Trading deadline is getting closer and closer, the Black Panther exits Dedian Watson battle

Det Shan Watson does not serve as the Corolina Black Leopard, according to NFL reporters, inspirators reveal that the Black Panther Board David – Typer and Black Leopard will not trade for Watson . Watson currently faces 22 unresolved civil lawsuits, accusing his sexual assault behavior during massage and other improper behaviors, and there is another criminal survey is in progress.

As the survey is in progress, Texas people have not cut Watson this year, but continue to put him in the list. In fact, before Watson’s outfield, it has been required to transaction. As the transaction deadline on November 2 is increasingly adjacent, considering the future uncertainty, there will be more and more questions about Watters. NFL President Roger Gudel said in the forever, “There is no necessary information” to display Watson in the list of exemptions.

Uncertain future not only hinders Watson’s transactions, and this quadrant contract also includes a prohibition of trading terms, so if the deal is not what he wants, he can choose not. According to reports, it is currently the most recent Miami dolphin with Watson. According to reports, the dolphins have been interested in Watson for several months, although the coach is still firmly supporting map A-Tagvarola. The problem is whether dolphins and other teams are willing to meet the requirements of Texas before the arrival of the transaction deadline.

Another team is a black panther. In the case of San Sam Darnod, the black panther has won the four-game losing streak from the opening of the game, they seem to want to improve by transaction. strength. However, the distance trading is less than five days, and Watson does not seem to appear in the List of Leopard trading.

“You know that this is not what I said. It is the first quarter-off. In addition, there is news that if Watson has not found it before the transaction is dead, the black panther may re-join the battle during the offset period. At that time, Watson’s legal issues may be solved, and the club will also have better understanding of the four-point guard.

The Black Panther Board Tamer has been looking for a team of four-point guard since 2018, as early as this spring, they look at Watson. Now, unless Darod is playing the star-level performance, the Black Leopard will continue to find quad-saving period during the offset period.