See the big ending of the NBA Finals? Super bowl never let you down

The first professional sports event in 2019, the Australian Network has ended. Djokovic became a historic founder, he was called Xiong Melbourne in the 7th time, but it was even more surprising to win more than the result.

The final opponent’s final opponent is Nadal, two people are expensive as the top two seeds, and the semi-finals are all 3 to 0 sweep. The public opinion is admired: Sure enough, they can be their opponents! It can be expected that the contest in the opponent does not appear. Dejo only used 2 hours and 6 minutes to quickly Sheng Nadal, let the audience sigh Xiande to return to the peak, this game itself still disappoints the audience.

But think about it, this side seems to have become the final situation of the world contest: the 2018 World Cup final, 65 minutes of French team get a lead in 4 to 1, Super Black Mark Raro is unable to return to the day; 2018 NBA Finals, Warrior The team swept the old opponent knight with a big score of 4 to 0.

Feeling, there is no suspense final, can only meet the needs of a fan, but for the audience of the game, such a decision is boring, and it is even disappointing.

For this phenomenon, the ancients have long been asserted: the chess is called. What solutions? This kind of universally eye-catching competition, if the strength of both parties has a gap, everyone is prepared seriously, the result of the game is one side; then if everyone is close to? More trouble, any one-step declaration may cause the full dish to fall, so we have seen another defensive battle, careful wings and conservative becoming mainstream.

Acknowledge, for such a game, how much is disappointment and regret, this competition decides the highest honor of sports, but does not represent the highest level of this movement. Fortunately, is there an exception to everything?

NFL super bowl, one year, most attention global sports entertainment feast, only winners can take the “Wens Lundadad Cup” that represents the highest honor, and the super bowl in the past few years is vividly explained. : Why this is the most commercial value of the world, because the super bowl does not disappoint anyone.

do you remember? Two years ago, the 51st super bowl, the old-style brigade of the fellowship, the old-fashioned brigade, held in Houston, and the Falcon’s offensive played greatly, and the competitions arrived until the third quarter, they have been 28 to 3. If you do other movements, such scores means that the game has lost your suspense, and the back can be taken early. NFL Great quarter Wei Pungton Manning once mentioned when visiting China: “The most interesting point of rugby is that even if you have a lot behind the fourth quarter, even if you are playing, you can play, but There is still a transfer. “Manning’s old opponent Tom Braddy, that was called” reversed kid “20 years ago, and then directed the most incredible traveled play in rugby history.

The patriot team suddenly slammed the soul, they mobilized the fight against the fight against the fight, and the score was quickly implanted. But before the final, the leading 8-point Falcon has already standing the pressure. They look at the crisis, touch the victory! Look, that is the Super External Access Hilio Jones of Wei Zhen, and he took a negcasably coming near the side. The French team has advanced to the area where you can shoot, a one-footed free kick worth 3 points, it is enough to They locked the victory.

The football is such interesting games. The false choices are not wrong. They want to consume some time again. They want to continue to advance to the shooting to make the shot more secure, but they not only fails to forward Inversely, it was defeated by the patriot’s defensive group, and they re-exited the shooting area, and the ball will be handed over, and the turning point of the game appeared.

A patrio plus a two-point conversion, the patriot brought the game into the first overtime in the super bowl for half a century, and they have not stopped, they finally played 31 to 0 super attack waves reversed competition, responsible for the scene The resolution of the Fox TV commentator Joe Buck lamented after the game: “This miracle battle, you will not meet again in this life!”

Sincere, if the 51st super bowl is a super reversed that is difficult to copy in any rugby competition, the 52nd competition after one year, it staged a rare counterattack battle.

Coincidentally, this entrant has a patriot, and their opponents are the main four-point guard, the Wenz Wenz has been reimbursed, all the way to the Eagle team with “down the dog” gesture. According to the constant, the Eagle team should be based on defense, strive to be robust? But they are not biased, but it is just a high school coach’s Doug Peterson. It is called another radical and exciting attack tact, especially before the patriophone side, they actually played. The near-side front passed the ball, the four-point guard, the split, the spheres of the sputum, how is it, the super bowl is going to follow the rules? The super bowl is not suitable for adventures? The old eagle is not!

What is the patriot? Of course, there is no sitting, and their fourth quarter is over 33 to 32, and finally takes 8 points after 1 minute 05 seconds, and Braddy dominated the desperate counterattack finally killed. The patriot did not become a winner, rugby won, once again a super bowl, football movement successfully captured people, just like watching the World Cup finals may exceed the sum of all the groups of competitions, the superb bowl’s audience is also any common The football match can not match, and the super bowl of the Patriot team will seem to have magic. Whether they are winning, they can always keep the winning and negative suspense to the end, can always create a famous scene of the hundred generations: For example, 2007 season They lost to the giant team David Tam’s helmet to catch the ball, for example, they rely on Malcolm Badler’s 1 yard line to cut off, and lost to the eagle last year, two teams Take a total of 1151 yards in the offense, this is not just a superb bowl record, and it has also surpassed all the games in the previous history of NFL!

So, the morning of the New Year’s Eve, get up early, the Patriot team is waiting for the olive fans in the world before the screen. In 18 years, they have killed the super bowl in 18 years, and the opponent is the old family when they win the first super bowl, and the Los Angeles ram raised this season. This is just a good deddle, the patriot represents the old spicy, the ram represents sharp, the coach of the ram team, Shawn Mike Wei’s teaching team, but he had just spent 33 days ago. 33 Year-old birthday, more than 8 years old than the four points of the opponent, even when the university, even and “micro-shock days” Edrman.

Magic Mac Wei, in 2017, I took the male mile whip, and a season of racing the field of the ram was first brought to the first place. After seeing the hope of the team’s rapid rise, the ram management layer was broken, and the team core quartz gardia Jaj Leed Gaofu and others were still in the 2018 resisted period. Strong lineup, a large number of professional bowls and the best lineup grade players join the raft, and the whole NFL is shaking, and the ram is also called “Cosmic Sheep” by the fans.

In the 2018 season, as everyonens expected, the race was in the same time, they only had the first defeat in the regular season, although the second half of the season was some small twists and turns, but in the end they still kill super Bowl, I look forward to it for 20 years later, I can hold a cup again.

The 53rd super bowl is coming, this is the grievances of the two cities in Boston and Los Angeles, and the love of half a century has never had the highest point; this is also the old manager and the new challenger Battle, the patriot coach Birik joined NFL in 1977, Shawn McVey has 8 years of born, and the patriots quad-shoud of Bridi first hits the super bowl, the ram team The big brain is 6 years old …

Too many points are waiting for everyone. The most important thing is: there is a patriot to participate in the first 8 super bowls, all the differences of all the games are within a ball, but also worried about this super bowl? Thirty 7:30, please lock and watch the world’s eye-catching feast!