The Lakers fight compensate and addictive? James, Wei Shao, the eyebrows bounce 82 points, the Lakers compete is too large

On November 29th, Beijing time, the Lakers defeated the piston at 110 to 106 to win the game. Looking at the Lakers’ game is a heartbeat. If the last moment I really don’t know the Lakers will win or lose.

Now look at the Lakers’ game, every game is a bit playing, no matter who the opponent is, the Lakers have a little five five. However, this game is still a bit entertainment in the inside,
James speys three points in front of the piston, passing on the face of the piston team, and a little bit is happy.

Of course, many fans are still going to watch the game in WWE, but this game does not have conflict out, it seems that the current players are more reasonable. The Lakers are actually quite awesome in the previous period. The three games ended the Lakers also lead 13 points. Unfortunately, the status of the Lakers at the end of the game did have problems. In the last game, the Lakers only won the piston 4 points, and the game of the game It is also quite large.

This game James, Wei Shao, the three-person eyebrows, 82 points, accounting for about 75% of the team, and the score of the three giants is more comfort. Now Wei Shao’s playing method is also more reasonable, the phenomenon on the head is slowly starting, and the Lakers are going to develop well.

This is 38 minutes, 33 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals, 1 hat, shoot 12 goal, three points, 9 in 4, free throw 8 5, personal Fill in the data bar with excellent performance.

Wei Xiao played for 37 minutes, born 25 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists, and the error control is relatively good, and now the overall performance begins to reasonably, let the entire Lake team’s attack, defensive rhythm has a big improve.

But the Lakers who like the five-five-five opens can inevitably be a little worried. If you don’t, you are really difficult for the Lakers, and now the Lakers are an uncertainty team.

What did you think of caused the Lakers now?

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