The dispute is actually a passer? Four models from the judgment from Southern California

The superbit bowl is about to open, but now people have not come out from the controversial penalty of the last week. The Los Angeles ram made a won that the referee was left and right. Now, according to the latest survey, the four most important referees of “leak judges” are all from South California, whether the ravese is beneficial to the referee because of regional relationships, we must know.

Looking back at the foul, the Ramba Niker Robbalman took the Saint Lou Mei Li – Louis violated the strike, everyone believed this is a definite foul, even Robbobalman I also admitted this after the game. As a result, this impact is neither a blowpoint between the game, nor is there being a helmet impact on the helmet. This week, Robbalman was fined $ 26,739, which is also indirectly admitted that there should be a yellow flag appearance. Now, the conspiracy and saints fans have expressed their dissatisfaction in a variety of ways, requiring president Roger Goodel to overthrow the results of the competition according to the rules.

Of course, NFL will not change the results of the competition, but this is also unable to stop people to question and investigate what happened. According to ESPN, NFL is worrying in allocation competition referees. We said that all people know that the Los Angeles ram from Southern California has entered the national contest, but the alliance is arranged in four referees who live in South California, which can’t help but want to be non-non-

“In a constant normative rule, guarantees the fairness and complete alliance of the game, people want to know how the four from the southern California can spent the Los Angeles team championship. Now there is a saying that the alliance is in distributing the referee. Not at all, so today’s accident. Now based on the news, the alliance will pay attention to it, so that similar things will not happen later. “

Although the ram is a passenger area, but it has enjoyed the treatment of the home post. This kind of thing has also happened before. The 50th Super Bowl Dan Buddha Musa defeated the Corolina’s black panther, the video referee of the game was from Denver, and the wife of this referee was at the time on the stage. Back in 2012, a substitute referee had been temporarily withdrawn before the Saint VS Black Panther game, as the referee once appointed his own black panther’s identity.

“NFL moves the stone to smash his feet,” A referee told ESPN reporters: “These things have to be handled before the game, but no one can, no one checks where they come from. So I have now trouble.”

According to the survey, the main referee Bill Virino lives in the Newport Beach, California, the side referee Patrick-Turner, this most throwing the referee of the yellow flag is now living in Californate. The edge referee plus-Cavareto in California Saint Barbala, his work is before the ball throws to Lewis, first observe the running of the outside, Arnold, then transfer attention to Lewis. The main task of the referee Todd Pulkop is to observe the end area, as another important perspective of this dispute, he lives in the California Mi Fukuo.

When the ESPN contacts the Saint team, the high-level did not evaluate this matter, but the staff under the hand gives his opinion: “They should figure out that foul, for the referee, they are based on the performance of the player To determine if there is any foul, not a punishment according to the area responsible. “

Many people in the football industry seem to, this is the maximum work error in the history of NFL. According to another insider, the referee Turner and the officials responsible for the manager of the referee have immediately accepted the investigation. Virino This is not his duty, nor is his decision, all the referees look back at the foul, all people in the room are silent, they know that they will miss a key foul.

But what interest is, the main referee Vivovich lived in California, and the three referees under the hand stayed in California, but they also required referee in front of the game, because Venvich’s career bottle The 8 games of the sheep competition are full, and the fouls of the eight games in the eight games are all more than the opponent. Some news pointed out that due to Viridich’s team has already blown a record of the Shengshi of this season, it will be a chapter when the two teams meet again.

For NFL, how to assign a referee will become the focus of fans. The good news is that next week, the Los Angeles Roeware VS New England Patrioper’s super bowl game, the referee of the law enforcement does not contact California or Massachusetts.