Role player struggling in the edge of the NBA: Warriors may be a paradise for most character players, Cole may be the Bole of most character players

After 19 points, the Strong Reversal of the Philadelow 76 people, the Warriors took the pressure of 14 consecutive victories, with 16 wins and 2 negative records, the opponent occupied the throne of the western part, and the best alliance is the best The throne of the record. In this game, I have experienced a crazy gathering of the Box-1 tactics of the Raptors. After receiving 12 minutes, the game was heated, and the 16-shot was cut down 25 points 10 rebounds, and the tension is Anderson is like God, 6 shots, 6 points, 6 bodies, 6 rebounds, and he seems to learn from the Warriors to learn the attack routine of the old big brother to Chaosheng Green, now he is playing over the Curren. And in the god of Thanksgiving, the Curre of winning the game is great, he and your brother have a brother and brother.

As an NBA role player, Tuscan Anderson’s career is quite bumpy, as the 2015 Elementary Drashing Conference, Anderson Career Early Miscellaneous League (mainly the Mexican League), after playing three seasons, He got the Subordinate Team of the Warriors in 2018 – the invitation of the Union Santa Cruz Warrior, Andon took the NBA dreams to give up the relatively high salary of the Mexico league ($ 100,000 annual salary level), Come to the
Santa Cruz Warrior.

The last season of the Warriors last season was in short, Anderson also won the Warriors’ chance to win the opportunity to fight NBA, and he also used his outstanding performance to win the opportunity to stay in NBA, and signed with the Warriors. Safe contract. As a role player, Anderson got a chance to prove his opportunity under Cole, and he did not bear it, and he seized the opportunity to prove himself in a limited time.

As the most successful NBA club in recent seasons, the true rise of Warriors is also starting from Steveco. In 2014, Summer Summer is officially replaced by Mark Jackson, holding the handsome team of the Warriors, and he led the team in his own rookie season to win the NBA championship, which is also very worthy.

As a great pitcher in the history of NBA, Cole seeks more change in the coaching. In the case of the main body of the team in Kurin, Durant, he likes to discover and use newcomers, and some other basic salary The joined NBA role players have a chance to perform under his hand, and these appearances are not all in junk time, and the team will not be regularly played during the rotation time of each game. While showing all the time in countless time.

Generally, each team is in addition to five starting players and 3 to 4 fixed substitutes, as long as there is no big injury, other role players are difficult to play in normal rotation time, but in the Warriors Substitute is basically five players to start, and sometimes 12 players have play time, and their playing time is not limited to junk time.

Almost all the career is in the wandering little Paton. This season is re-found in the
Warriors. It is an indispensable will be indispensable to the Warriors’ bench; Burto also founded self, becoming the most stable three-point shooter on the troops, and the three-pointers of the three-pointers in the season were as high as 44.8%, and the top first; The Orza this season has been in the Warriors, although the overall appearance is not much, but he won the special reward of the head coach in the birthday of the 1122: 20 minutes to get the highest season of 11 points, after the game The teammates also cheered for him! In addition, the two new Xiukuming plus and Moody Seasons selected in the Warriors team showed 12 fields and 14 games respectively, of which Cuming plus recently showed a rotation lineup.

In the Warriors, many character players can feel the good team atmosphere, as the team’s number of star, he brings affinity to all teammates, the coup is constantly encouraged, and actively block the defense for them, this is a lot of others. The super star is difficult to do. Even if it is a fading season in the 19-20 season, everyone gains the opportunity to express himself, and the “Tieguanyin” Jordanpur is from the level of the season to today’s team offensive end. If it is very difficult to get so much patient in other teams, it is so patiently in the field.

Counting the players who have succeeded or with a bright eye in the Warriors, most of them seem to have disappeared in the field of fans. Sibbez, who once won the season, Alzhi almost hidden; Damian Jones, Jordan Ber, McCadu and McKini, etc., our familiar warriors, now almost all disappeared in NBA; career 3 When the championship opened, the Warriology was brought to the Raptors, although the first season won, but now there is no trace; Cook and Betmmore who leave the Warriors to join the Lakers are also a little bit of stolen, Cook can’t be based on NBA. Betmmore hit this from the starting to the water dispenser administrator, watching the Warriors in the day of the day, I don’t know if he regrets now.

Although it is not a role player of every franchise Warrior, most of them have got an opportunity to show their own performance, some may be true qualifications, can’t play, some are the end of the career, There is not much energy that can emit emissivity, but some are not satisfied, such as Mai Kao and Bezmore.

In any case, NBA is a big furnace. The 30 teams can stand up to eight or nine, and the rest of the role players can only prove themselves through constant efforts. Can you continue to stay in this alliance. As the leader of the alliance, the Warriors is definitely the most suitable players most character players, as long as you have the ability, in a long season, you will be discovered by your Bole and Bishop Kord!