truite also chooses the four-bad balls; Da Guxiang Ping has selected the barrier in the wilderness, Turlite two bases, Gude Ten to the three base The crucial moment of Poohos knocked out the second base to beat, the angel was stubbornly chasing the score, 6-6, the game entered the extended competition.

At the end of the 12th game, the two sides still did not score, and the prolonged competition continued to have a long battle.

The fourteenth game is half a half, the red socks have a good opportunity, JD-Martinens guarantees the homework, Ernande is choosing the wilderness, and the Little Brad, the third base of the shoot, suffering Going out, then Benneuti knocked out to play, a three-run, but Wattquez rushed to the game, the game continued to carry out.

In the first half of the fifteenth game, the long extended game finally broke the deadlock. In the case of the two people, B & B strive, the Yangchun cannon of the super-score, single-rang helping socks 7-6 Lead.

In the second half of the fifteenth game, the red socks once again faced the semi-bureau of Victory. The original Tominar will continue to shoot, and the Goodwin is sent to the three oscillated; Turki is safe to send the barrier; Da Valgar It was blocked in the second base; Purhos did not rescue the team again, fly the ball out, the game was finally ended, and the socks won.

Both parties

Boston Red Sox:

1. 奇-B & B

2. Raffar Dres

3. Zhanzh Bogatz guerrilla

4.JD-Martinez right wilder

5. Sam-Travis designated blow

6. Andrew – Beining Tanti left outer wilder

7. Christian – Wazquez is a base

8. Brock – Holt 2rd

9. Sandy – Leon Catcher

Narson Ivardi Pitcher

Los Angeles Angel Team:

1. Brian-Guaden left outer wilder

2. Mike – Turkit Chinese

3. Da Guxiangping designated to fight

4. Alberto-Puhols

5. Cole Carlorn Right

6. David – Fletcher

7. Andreon – Simmons guerrilla

8. Louis Lunkeford

9. Max – Stassi Catcher

Jose – Suarez Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next angel will send Dilong-Pitz debut, this season 3 wins and 2 losses 4.11 self-blame rate, he has experienced a torment in the past two games, two first time to hand over the transcript of 9.35 self-blade points. The last match of the Spaceman, 4.2 The game lost 5 points, which is the most this season. He has sent a passenger on August 8, and the 6.0 game lost 3 points and suffered from defeat, but he sent 8 three vibrations. Red socks are expected to be in Andru – Kasarnar, 10 wins and 7 losses this season, and since the first three times since August, he did not hold a first. However, due to the super long extension of the scene, Kasharn debut in advance, he once again missed the first chance.