The world’s largest oil painting was taken by 6.2 million US dollars equivalent 4 basketball courts

According to Xinhua News Agency, the world’s largest oil painting created in Samia Access in British artists has been sold at $ 62 million in the auction, and has become the second expensive work in the auction in the world.

According to reports, this picture is “Human Tour”, the canvas area is 1595.76 square meters, and there are 4 basketball courts. Last September was recognized as the world’s greatest oil painting.1065 oil portraits and 6300 liter pigments were used during the creation.Oil painting is divided into 70 pieces, on March 22, in the United Arab Emirates Dubai Pione Island Atriteis Hotel, the transaction price is twice as the price is twice.The auction income will be used to fund the Global Safety Foundation and “Dubai Care” organizations and other children’s charity.The French businessman living in Dubai, Andre, Abdown, took all 70 paintings.

Author: Hu Xiaomei

Source: Beijing Business Daily