The Lakers Parker Referee is released! Du Alte three points are fouled, this 3 + 1 lore?

On November 26, NBA officially announced the referee report of the Lakers’ Tower 124-116, on November 25, in the last 2 minutes of the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comfourth quarter, plus the overtime game, only one leakage. However, this leakage allowed the Lakers to benefit. Pedestrian Xiu Dou Alte is a three-pointer, and this Braudli is fouled, Du Alte should be a free throw opportunity. However, the referee did not have a whistle, then the Lakers attacked the fake, the game entered the overtime.

The Lakers and the Pacers have fiercely killed, and the last time of the Pacers set off. At 7.3 seconds left, Dourt took the ball on the bottom line, and the Lakeman defender Brad sticked to the sky and sealed him. However, Du Alter still jumped out in the body of the body, and in the moment of his own horizontally fell, the ball actually gave the basket, the pedestrians slammed the score, and the scene was boiling.

The referee report explained that when Du Alter made a shooting movement, Bradley’s movement rushed to Du Alte and came into contact with Du Alte’s body. However, when the referee did not blow for a foul.

If the referee has blows a foul, then Du Alte will get 3 + 1 opportunity, if Du Alter is punished, then the walker may win the game, and James has no overturner to join the three-pointer. . Du Alte will also noise because 3 + 1

However, everything is unable to come back, and the Lakers are in the face of the pedestrian competition or the cheapness of the referee. Zijin Legion finally ended the journey of the passenger, they were able to returned home for Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving, the Lakers will get a relaxed schedule, then two games playing the king and pistons at home, then playing the king in the away. This is the opportunity to enhance records in the Lakers.