Interview with baseball star Zhao Lun: From the touch of the ball to sign only the seven-year ball speed shocked American scout

Written / Zhang Zihan

Beijing time on February 27th, “Freshman · Legend” Milwaukee Silver Drill Player Signing Ceremony and MLB China 2019 Strategic Conference was held in Beijing, and the wineman team officially signed Zhao Lun, Yijian, and Yongkang three players in the event. This is also the MLB aesthetics for the first time, there is a team of three Chinese players, except for the huge market prospects behind the Chinese players, the wineman is more focusing on China’s three teenage potential.

In recent years, the MLB China Baseball Development Center has accumulated 7 players to the US duty wings, become a famous Chinese baseball “Dream Factory”, deep population for many years, market promotion and local players cultivate two hands, 2019 MLB I am usher in my own harvest season in China.

Zhao Lilong Signing Ceremony Focus on the Focus Year of 17 Existing Alliance Average Speed

At the signing ceremony, Zhao Lun became the focus of the attention of Chinese and foreign media. Only 17 years old Zhao Lun’s average ball speed has come to the big profit average, many foreign media also evaluated: It’s hard to imagine 152 km / h for fireball to 1 meter 78 and slightly thin, Zhao Lun’s body. of.

At the signing ceremony, Zhao Lun is very modest: the initial playing is just a hobby, never thinking about the big alliance. Today, I feel that I have a more close to my dreams, and I will work with a footprint to this ultimate goal.

Next month Zhao Lun is about to enter the Milwaukee Wine Fragment Small Alliance Training System, the future will receive a more scientific systemic professional training system. The development of the body plus scientific training, Zhao Lun may really have a player who is the first to mount the Chinese baseball.

Zhao Lun, who is playing “two knives”, was rated as the 24th rookie of the Milwaukee Wine Scenery Small Alliance Farm System. Asian players can play, naturally, netizens have Zhao Lili as the Chinese version of Da Gu Xiangping, and Zhao Lun is modest in an interview: many high school players in the United States and their peers can play a lot, they can only It is the one of them.

From the first time to touch the ball to occupation, only the back of the genius is hard and sad.

The sixth grade of primary school began to contact the baseball, and officially signed the big alliance team at the age of 17, Zhao Lun only used the time for 7 years. And the back of this “Jumping Level” genius is more hard and sad.

Zhao Lunqian, who was officially practiced in junior high school, was Li Wei, a great school. Because the starting is later than other teammates, Zhao Lun, who is halfway, can only start from the basics. From the basic work to the later adjustment action, Zhao Lun has been worked hard to engrave his baseball technology. After graduating from junior high school, I will continue to chase the baseball dream. Zhao Lun chose to MLB in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Zhao Lilong, who is hosting in different places, no matter from the beginning, it is not adapted to the team, it is emitted in the team. Every Friday, all the extrachrover life is dedicated to the baseball. Zhao Lun summarizes his secondary school students to work with the heart and the scientific training and professional coach guidance, the top priority is the game. Zhao Lun said: “No matter how to train, you still have to pass some games.”

After the end of the boring training every day, Zhao Lun will pull the general coach Zhang Baohu and then add the physical strength, then find the pitcher coach to swear the movement details, and Nanjing is a whole three years. Summer vacation has also become the best training time, high school three years Zhao Lun summer vacation rarely go home, always insisted on training.

The advantages of talents are quickly reflected in the hard training. In 2016, Zhao Lun has become the first pitcher of the Chinese team to fight Youth Bank Championships, and created the fastest speed of the race of 136 km / h. In August of the same year, Zhao Lun once again selected the Chinese Youth Baseball Team.

2018, a rescue, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the fireball shock

In October 2017, it was a turning point of Zhao Lun’s career. The high-intensity training in the year of the year was not enough to rest in an intensive game. Zhao Lun’s body litred red lights. Under the advice of the doctor, the Zhao Lun attitude in the troops also had a problem. In the face of interview, Zhao Lun said that “I have thought about it (give up), but thanks to the help of the coach.”

In the summer of 2018, Zhao Lun, graduated from high school, was confused, just wounded, can’t find a state, where to go, where to go, and what to do, etc., make him a headache. At that time, the US university league held in Washington SAR is coincidental, and Zhao Lun invited to participate in the competition is warm up in the competition. Under the mood of abnormal nervousness and excitement, the board will face the American University player. Zhao Lun’s nervous people are shaking, and they will guarantee two people. Then, Zhao Lun slowly put the mentality to take the most good-time straight-oriented opponent, a fireball in continuous investment of three-revitalized resolution works and also refreshed the fastest ball speed record in the scene of the scene.

Zhao Lun who is only in the next game is remembered after receiving the near year: Did not deliberately pursue the three oscillation, it is to challenge yourself. Only I was in the next game, I was replaced, I thought I continued to keep my opponent to fight the game, thinking that the coach didn’t trust me, I felt that I couldn’t vote for me. Zhao Lun did not see the speed gun in the game, and after being resected, the teammate told him a quick ball of up to 152 km / h, Zhao Lun also said: I really didn’t believe it.

This is a thrilling competition will become a redemption of Zhao Lun. When he picked up, the 152 km / h / hour speed of the on-site speed gun shocked the scouting of the game. In the competition, many balls and explorations began to report, and Zhao Lun was also surrounded by each road. After the days, 13 teams began to fight for Zhao Lun. The last Milwaukee’s wineman signed Zhao Lun.

The primary goal of the 2019 season is “weight-bearing” baseball genius’s inner nature is filial son

When asked for the goal of the 2019 season, Zhao Lun mentioned that he would most needed. Now 75 kilograms of Zhao Lun is slightly thin than the American American League player, although the ball is not lost, but it needs to be adjusted for the core strength and details. In addition, Zhao Lun also said that the challenge of challenge the big alliance is definitely the dream of all baseball players, but I feel that the most important thing is to challenge myself, and challenge high.

After signing the Milwaukee winemaker, the filial son Zhao Lun left all the contracts to the
parents. At the signing ceremony, Zhao Lun’s mother also filmed excited tears and Zhao Lun’s father was also to bear tears. After the press conference, Zhao Lun’s parents accepted an interview.

Mother facing the lens Zhao Lun slightly shame: Zhao Lun father began to do not support him because he didn’t understand it, but the child likes sports to like baseball, from Beijing to Nanjing, I am fully supported. The father is the way to practice the Baseball for Zhao Lun. If you want to give up, Zhao Lun is also based on the struggle: If you don’t want me to go to school, then you will send me back to my hometown!

For the upcoming new season, Zhao Lun parents gave birth to my son: I hope he is healthy, step down step by step.

There are still ten days, Zhao Lun is about to embark on a new stage – a small alliance of the aestination. In the face of a total of 7 levels, I can go to the “leveling road” of the big alliance. Zhao Lun who is not convinced will use his fireball to show the light of Chinese baseball players. Future Chinese baseball, really prospects can be stayed.