The first dispute between the league!Mouth: The Sun’s winning will be ended by the Warriors, because they have no library

Who can I end the other party’s win?The front NBA player Redick and his mouth A-Smith discussed this topic in the show.Redick said: “The Warriors will end the sun’s winning, because the warrior’s defense is excellent, they will use a lot of replacement defense, and the main tactics of the sun is to block, then go down, then make the ball, then hit the three points. SunThe premise of winning is that Paul and Boke are one-on-one to play high efficiency, so I think the probability of warriors will win. “A-Smith said: I am not interested in this question, because the Warriors will eventually win the championship, no one canDefeat them.This game, I think the Warriors’ winning is even greater,
the sun’s winning is not 17 games, the sun will be very good, but they have the greatest shooters created by Nash, Nash God created.