On September 8, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Yangji 5-1 red socks, loud snakes 2-0 red, blue bird 3-5 light, royal 7-2 Marin fish, red scitch 10-1 pirate, sword 9-4 Jinxi, Angel 8 -7 White Socks, Bear 2-3 Silver, Indian 3-5 Shuangcheng, Philadelphie 5-0 Metropolitan, Sailor 1-2 Space Man, National 4-5 Warriors, Rocky 0-3 Pride, Tiger 2-10 sportsman, giant 1-0 Daoqi.Yangji 5-1 socksIn the middle of the 4 games, Sanchez sacrificed hits the team to get two points, and Enkaisi will then have two-point gun, 4-0.9 bureau, and the depths of Nkanas deeply parsed to help Yang Biece again. 1 point, 5-0.Red Socks 9 bureaus half of JD-Martinnes slammed 1 point, but it is no longer good. Final Yangji 5-1 defeated the red socks.Yang https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Bayi first issued JA-Hap Overview 6.1 Bureau, sent 7K, win the victory.Snake 2-0 red4 games, Martan hit the tail snake to score, then Walker rolled the earth to make Malt scored 2-0. The final snake was defeated 2-0. This game of the snake team first sent Alex Yang’s 8.0 bureau, sent 12K, and won the victory. The red team first sent Casty to the main investment 7.2, sent 10K, and also showed excellent.Blue bird 3-5 raysThe second half of the 4 bureaus, Mi Dosian and Adamers are being submitted to let the radians 2-0 lead. The 6 games, the Blue Bird Team first slammed the flat score, and then McKini hit the sacrifice, the Blue Bird Team 3-2 rebarrier. The second half of the 7th Bureau, Robertson’s second base is helied to help the rays, the second half of the 3-3.8 bureau, De Arnold sacrifice and Robertson, helping the rays. 2 points. The final rays 5-3 beat the blue bird.The rays first sent Morton main investment 6.0, sent 10K, but unfortunately did not win the victory.Royal 7-2 MarinfishThe second half of the 2nd game, Smith sacrificed to make Malinfish 1-0 leader. 7 bureaus, Melfield and Dozale help the Royal 2 points. Then Gordon is guaranteed to let the royal team will be 1 point, then Mikebrum hits the classroom, the second base is hits, helping the royal team 3 points. The Royal Single Office won 6 points, 6-1. Malin fish team 8 bureaus hits 2 points, but Sorell has brought a spring spring gun in the upper half of the 9 bureau, and the final royal team 7-2 defeated Marinfish.The royal team of this game was first developed by the Fairy 6.0 Bureau, sent 5K, and won the victory.Slim 10-1 pirateIn the upper half of the 3 game, F Wah was helped first. Then Azu is a three-point gun, and the Solda team is 4-0. Martt has returned the pirate team in the second half of the 3rd game. 6 The half of the red squad knocked out two answered and won 2 points. In the middle of the 7th game, Delong profound is far-reaching, helping the team to win 2 points, 8-1.9 bureaus, Bad far-reaching two bases, and Raillo rolling the earth to help the red bird. 2 points . The final rock 10-1 wins the pirate.The Red Picking team was first promoted.Rouvery 9-4 JacquardThe first game of the game, the cavalry will open the kill, first, the golden team defensive mistakes allow the tourist to take the lead, then Santana Anju helps the team to win 2 points, the key moment, Odor, the three-year gun, the rider’s order 6 points, 6-0.1 bureau, Jinyang team first is 1 point, then the tour cavalry has a tailor to take 1 point, Williams then hit the sacrifice, the golden score, the score 3-6. The upper half of the 3 games, the golden team defensive and mistakes, and then lost 1 point, 3-7. Although the second half of the 4 bureaus recovered 1 point with Yangchun, the 6 games were in the upper half, and the ride soldiers once again used their defensive mistakes and the second base to win two points. The final cavalry team 9-4 defeated Jinji.Angel 8-7 White SocksThe first game, Da Gu Xiangping contributed the second base to help the two teammates scored a graded score, and the angel team took the lead in score. The second half of the game, the tiger team took the sacrificial hit and the second base to chase the flat score, 2-2.3 bureau, the big valley starled out three-year gun, then the white socks have been reported and trained, and the angel also took 2 points. . The angel team won five, divided into 7-2.5 bureaus, and the white socks were played in series, but the upper half of the 7 games, Smith contributed to Yangchun, angels will be rewritten as 8- 4. Although the 7th bureau is short of Abra Urra, the angels finally held victory. The angel 8-7 beat the white socks.Bear 2-3 winemaker5 bureaus, Lacel Yangchun cannon help the bear 1-0 take the lead in score. The second half of the 6th Bureau, Gamel is hits the slogan to chase the score. 8 games are halfway to be guaranteed to make the bear team 2-1. However, Gran Dol is bombarded in the middle of the 8th game, and the score changed from 2-2.9, and Jeremia hit the far-reaching second base. The final winemaker 3-2 lore the bear.Indian 3-5 ShuangchengIn the middle of the 1st game, Gaffan Spring cannon helps the double city take the lead in score, 1-0.6 bureau, Pu Gean hits the Indian people to share the score, then the double city has a strain, Indian people 2- 1 anti-ratios. The second half of the 7th Bureau, Scourpe and Falv were used to help Double City 5-2 again in the double city 5-2. Although the Indian people recovered 1 point in the 8th game, the final double city was defeated by the Indian people at 5-3.Philadelphians 5-0 metropolisIn the upper half of the 1 game, Elnad was bombered out of the spring gun, and the Philadelphie 1-0 took the lead in score. 4 bureaus, Ernandez and Ryo Mudo contributed to the attraction and won 2 points. Subsequently, Dickson hit a far-reaching second base, helping the team to take two points, 5-0. The final Philadelphians defeated most of them.This game Philadelphians first springs 7.0 bureau, send 6K, win the victory.Sailor 1-2 Space ManIn the upper half of the 3 game, Gordon’s profound three bases will help the sailor to take the lead in winning 1 point. 6 bureaus, Bragg, Mang Chun, makes space people chasing the score. 7 bureaus, Redick sacrificed to send space people against ratios, 2-1. The final space 2-1 defeated the sailor.This game spaceman first sent https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Virlaland Outlook 7.0 Bureau, sent 7K, and win the victory.National 4-5 WarriorThe first 5 games brought three points of Yangchun, in which the Warriors were contributed by Aborne and Donaldson, and the national is Kabrera. 6 bureaus, McAn, bombarded two points, Joyce also contributed Yangchun, Warrior team 5-1 kicked score. After the National Team, although it hits 3 points by rolling the earth and the anaba, the Warriors finally stayed. Final Warrior 5-4 defeated the nationals.The game Warriors first teeth Dhran Outlook 6.0 bureau, sent 8K, and win the victory.Rocky 0-3 priest5 short, Meers bombard the Yangchun cannon, the priest team took the lead in score, 1-0.6 bureaus The final priest team beat Rocky 3-0.This game priest team first issued Lu Kakiti’s main investment 7.0, sent 9K, and won https://www.maillotsenligne.com the victory.Tiger 2-10 sportsmanIn the middle of the 2 game, Harold Castroea hit the tiger team 2-0 lead. However, the sports team will then take over the game. The second half of the 2nd Bureau, the Propal Yangchun cannon help the sportswate will recover 1 point, the second half of the 1-2.4 bureau, the sports team will take 3 points in series, 5-2.5, the second half, Olsen Yangchun cannon, helping sportswate to take 1 point. 6 bureaus, Murphy and Olsen have contributed to the play, helping the team to win 1 point and 2 points, 9-2.8, the second half, Matt Chapman bangs the knife Yangchun, 10 -2. The final sportsman 10-2 wins the tiger.This game sports team first sent a Brazilian special investment 6.0, sent 11K, and win the victory.Giants 1-0 DaoIn the middle of the 1st game, Pilar hits the earth https://www.fanartikelsportde.com in the top of the three-way direction to help teammate Lung Golia comics score. Then there is no construction of the game, and the final giant is defeated by 1-0.